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Jim311November 4, 2011

Hi all, I know everyone has their favorite embroidery software, so lets discuss what and why.

Full Software � I really like Floriani. For me it is easy to use and a lot of fun.

Editing Software � I have to say Embrilliance Essentials. Not only easy to use, but I can use on my Mac without having windows.

So lets hear from everyone, what�s your favorites?


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Well, my favorite is the one I wrote for the Mac and released just yesterday! It's only a visualizer for the moment, but with adequate feedback from the embroidery community, I can add features people need most. Forum rules prevent me posting more info than that, but if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me privately.

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I'm also using Embrilliance Essentials for my MacBook Pro. My dealer pleads with me to change to a PC and purchase Designer Gallery Software b/c she loves all of the software by designer Gallery.... esp the new Embroidery Works Everyday. She claims I'm missing out on so much, etc. I'm fairly new to embroidery. 'Got my TOL Babylock machine last fall and would love a multi-needle machine, but she said I'd need Palette software to do the multi-needle machine Babylock sells. I think the 10 needle comes with the upgrade, but I'd need to purchase the basic Palette... and a PC! so far, Essentials does everything I need, at this stage of the game. They are discussing a digitizing program, eventually, and keep doing upgrades. They are so much more reasonably priced over most other programs sold by dealers.... and Essentials is developed by the same person as DEsigner's Gallery... so I'm having a hard time being convinced to change over to a PC at this point.

Thoughts? Jeanie

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