Diet Pals - 10 to 17 May

quiltingbunnyMay 10, 2004

Will wonders ever cease??? Saturday got a heap of housework done and the house is FRESH. Best part - Sunday - unexpectedly turning into a gorgeous day in the garden - I dug and hauled and dug and hauled some more. Starting to get into plant pots that have done nothing and have dumped them back into the garden (not everything grows sometimes due to TOO MUCH RAIN). So that was me this weekend. Still have to weigh myself tomorrow morning. Will be away all day at an office event so I may not be online until the evening - but I will be thinking about you - packing a lunch I can eat and not the hotel FRIED buffet foods that they always throw out for lunches - yeach.

Have a fabby day everyone!


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Hi - Just discovered your board this weekend, and think I have figured out this thread is for general checkins - ? Hope you don't mind if I jump in...

One of my trouble spots is feeling desperately hungry by the time I get home from work. I end up snacking on whatever junk I can find, making dinner, and then eating dinner too.

My plan for today is to take a healthy snack to work with me that I won't eat til the very end of the day. Maybe even in my car just before I drive home. Today it'll be string cheese, raw veggies, and a few Triscuits.

I'm hoping this will help. I've had two good days so far keeping track of calories, and don't want to blow it now.


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Hi Erica! Welcome! A few of us here also winter sow (looking at your page).
Try drinking water - a good glass of it while preparing your dinner or start having soup (light ones) and salad with your dinners before your main course. I have to have 6 snacks a day to curb my appetite rather than larger meals and DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST. I usually have a yogurt. It's amazing that changing little things make a big difference over time.
I am so glad you are joining us!
Gotta get some work done....will chat more later!

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Hi gals (unless one of you is hiding something - lol!) Welcome Erica!!!
I had a good Saturday and a not so good Sunday but have hopped on the train this morning and it is good.
I was going to starve today but then saw Dateline and they showed the one lady on the weight loss challenge and they said that starving leads your body to store food the next time you eat. So it's time to think fuel! I knew that already but it is tempting not to eat after a fall from grace...
I bought Mom some plants last week for M.Day and another one Saturday and then Sunday morning I put a can of Fat free Pringles with a balloon tied to them on her front sidewalk. It was funny!
No check yet for hubby so I guess it is lost. I have a 2 yr accounting degree too.... No checks bouncing - yet!
Well tada - 2 days walking for me but the older dog had a tough go of it so I walked him about 2 miles and then put him in the truck (I like to walk in town since I live in the country) and walked the younger dog - we did an aerobic walk. Both dogs haved crashed but we'll all go out to do some yard work this afternoon.
Hot here today and the ac is still in the basement (and weighs 99 lbs). Sometimes I wish I had put central air in this house but it costs a lot more to run.
McPeg congrats on the stepper! I want an elipitical Trainer (?) some should soon be hitting the yard sales. Speaking of yard sales I saw an exercise bike being used as a rack for children's clothing and laughed because there are a lot of bikes being used for clothing racks inside the house too.
Oh Yellowhair I cringed when I read what your hubby did with weed killer.
Mirren hang in there. It is really easy to panic and say I can't do this but of course you CAN!
Hi MaryAnne - hubby wanted to try Atkins too when he saw the steaks sizzling on tv and I told him we could not afford it and eat the chicken..
Well - hooray - it's lunch time. Time for fuel...

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Thanks for the welcome, McPeg and Kathy. :) I am impressed with your exercising and yard work! Maybe it will rub off on me.

I did ok yesterday. My after-work snack helped. I did get a big glass of water as soon as I got home, and made a salad while dinner was cooking.

I'm apprehensive about today, because we'll be having pizza for dinner. Looking at Pizza Hut's website, I can see I've been eating at least 1200 calories worh of pizza each time we get one! (And I wonder why I'm fat?) I am getting a smaller one tonight, and figure on only having 2 slices for about 560 calories. This is going to be a big adjustment, and I'm not sure how well I'm going to deal with it. Lots of raw veggies with it, I guess. And if the weather holds out, I'll get out of the house tonight and away from the leftovers.

Any other ideas on pizza resistance will be gratefully accepted!

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Hi everybody and welcome, Erica! I'm a sucker for the Pizza, too, but since DH has started a pretty strict diet, we've had less pizza in the house. Maybe you could freeze part of it after you have a couple of slices.

Well, I've gained a pound or two, so I'll need to really get back into a routine. Honestly, when DH was in the hospital, I got out of my routines and now it's hard to go back. But, I just have to stay focused. Focus. Focus!

I've been working in my yard, doing some seed and plant trades, and this morning volunteered at church for Bible School. So, I'm staying ver busy these days. Maybe too busy. lol

It's beautiful here today and I have about 50 things on my list to do-----so, I'd better get moving. Have a great day! I bought some raspberry sherbert yesterday----yummm -- quite good!

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Hi everyone! Got through my meeting day today - workshop. Thank heavens I take minutes stops me from munching. Did bring a bottle of flavoured water and put it on the table and shared it. I have stayed within my points today and I think I have captured everything (I wrote points/foods in the margins of my minutes....).
Yes, good ol' pizza hut is a challenge. I go for the thin cut, italian crust and have asked them NOT TO DRIZZLE the oil on the crust prior to pouring the sauce on. If that doesn't suit my mood - I go get a LEAFY salad and NOT the pasta salad to have before the pizza comes and if I decide I really must have a heavier pointed 1 slice of a meat feast heart attack special - I try to plan for it by fillin up on low fat foods, fresh fruit, low fat yogurts and lots of water during the day. If I can't have water I get a diet anything drink. Don't totally deny yourself - just think about what you really enjoy - is it the pizza sauce? are you a crust fan or could you skip that? (I do) Over all, try having a leafy salad. Or, half a slice of one and half a slice of another pizza and enjoy the variety. If ya still want another slice, drink some water, put your fork down and yak for awhile. still want more - split a slice with someone. try cutting off the crusts and leave them.
I choose my treats carefully and now am at the point after months of retraining my body/mind to think about

am I really enjoying this type of food or did I just eat it fast before and hardly noticed while washing it down with a regular coke?

would I rather have a filler salad - choose what I LIKE to eat only (sometimes just cucumber, tomato, onions and a sprinkle of dressing. If I really want the dressing - I thin it down with water at the bottom of my bowl or milk.

Today weight in and have lost the 3 pounds i enjoyed from last weekend away - very specail weekend. Now to move forward and move on.

No matter what your situation is - you are here. Keep talking to us about your day. Ask anything. We want to help and we are very interested to hear what works for you.

Please excuse any spelling errors....long day taking minutes and I had insomnia last night really bad - so have taken a prescribed relaxant and going to bed. Had to take the minutes moving around the room today (to stay alert) and now just about ready to collapse.

My brain is starting to say get you buns in bed. Have lots to do tomorrow and would like to be awake for it.

My challenge for the rest of this week will be stay on track - think about .... if i eat this food, how much of it will be glued to my hips? Is it really worth having it now when I can truly enjoy it in a smaller quantity after reaching one of my goals.

Had lovely applesause at dinner and water (well fed today)

Take care everyone! My sedative is kicking in and I can hardly type right. Off to bed to sleep tonight - unlike last nights calorie burnning tossing and turning all night!


NIghty night!

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Hello everyone! New to this thread, but hope I will be welcomed. I've started the South Beach diet and today was a good day. I am finishing up what is left in the fridge before I shop for the lower fat foods, so breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs and 2 slices of regular bacon. Didn't get in a snack as I had a dental appointment. Lunch was tuna salad with cucumber and tomato slices. Dinner is a chicken breast baking in the oven with some Vidalia onions. I'll finish up some leftover roasted squash, onion, and pepper.

I know I shouldn't have, but I had to get on the scales this a.m. - 2 lbs. lost from yesterday - woo hoo! I promise to curb the call of the scales in the future. When I start to lose, I just feel lighter and my waist feels tighter (underneath the fat rolls) - it is a good feeling and spurrs me on to stick with the diet.

By 11:30 this morning, I wasn't even famished w/o the snack. I was very surprised. But I will fix snacks in the future to get me through the day. It's now 7:00 pm and I am very hungry. I'll go drink some water and wait for dinner to finish baking.

I enjoy reading your posts of how the day went and what you do to stay focused. It is nice to be in company with others trying to get off the pounds.

What about your goals? Do you set weight goals or date goals? Are we aiming to be realistic here? Should I set intermediate goals? At what increments? Any help with goal setting? This is the first time I have any online support when trying to lose weight. Can't hurt, right?

Thanks to you all,

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Hi everyone. Welcome Teresa.

Teresa, I set my first goal using the WW idea of using 10% of my starting weight. After I reached that, I set mini goals toward future events...trips,seeing old friends etc. My mini goals never exceed 5lbs. per month. I find that if you set the bar at a reasonable rate of loss every little success spurs you on to continue. If I exceed my goal I am pleasantly surprised.

I use an old WW food exchange system that I've refined for my style of eating. I allow myself everything including a half cup of regular ice cream almost every day. I write down everything that I put in my mouth...even if it's a single peanut.

It has been a little tougher this week since I have had some dental work involving temporary stuff that doesn't allow me the chewy and crunchy things that keep me satisfied. In two weeks I'm going out for the biggest slab of beef I can find followed by a whole bag of raw veggies LOL.

Here's a tip that has been working for me. I have a set of little 4oz. snack cups made by Tupperware. Since most servings of fruit,puddings and ice cream are 1/2cup I eat all my snacks out of these measuring, just fill and enjoy.

I eat out a lot and would enjoy hearing everyone's tips.

Well, tomorrow is my weigh in day and I will be happy to have maintained with my erratic sleep and eating (soft yuck) schedule.

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Okay, my WW UK logon site is down today - so I am journalling my food here so I don't forget when the site is back up again.....

Plain veggie salad - 0 points
Muillerice - 1.5
M&S Banana & Bio yogurt drink 250ml (calculate/100ml - sat fat 0.1, cals 60)
M&S Potato Bites (calculate per bag - sat fat 0.2, cals 95)

I use my diary online religiously as you can see - I often forget what I eat unless I write it down...will catch up later tonight - have a ton of work to do today/tomorrow/this week.....minutes to be typed.


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Hi, all. Got through Pizza Day. Feel like I can tackle anything, now. I am woman, hear me roar, LOL!

I filled my dinner plate half full of raw veggies, and got a large glass of ice water. I started on this stuff before we opened the pizza, which took the edge off a little. Didn't have to worry about being lured by leftovers, as DH ate all but the 2 slices I had.

BTW, I stopped at McDonalds for lunch, as it was the first day they were offering the adult Happy Meals with a pedometer. (Salad, drink, and pedometer with a booklet.) They don't actually measure miles, just number of steps. And you can't adjust them for your stride. The idea is, you track your steps per day and try to increase them each week. Hey, it was free, more or less. ;)

Wildchild, I like your idea about the Tupperware containers. I have a small one somewhere that might be 1/2 a cup--going to dig around and see. It would be a big help.


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Hi everyone!

I've been a bit down for the last 2 weeks because our Weight Watchers class was not renewed here at work.

My home scale tells me I'm at a stall. :-( I'm following faithfully; however, I've not been drinking my water. Do you think it could be the water? I'm going to get up and take a big glass now!

Not sure how long these stalls last, but I'm getting down on myself. I will not give up this fabulous way of eating though. I know it's healthier than anything I've ever tried. I lose lots of weight with low-carb, but it ALWAYS comes back on. I won't fall into that trap again; I need to eat a variety of foods.

Sorry to vent, but I need some motivation!!

If anyone has been on Weight Watchers for more than 3 months and have knowledge of this type of stall, can you please post?

Many thanks! I enjoy reading your posts every day!!

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DeeMarie - I have been on WW since the day right after xmas - and I STALL, often. DON'T QUIT NOW!!! You've come this far. And you can go further!
Right, lets rethink, look at your daily habits. Stalling is fine. You body is shifting gear, changing shape and you need to review your habits. One gal mentioned that this is a rehearsal for maintaining your weight - well it must be good - you have not gained weight!

Right - water - why do you need to get flushing your system with water? If you don't drink enough water, your body thinks you are fasting or panics and stores water for emergency - drink your water and your weight will start moving, your skin will improve and you will not feel as lethargic (I think you lose the lethargic feeling getting up to go pee every 5 minutes but that could just be me!).
Right - activity - are you moving? I have stalled almost 8 weeks (NOT KIDDING) - my body played with the same 3-5 pounds up and down during this time. I got more religious about keeping notes/diary on my foods, drinking my water and moving more. What activity do you do every day? At the very least, if you can - get walking. I use my housework for activity as well because I sit at work all day. Try to get out at lunch for a walk.

Right - meals - do you eat 3 large meals or smaller meals more often? Smaller meals, more often works for me - keeps my metabolism running higher, longer.

Right - your mental health - time to give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. Instead of giving up you have posted and are still here. Great step forward from previous attempts - don't you agree? I think so. Get yourself a treat that has nothing to do with food. My treats are fun earrings. If you don't want to buy yourself something - how about a pamper session for yourself? A long soak in the tub, goop up your face, get a body scrub, a pumice stone on your feet, nice smelly creams, powders. Freshen yourself up. Get a hairstyle done. Paint your nails. Treat yourself. You are hanging in there through a tough time and are still with us.

POST MORE OFTEN! Talk to us. We are here for you too! I know it's hard. I promised myself to stick with it no matter what when I stalled. It was a very long time to me but I stuck with it, journalled more, treated myself, gooped my hair and pulled myself forward. I have just started moving weight again but guess what -

my body has changed over that stall period.

My pants are too big, things are shrinking and I am happy I have not quit on myself.

Talk to us! C'mon - post more - get it off your chest and then get up and get moving.
I want to hear what you do to treat yourself. C'mon - we are cheering you on!


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McPeg, you are wonderful! My points are right on....been using Flex when I have to. 2 days last week, I fell short about 2-3 points for the day, but no major changes in my eating. Lots of fish, lean chicken, and veggie burgers. No red meat since the time I started to stall....maybe time for a steak, eh? LOL

I've had about 32 ounces of (slightly flavored) water. I take a bottle of Fruit2O and pour a bit of it into a large glass of water. Flavors it enough to enable me to drink the glass and look for more! I've noticed that I've been drinking only about 3 glasses of water....way down from when I started this Weight Watchers Plan.

Exercise: I was off a bit about 2 weeks ago as we had to entertain the UKers at the office(!), but last week got back on. Hubby walks with me about 2-3 times per week. One stretch class (50 minutes) per week. 1-2 circuit glasses (mixed cardio and toning) per week...they last about 35-40 minutes each.

I'm not going to quit...I'm just not going to quit!! I am convinced that this is the plan for me. My leader told us that there would come a time when we would consider whether it was worth it (because of a stall), so I was somewhat prepared for it (although when you are consistently losing, you think it will never happen to you!)

Thanks for all the encouragement. I will make it a daily mental health stop over here!!!

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You go girl!
DeeMarie don't you quit!
I know you can do it - heck, this is my 3rd time - I quit twice at the stall point and REALLY REGRETTED IT - this time I stuck it out - dug my heels in and kept putting one foot in front of the other. I got really into logging my food, paying attention and PATTING MYSELF ON THE BACK. Yes, I had my moments - dinners out, cravings but


Huge, huge difference. For anyone else reading these posts...don't quit, don't beat yourself up. We can do this and WE WILL by gum!

DeeMarie, hold your head up and feel proud of your accomplishments to date. Attitude for me is 99% of my success. I keep thinking of what I want to look like by end August - and if I am not there at that time ... I WILL PERSIST -KEEP GOING - I CAN DO THIS

anyone and everyone lurking, reading, wanting a hand to hold - I am reaching out to you. We can succeed. If only one small step each day, it is one step further than yesterday. One meal healthier than yesterday, one meal better. One bit of mind frame saying 'I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to take the time for myself. I deserve to do this for myself and no other reason.'

Let's do it!

C'mon, join us. Doesn't matter how much you have to lose, what your background is, male/female - we all want the, happiness. We only have one shot at life - let's not regret it! It's too wonderful to miss!

DeeMarie I am proud of you. You go girl!


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McPeg, you have made my day!

I went to the corporate fitness center here at work to do the circuit and I feel wonderful! I drank about 50 oz of water today. I did sneak a peek at the scale, and I believe I am at 22 pounds down since 4-February! Not bad for 14 weeks, with a cruise in between.

FEELIN' GOOD, even with 60 pounds to go!!!!!!!

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Hi - Well I had my first week weigh-in today at WW. I lost 3lbs. I was really proud of myself. I had trouble getting started last week so I didn't count points the whole week. I just got back from Curves now. This is my second time there this week. So I am really motivated now and I have to say reading this forum helps too. This is my year. With Weight Watchers, Curves and this forum I am going to become the woman I want to be - healthy, active and happy to look in the mirror. Thanks everyone.

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You are nominated to be our #1 cheerleader and forum motivator, McPeg!!!
You are great at both!

Day 3 of South Beach was a good day for me! Stayed on target all day and am waiting on my reward: made up sf orange jello with cottage cheese and 1 t. of vanilla extract. We'll see if it tastes like a Dreamcicle!

Weight to go on the 3 lb. loss, Mirren!

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Congrats, Mirren! And others that have lost.

I've still not gotten back into my exercise routine. And we're going out of town this weekend---not looking forward to this little trip. Family stuff. Oh, well.

Tomorrow morning I'll walk and tomorrow night I WILL exercise! Went to Cracker Barrel today for lunch---got the veggie plate---it wound up being lunch and dinner.

Take care, everybody. Think "slim." We can do it---I just need to get better organized with my foods! And more water.

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Thanks for your kind words and congrats to Mirren on her loss. Yellowhair - ya did good kid - veggie platter was a great choice considering that menu!

Let's think about the weekend. What are you doing to prepare yourself for it? You can start today - you are in control and you have choices. Is there a night out, take out dinner on Saturday? If so - today is the day to NOT have extras, drink you water, have your veggies, fruit and low fat meats. Skip the sauces. Plan for Saturday if you have an event or Sunday dinner - and plan for the day after! It doesn't matter what diet you are on - your body will compensate. Enjoy yourself. Learn to live your life again. We are learning healthy eating habits while working towards our goals. Don't despair and don't get down on yourself everytime a special event comes around. Use your head! If you are thinking you might cave to drinks - have an 8 oz glass of water in between - you won't get a hangover because your body is getting water. You could also mix your wine with sparkling water to make a spritzer - add some fruit slices on the rim of the glass and put some pizzaz in it. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Take control.

Enjoy yourself.

Use your knowledge to your benefit. Today is Friday. Wind down day for most - finish for the work week, preparation to spend time with family and friends.

Let's make the best of it today! I have to run for my bus, will pick up more on our 'missing in action' gang later!


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Boy, you can't get rid of me today! Two things for ya to think about -
first - an interesting article link dispelling some old food myths
second - more on meal strategies - as I was babbling on above, if ya know you are having a 'fun' meal - plan for it. For my weekend it is Friday night this week - we are eating at home but having seafood, cheese, fresh fruits and fresh bread. It's the cheese, bread and king prawns I am concerned about. What have I done today to prepare for this?
Breakfast - made sure to have it. Lunch - ate lighter. Water - have a collection of flavoured water at my desk with a bottle always open and always topping up my glass.

Dinner - already journalled it and worked backwards this morning to figure out my lunch and dinner - so I could enjoy both. Lunch was fruit sorbet (1 scoop), apple and mid-afternoon probably some soda crackers (I LOVE THEM without anything on them). Dinner - already figured my portions for (don't laugh) - 8 x king prawns, one broiled cod fillet (lemon/dill water bath - steamed), a slice of fresh bread and a slice of cheese. I have also reserved an apple for 4pm - an hour before leaving work to curb any late day cravings. Dinner is pointed at 8 points. I will not be using any butters or spreads. My cheese is LOW FAT. There is a cocktail tomato dip for the prawns which will be fine but I might just broil those with cajun seasonings.

This is how my day looks (how does yours?)
Starbucks NO FAT latte - 4 pts
3 apples - breakfast, lunch, snack (very filling and good crunch factor) - 1.5 pts
raspberry sorbet - 1 pt (great flavour factor and no fat)
dinner - 8 pts as stated above

My total is 14.5. I am now on the 18 points a day since my last weigh in - I am saving those points incase I decide to either have a light beer or glass of wine with dinner. If I don't use them tonight - they will be saved for a slice of bacon (I use scissors and cut the fat off!) with my egg and toast tomorrow).

This is forward planning. I am in control and I am enjoying myself.

Yes this does take a little more effort but I tell ya - today I am wearing pants that I could barely fit into at xmas and I can grab a good inch of fabric to boot!

What are you doing today? What are you doing this weekend? Are you planning ahead so you are not disappointed on Monday?

C'mon - you can do this.

Have a fabby Friday!


Here is a link that might be useful: yahoo health news

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Sounds like everyone is doing really well!

Yesterday, my Day 6, contained another one of those little trouble spots. I often work a short evening shift, 5-9. There just isn't a good time to sit down and eat a real dinner, all at once. I need to split those calories up before, during and after work so that 1) I never get too hungry and 2) I don't eat so much at once that I get sleepy.

It worked out ok yesterday, but I did wish I'd had a few more calories left for a larger snack when I got home. Will try to plan lighter eating during the day next time.

Thanks for the reminders about planning for the weekend, McPeg. Sunday is my higher-calorie day, so I thought I'd get myself a bagel along with DH's this week. But I need to check Manhattan Bagel's website first!

TGIF and a good weekend to all,

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Hey, everybody. I did walk some yesterday and did some exercises last night. I fell back into some of my old ways----I think I'm over it now----was rushed---just picked up anything out of the fridge. I KNOW better!! That's what makes me mad. And I was doing so good.

It's been really nice here today. I've been working on a project, almost have it done. Yippee! This weekend I'm going to work out a schedule for next week--------foods, housework, lawn & garden------AND STICK WITH IT!!

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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There is lots of inspiration here! Today was a really good day diet wise - and pretty good on all other accounts as well.

Breakfast was one lean homemade sausage pattie and one scrambled egg. Morning snack was some deli ham and one slice of cheese. Lunch was a nice large salad and afternoon snack was 1 serving of sf jello with cottage cheese whipped in and a bit of vanilla. I still had energy to grocery shop - had to read a lot of labels! Dinner was a small steak, green beans, and a small salad. Just had my dessert, a frozen popsicle called Health Smart - with Splenda. But I didn't look at that label good enough - each pop is 17 carb grams - yikes! Well, guess I will have to watch my carbs tomorrow and only have these once in a while.

The carton said No Sugar Added - Fat Free. There are only 2 g sugars and 3 g sorbitol. It does contain milk, so the 2g sugars are probably milk sugars. Does anyone have a suggestion for a Splenda sweetened popsicle with less carbs? This was at W-mart, Blue Bunny brand. Very good actually. I don't do other artificial sweeteners very well and am trying to stick to Splenda.

I have done well this first week on the South Beach diet. Have felt fine most of the time too. My other *inconvenience* is about finished (I was on hormones for 15 days). Had a visit from the "little red-haired girl with her suitcase" - thought I had seen the last of her at my age! LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Teresa - who feels lighter and therefore - GREAT!

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I recognize so many of you... nice to cyberly see you again :)

I made it through 19 days of NO cheating. Not a single solitary cheat! For me, that was monumental. Never been done before! Today, my 20th day on Atkin's... as well as calorie counting (fearing I'd fail I didn't want to over-do all the fatty foods so I stayed under 1200 calories per day)

I went out with girlfriends to an all you can eat seafood restaurant. Fabulous food and all within the Atkin's restrictions... if not for the dessert!

I actually ate one BIG bite of cheesecake, apple cobbler, blackberry pie, lemon meringue pie, and strawberry shortcake!

I suspect if there had been a Krispy Kreme on the way home I'd have stopped there too!

Tomorrow I'll be back to the strictness that got me through the first 19 days.

Remember the old days when all we had to do to be thin was.....

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Hi everyone! Great to see folk coming back. The Atkins is really popular in the UK too. It seems there are now a few of us at work slimming down and I can see results everywhere. I caved last night to about 1 cup of popcorn. Tonight is movie night and PIZZA HUT (I thought that was NEXT weekend!!!!) I'd better behave myself today. I know a slice of pizza is about 7 points (a whole meal) I will start with the salad bar (skipping the pasta portion). Going to get some flavoured water to sneak into the movie and skip the high priced coke. Might even bring a bag of sliced, crunchy NO CAL veggies (yep - good plan) - like celery, peppers and carrots. Going to drink lots of water BEFORE going out to fill myself a wee bit. Pizza Hut and I are squaring off today - I HAVE TO BEHAVE. For those of you stalling - that has been my weight loss for the last few months and still the same - 1/4 to 1/2 pound and then stay there. I know part is my body and part is my eating but I am eating better, losing slowly, changing shape and generally feeling better.
Got home last night and my stepping machine was at the back door from my ebay purchase. Today is my Saturday morning stroll - library, grocery - with my wheelie shopping bag - NO BUSES - and then carry on to visit two very young friends (5 & 7) to get my hair and makeup done (lots of fun). Finally drag my wheelie cart back home to get ready to go out to P.H. and movie. Keep in mind my neighborhood is HILLY, I will be carting a large box of laundry soap and other things that are usually heavy and library books.
Will be very interesting over the next month to see how I get on with that stepping machine. I need to change my physical routine to get my metabolism going again. Even the lightest setting is not easy and I can feel the muscles I forgot about. This will be great since we are back into windy, cold weather again. YEACH.

Candy - glad to read your post - you are doing great! It's good to see the Atkins on here too as the results are encouraging. I am not much of a meat eater and prefer more fruits/veg. Keep us posted you are helping us think about choices.

Teresa I have heard about the South Beach diet. It sounds similar to Atkins. Great choices there too. Do you feel better as well cutting down on the carbs? Looking forward to hearing more from you too!

Yellowhair - never hurts to reassess your habits. We will have to maintain our successes after all of this, so looking at your routine and checking yourself is probably something we will all have to do. Planning empowers you towards making that goalpost. Last week was last week. You are still here, still making progress.

If I showed you my graph of weight loss since xmas it goes down, up, sideways, down, up, up, up, down, across - basically all over but in the LONG HAUL slow loss and it is moving down. That's fine with me. I mentally started this thinking - at least 6-8 months before getting close and then another 6 months of making sure I have healthier habits without thinking about it. Overall I am targeting 18 months of 'taking better care of myself'. We deserve this. We have looked after our families all these years, it's time to look after ourselves. Best part is, our efforts seem to cascade around us and everyone else seems to pick up on better habits to. It is true/proven that the meals we serve our families are the meals that set things - they eat what is infront of them. Really, no offense to the guys, but I feel the fellas see us as their 'mom' when it comes to meals. If we put a balanced meal in front of them - they just eat it. Also, Kathy posted a very interested link on an earlier Diet Pals thread about spreading the food around on the plate instead of piling it, using flatter soup bowls instead of large deep bowls - mentally folk generally thought they were eating the same amounts when in reality they were eating less.

Is this a strategy/tool we can use at parties or events out? Instead of piling up the plate from the buffet - flatten the food on your plate, spread it out - eat slower, put your fork down - chat with your pals, drink some water and by the time you finish your meal the food should be registering in your bloodstream and you should start to feel satisfied.

Do your homework - today I searched on nutrition portion control - here's a link with good reading.

Have a fabby day - I have to get moving!


Here is a link that might be useful: Portion Control

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Hello everyone. Well I am down 1lb. this week which is really 1/2lb. since I was up 1/2lb. last week.

DeeMarie, I am very familiar with the stalls you speak of. One of the things I've learned is although sometimes its because you are eating more, it is usually just your body adjusting to its new weight and activity level. It thinks it needs to hold on to those pounds to compensate for less food.

Here's the shocker though, you can sometimes get over this hump by (are you ready?) eating MORE. I don't mean by pigging out but try adding an extra 100 calories per day or a couple of points if your're doing WW. Do it for a week and suddenly you've tricked your body into knowing it's not starving after all.

I've actually had this work for me. Not habitually but once in a while I will go out and eat something intentionally not on my usual food plan. Cheese omelet AND hash browns or burger AND fries...things I don't stay away from but usually plan only small ammounts of and never at the same meal together. It seems to jumpstart my weight loss.

McPeg I love your outlook that we must look at our weight loss efforts as something to be achieved over months and even years. This will be my 3rd time getting back to goal over the last 16 years and I know without changing the way we look at food for a lifetime the weight will creep up. I caution everyone to not only look at how you get to the best weight for you but to choose a diet (as in way of eating, not sacrifice) that you can live with for the rest of your life.

And am I only one who chuckles everytime I read McPeg's "have a fabby day"? I always read it as "flabby" ;>)

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Well, I lost my first posting here which is just as well as I was rambling a bit.

Great insights, McPeg and Wildchild! I was up a pound this morning and am trying to figure out if it was that delicious 17g carb popsicle or having the salad AND the green beans with my small steak last night. I have found myself in a sort of routine of large salad with protein for lunch and meat/fish and veggie for dinner. Maybe that should be the plan for me to continue the weight loss.

I am becoming more intune with my body as I found yesterday that salad with some grated romano cheese just didn't hold me and by 2pm I was ready for my sf jello/cottage cheese snack. But I was very surprised that I could shop until 6:30 after a full day of work and not feel faint with hunger. I had some deli turkey breast while unloading and putting up the groceries, then had a half hour rest with my feet up before starting dinner. Anyone with thoughts on eating dinner earlier as opposed to later? My usual habit is to eat around 6pm, but am finding that I enjoy a rest when I get home from work and then eat later about 7-7:30.

It really takes a lot of focus right now to figure out what is good for continued weight loss and what fuels me to keep going. But that's o.k., I want these changes to be permanent and I can see that some fine tuning will be needed. A 4 pound loss in five days is fine with me for my first week.


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About stalls; not that I'm far along enough to worry about them yet. ;)

From what I understand, muscle is denser than fat--a cubic inch of muscle would weigh more than a cubic inch of fat.
It's possible for someone with a greater percentage of lean muscle mass to weigh more, but look thinner, than someone with with less lean muscle and more fat.

If you are exercising and eating plenty of protein, you are probably building lean muscle while you are getting rid of fat. So it's very possible your weight might even go up one week and yet you really do feel thinner. And your actual percentage of body fat has actually gone down, although you don't see it on the scale.

You guys are doing great; I wouldn't worry about stalling if you know you're doing what you should. Now just remember to give *me* the pep talk when I hit a plateau! ;)


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Erica's logic works for me! I'm only down a few pounds... after 19 days of strict Atkin's (with calorie control) THAT'S depressing!

I think that going low cal on Atkin's was my mistake. The allowable foods are so high calorie that you can't eat much at all if you're trying to stay under 1200 calories per day... so your body shuts down cuz it thinks it's starving.

I'm curious to know if all of you have realistic goals for weight loss. I've heard some of you say you'd like to lose as much as 60 lbs. Is your goal to be skinny? For me, setting the goal to be "thin" only makes it feel impossible.

My goal is to lose 20 lbs. According to doctor's charts, I will still be 20 lbs overweight but I like how I look at that weight... I can wear cute clothes; and though I'm well beyond my bikini days, I can wear shorts and sundresses... and that is good enough for me.

It just seems wiser to set realistic goals for a size that looks good on us.

Teresa... you're doing great! Being this age has apparently not put any road blocks in your way. Menopause has done a number on me, losing weight is sloooooowwwwwww.

I'm shifting over to weight watchers. I thought I could drop the weight fast with Atkin's... especially if I didn't OD on the fats. But apparently it's the fats that cause you to lose the weight! Since I limited mine, I suspect I've wasted three weeks. But I did drop a few inches so all's well that ends well.

I like the healthy aspects of weight watchers.

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PS.... "have a fabby day" sounds so british... of course if Hugh Grant or the Beatles were saying it, they'd add the word, "now" to the end.

Have a fabby day now. Love it!

Sadly, "have a flabby day" works too :)

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Candy, You are totally on about setting realistic goals. I really like how WW encourages you to just lose the first 10% of your starting weight to begin.

If you go by the charts, I would have almost 50lbs. to lose. That would be just to be at WW's HIGHEST weight for my height.

I've been down to a mid-range on the charts and not only do I not look healthy at that weight, it is just too much of a struggle to stay there. At 5'1" my calorie intake to maintain would have to be at a point where most people lose. Of course I could exercise 14 hours a week, but who has time for that.

This time I am taking it 5lbs at a time and my goal is somewhere between 135 and 140. I am an athletically built "PEAR" and being past the 1/2 century mark I look gaunt at anything less than 130.

Even my doctor said the weight charts don't fit most people that well. Thin and flabby is nowhere near as good as fit and fabby.

So, I'm 26 lbs down since Jan. 6th with 14-19 to go.

McPeg thanks so much for your thoughtful commentary and keeping this board moving and grooving as Richard Simmons would say.

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I'm off in about an hour to take a Royal Carribean cruise to Canada for the week.

Stay on target and wish me luck. On my last cruise in March, I was able to lose 1/2 pound. That was pointing out everything and planning ahead. I'm confident I'll be able to handle this. Plenty of choices...I need to make the correct ones!

"See" you next week!

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Have a fabby day, eh!
UK with a little Canadian mixed in for ya - although now I find I will never be able to say fabby anymore without laughing! Thanks!
Gotta start this weeks thread - great catch ups from all - really enjoyed you Sunday posts!

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