Dilemma with battery charging

steve_aMay 21, 2007

I'm posting here because it seems to be the most likely place to get an answer. Let me explain: I'm trying to get my FIL's mobility scooter running so the I can sell it for him (they've moved, he has another powered wheel chair that he uses.) It uses a pair of lead-acid batteries, 24v total. It has an external charger that plugs into the scooter. He hardly used the scooter in about three years, and I doubt he regularly charged the batteries. No matter how long I charge the batteries now, I can't get it to run. The charger always shows a green light, indicating that the batteries are fully charged. I have the manual, but it's poorly written. For a while, there was enough charge to light the headlight and sound the horn. Now, not even that. I suspect that it may be a charger problem, but I could be wrong. It will cost $100 for a pair of batteries, and possibly the same or more for a charger. I doubt that I can take the batteries on trial basis, but I haven't asked about that. Batteries Plus says they carry the batteries. Everything else on the scooter seems fine: connections, etc. Any advise? Thanks.

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If you can, bring the scooter into Batteries Plus and let them stuff a pair of their batteries into the scooter. If it fires and you can use it for a few minutes, pay the man and you have a scooter. If not, you should know after a few minutes; B+ can take their batteries back because they're not the problem.

I suspect the batteries are toast. Lead-acid batteries are an ongoing, but slow, chemical reaction. Once the reaction tips too far in one direction, getting it back to equilibrium is pretty much a waste of time and energy.

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Thanks, Steve. I knew that I could get some good advice here; I was hoping someone could provide a theory that makes sense and yours seems to.

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To follow up, I took the scooter to Batteries Plus and they let me try the batteries. It worked, so I'm good to go. The service at Batteries Plus was very good, as they had to install the two batteries into the battery cases before I could even try them in the scooter. Thanks again, Steve.

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Glad to hear it worked out well, Steve!

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