Embroidering on fleece - what stablizer

thelmaleeNovember 30, 2004

I need an answer to this question today if possible. I have just started embroiderying and have some fleece throws to put names on. What kind of stablizer is best and do I need something on top. I don't want to use anything that has to be washed out. I plan on using tear-a-way on the back. Is this ok?

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You first have to get the fleece in a position that it will not stetch AT ALL! Totally Stable will do that & tear off. That will iron to the fleece. Be careful, use a press cloth to keep from accidently melting your fleece. Do not hoop fleece. Hoop another type tear away stabilizer & spray it with adhesive to hold the fleece. You will have to use a water soluble on top or your stitches will embed in the fleece. What of it that you can't pull away, you can use a damp cloth or lightly spray & lay out to dry. You won't have to totally wet it & try to wash it out. Match your bobbin & top threads.

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I usually use the Ultra Solvy washaway, sprayed lightly with 505 to hold the fleece. Keep in mind that if you use a tearaway, some of it will show on the back. It's about impossible to get every bit of the tearaway off, or at least it is for me.

I also use the regular Solvy on top so the stitched don't sink down so much, but that might not work if you don't want to use a washaway.

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Thelma - this might be too late but I just embroidered a design on a fleece scarf for my daughter. I used a stiff tear away on the back and light soluble on the front. I used Sulky Sticky in my hoop.

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Thanks for the info. I am very new to embroidery and have only used the tear-away. The pocket books I have made, I used the heavy interfacing as the stablizer. I need information about spray on and sticky stablizer. However, I bought a refurbished brother 150 and it has stopped sewing. The top thread is bunching up underneath after about 1/8 inch. I am taking it to the shop today so maybe when I get it back I can learn more about stablizers and things associated with it. I have a friend that is going to put the names on the throws for me.

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Thelma if you have more question about the Brother 150 - I have that machine also, just ask!

(I really haven't had any problems with mine so I hope I can help with your projects.)

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The one trick I learned from Sewing with Nancy is to bring the bobbin thread to the top after a few stitches, hit the stop button, and sew over those threads after a few stitches, trim, and let the machine do its thing. It seems like a lot of hitting the start and stop button...it works with no bunching on the underside.

I think it's the reverse of pulling the top thread to the underside for regular sewing.

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