How to get cigarette smell out of leather furniture??

terriksJuly 1, 2004

We are thinking about purchasing a used leather couch and loveseat from a woman whose husband was a heavy smoker. The house that it is in has a very bad smoke odor, so I imagine that the furniture will need to be deodoized. Is it possible to get the smell out of leather furniture, and how would I do it? The furniture is in really good condition and the price is very good.

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no-would not count on it....inside the leather there are other materials--even the wood frame will have a heavy residue.

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Well, the price was VERY good, only $500 for the couch and loveseat, plus she threw in a leather recliner, so we decided to go for it. All of the furniture is in excellent shape, except for the smell. If we can't get the smell out we should be able to sell it for at least what we paid. So if anyone has and suggestions on getting rid of the smell I'd appreciate it. All of the cushions, and even the arm and back pieces are zippered, so we will remove the foam inside and clean and air that out. Then we will need to clean the leather itself and the cloth decking material.

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sprinkle the padding liberally with baking powder, and let it air in the sun if you can...

and spray the interior of the leather with a mix of real vanilla extract and water...that's what we use on old leather at my weekend job, where I work with vintage upholstery.

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Buy a odor neutralizer called Atmosclear. You can find it at Ace Hardware. This is what car dealers use to get rid of cig smoke. It is very effective. Open up pillows and get inside the furniture if you can and spray it. Then spray it all over the furniture. It shouldn't stain (test first) and is very effective.
I don't sell it, I have just used it. It also doesn't stink up your house like Fabreeze and works much better.

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Orange TKO is the solution you need! You can get it at ace hardware. It's made from orange peels. I sprayed it directly onto my aniline protected leather couches that had a heavy smoke smell and just let it soak into the leather. Viola the smell is gone!!!

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Just wondered if any of these worked.? I bought a leather couch sight not seen got out home and the cigarette smell is so bad it made my eyes water... Luckily I only paid 35 dollars.. It is in great shape so I would hate to throw it away.

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Which one worked the best?? I have a free leather couch set and it smells nasty. They're so comfortable but I can't get the smell out even with two rounds of lysol wipes, two rounds of rich leather cleaner... still has a bad stank! I'm so hoping something works!!!

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