Speakers for a surround system

angieinMay 31, 2012

We're doing extensive remodeling and in the family room/great room we're having a 70" TV, stereo surround system put in. We also want some speakers in the living room and kitchen to be connected to this system. My question is can the speakers to the living room and kitchen be turned off independently if you don't want to listen to them at some point.

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Not only can it be done, but it's the way it's typically done.

You can have control from the receiver or install an in-wall speaker volume control in the kitchen.

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Thanks so much. Another question. Do you have a couple name brand system you recommend? I was thinking of going with Bose, but as you know, they're a little on the high side.

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Some good middle of the road brands for receivers you may wish to look at are Pioneer, Yamaha, and Onkyo.

Unlike the Bose packaged systems, speakers are purchased separately. They can be bookshelf, in-wall, or in-ceiling speakers. Just remember, in-wall are used for home theater and music - in-ceiling is really for music only - especially in a great room.

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Got it. Now I have a start. Thank you so much.

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Our new house has a great room design so there will be no walls for surround sound speakers. Putting speakers in the walls definitely works better, but that isn't an option for us so we are looking for speakers that are built specifically for surround sound in ceiling. So far we have found Paradigm to have some really good options. They aren't cheap but this is one area we feel it is worth investing in quality that we know will give us the results we are looking for.

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these are not speakers - but i would recommend Sonos zones for music. if you're not familiar, definitely google and read. Sonos is just the best!

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