PS1980B121 Magnavox TV problem

objengrsMay 9, 2011

My 15-20 year old TV recently seems to have lost horiz. hold. (Nothing but many thin horiz. lines of various colors on all channels.) Any suggestions/schematics on component replacement are welcome. -Bill S., Naperville, IL

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From what I can gather, it appears someone named "Pee Wee" who had a lot of knowledge about Philips/Magnavox televisions, used to post on here several years ago - no longer does.

As far as your problem, from what you're describing, it is not a horizontal deflection problem, but a Vertical Deflection problem - that's why there are only horizontal scan lines in the center of the screen.

While it could be a semiconductor failure, I would first suspect that an electrolytic capacitor(s) failed in the vertical deflection circuit - simply due to old age and drying out.

Unless you have electronics troubleshooting experience, bin boxes of misc parts sitting around, and just simply are looking for something to do, it is just simply beyond economical repair.

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