Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 5/3/09

harold14370May 3, 2009

I want to thank all the other weigh-in participants. The weigh-in has gone way beyond my expectations when I posted the original thread. Your support and encouragement have helped me a lot. As always, we invite everyone to join us.

Summarizing from last week, we have:

Harold - Weight 234, lost 2 last week, total lost 41.

Silver - Weight 135, lost 1. Our high motor superstar achieved a milestone of 20 lbs lost, squeezing into a pair of size 5 jeans.

Eklektos - Weight 142, gained 1/2 lb but is still down 10 lb and lost 3 lb in the last 2 weeks.

Jasmi - Weight 146, gained 1, down 2 from the start. Don't worry. These kinds of weeks will happen.

Betty - Held the line at 180, turning fat into wheelbarrow-toting muscle.

Peggy - Joined us at 145 having previously lost 17. I think Peggy joined us, but if she was just stopping by to say hello, that's okay too.

Now, here are my results this week.

Weight: 232, lost 2, total lost 43.

Calories: Food 1568 per day, exercise 493 per day. Dang, at that rate I should be wasting away.

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Hi everyone...
flectuated all week between 136-135. Will weigh in on Tuesday...had a party last night and today... tried to be good, but don't know what it will do to my program. Too tired to work out...Wish it were Saturday!

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Aw, man. After I just got done bragging about you.

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Harold, you're so positive. I really appreciate that.

I'm not sure whether I'll weigh tomorrow or Tuesday. I do seem to be at a stall, hopefully very temporary. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, and that can be a factor. Took a nap this afternoon and hope to be getting into a more regular routine that includes adequate rest after this next very busy week is behind me.

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Sorry!!! It's been a crazy week. I did walk/run at least 2 miles every day last week, then had two parties, one for work and one for my daughter, and I think the cheesecake blew it!!! I didn't have the chocolate cake at the b-day party, but I did have a slice of pizza. I'm tired too Ek. Not near enough sleep. Going to bed too late, waking up too early. Weighed in this morning at 136. Not going to look at the scale too much... I'm just hoping it's all the muscle I put on this week. I walked/sprinted/ran 2 miles on Saturday and it only took 30 minutes. I was pretty proud.

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Hi, I have joined - I'll join everyone if it keeps me motivated. As for the weigh-in I am holding the same this week.

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Hi Harold

The way you started this week's thread is very motivating. Thanks for your support and congrats on ur another 2 pound loss.
Ek, Hang in there .. We both are going to jump out of these 140s very soon :-)
Silver, You are doing great .. I dont think your parties would have blew up all ur hardwork.k.With 2 miles sprint every day , you will be hitting 120s very soon . I wish I can make some time to walk 2 miles everyday.

Coming to me, I have been checking my weight daily atleast couple of times from last monday.My offcial weigh in day is tomorrow so I will be revealing the number on my scale tomorrow. Last week, I haven't really worked out a lot but I did manage to stay under 1500 calories/day and have been drinking lot of water. I have started working out from yesterday and should maintain the same routine until I hit that dreamy number "139". and then 129 and 119 should follow :-)))))))too much dreamyyyyyyy

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I just joined GW and would like to simply jump right into the pool here.

Weight: 171, lost 2 this week, total lost 29.

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Welcome, helencolby.

You lost a great amount of weight. Are you following any specific diet or workout routine? The more people join this thread, the more support and motivation we get :-)

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H, Helen, and Welcome. We're always glad to have another around to keep us all motivating each other. When one of us falls into a pit (of depression or lack of motivation), it's good to have a few more hands reaching in to pull us out.

29 pounds lost is great! When did you start your weight loss journey and what kind of plan are you doing?

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Hi, thanks for the nice welcome !! I work out with 2 lb. hand weights a bit every day. I walk an average of 2 miles nearly every day. And I use Fitday to journal my eating. I use postage scales to weigh my food and I am sort of following WW. I can't really justify spending money to join WW, but I do use some of their cookbooks and recipes. I am eating a low calorie, lower carb eating plan of my own. I am careful to keep a good balance of protein, carbs and fat. (about 1/3 of each) I very very seldom eat fast food. I prepare 95% of what I eat from scratch and I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Not a lot of starch, nor sugar. I will indulge in a Qu@ker Granola bar on occasion, but not often as it is a processed food. I do not deprive myself of an occasional treat. Tiramisu is a special treat that I indulge in each time I lose 10 lbs. So, very very soon I get to have one serving of that delectible stuff. lol If I eat bread, it is whole grain with lots of goodies added in such as sunflower seeds, and flax seeds, and stuff like that.

My biggest compliment so far was yesterday when our pastor came over to me and introduced himself to me and welcomed me to the church. And then he leaned in to me and said "So, what did you do with Ms. Colby?" To which I said, "She just seems to have walked away !!". We all had a big chuckle over that. His lovely wife just said I looked amazing and to please get with her and show her what I was doing. So, maybe I will end up with a Weight Loss group at church. That would be nice.

That's about it.


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Hi Peggy, glad to see you're going to stay!! I find this thread very motivating!

Jasmi, thank you. I hope so. Being under 1500 per day and drinking water should do it for you. Do you have handweights? Or those strap-on wrist/ankle weights? Then even a trip to the store could be a workout!!!

Welcome Helen!! That's a lot of weight you've lost. Congratulations. :) I'm doing a similar diet as you. Just doing the "no fast food, eating fresh and whole grain and low carb/fat diet". Tiramisu sounds good!!! I need an incentive meal. Mine would be homemade nachos... yum...

I weighed myself today and was at 134... hurray!!! Just weighed again, and am at 135. So I'm imagining I will be fluxuating between 135-134 this week.

We can do it!!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


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I'm still at 142, so this is a stall. My last one was over 3 weeks long, but it did eventually break. My waist was smaller this morning, though: down 3/8" from last week. So all is not lost. It will happen, but for whatever reason, I'm stuck for a little while. I'm not giving up.

Helen, what a great story! Congratulations!

Silversword--134! You must have been so excited! Your numbers are just sounding so small each week. I'm very excited for you (and motivated by jealousy).

Jasmi--hoping for a loss today for you! You've been good, you deserve it.

Keep on truckin', Harold.

My 8 yr old dd has a long test today to see if her pituitary gland is functioning right. We'll be at the children's clinic all morning. Prayers and good thoughts are most appreciated!

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Welcome Helen. Weighing all your food on a postage scale, and limiting yourself to a tiramisu every 10 lb. - now that's some awesome self-control right there. It's no wonder you're doing well.

Silversword, two miles in half an hour is pretty darn good. I take back that "aw man":) It takes me more like an hour to cover two miles, but then I have to pull the dog along when he wants to chase the neighbor's cat or something.

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Good morning everyone!

Welcome Helen - the more the merrier on these threads. We pull each other along. Any fall backs - no big deal - just dust yourself off and put your best for forward and carry on. You've done a great job so far. Congratulations.

Silversword I will be dancing when I break into your current weight range - it has literally been a good 15 years or more since I've been there. 134 used to be my upper weight range - it's taken me 3 years to work at getting below 145. Like Harold stated above, yes it's 17 pounds over this time frame because my challenge is always the maintenance after. So each winter I try to focus on healthier eating in general with a goal of 10 pounds. Which I normally do. Somewhere between summer and winter my pounds creep back on which is why I am focusing on more fruit and veggies in my diet. I'm a sucker for carbs. A lot of 'mind over matter' to get me this far. I plan to stick around for a long time on this forum, even after I reach my goal range. I need all of you - my friends - and I love to hear how each of you are doing. We're one big family.

Eklektos I hope everything goes well for your DD. It's better knowing your health than not - if any treatment is required you catch it as soon as possible. Sending good thoughts your way.

I have to hop over to my other friends on the weekly support thread to say hello - I am so glad to be here.

Harold you have started a great thread topic. I too enjoy reading about your motivation. I have confidence you too will reach your goal.

Hugs to all my new friends, let's really give'er today and make it count!


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Good Morning Everyone,
Harold, I sure like the way you start the post. Very uplifting. Great job on the 2 pounds.

BIG WELCOME Helen, So happy to have one more in our group to encourage us. When others succeed in what we are trying to do it gives us the incentive to keep going until we succeed too.

Ek, As soon as I read your post I prayed for your DD and for your strength thru this. I KNOW He answers prayer.
Keep us posted.

Silver, I look forward to joining you in the 20 lbs lost group. It seems sooooo far away right now.

Jasmi, I had to laugh when I read you were checking the scale so often. I did that last week!

Peggy, I'm glad you decided to stay.

As for me..... 1 lb lost since last week. I've got to figure out how to get my metabolism to wake up.
We are starting a Praise and Worship revival on the 23rd and our Pastor made us all a Praise & Worship CD to listen to at home. It is AWESOME. I put that on and turn it as loud as it will go sitting right in front of the treadmill and go for an hour at a time!!! I will take a quick break to stretch the calves or a bathroom break and right back on. Started this yesterday. It's a win-win situation.
I'll let you know how it works weight-wise next week.
Our pastor and wife are doing South Beach diet too, as well as their son and new DIL who both gained 10 lbs on their honeymoon! We sort of keep a check on each other. Had a ladies meeting last night at church. I carried veggies and low-fat dip to make sure I had something I could eat.
I'm glad my scale moved this week, but wanted it to move more. Our anniversary is June 21st and would like to be at least a little smaller by then.
Keep up the good work!

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Ek, I will be praying for your daughter. I too believe in the power of prayer. Congrats on the smaller waist size! Honestly, I'll take smaller over lighter any day. That means you're keeping muscle and losing fat!

Harold, I think 2 miles an hour is average. I was walking, then jogging/running, then sprinting, then walking until my heart rate went back down and I could breathe again, then repeating. I heard that really burns calories (I'll try just about anything!)

Peggy, 135 was my upper weight for a long time too. I can't believe I got so big.

Betty, I totally understand how it feels to think it's so far away. But you will get there! It took me from January to April to lose 20 lbs. I felt like they'd never come off. Now I have a month and a half to lose 10 more. I really need to work hard!!!

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Hi Guys

I couldnt sleep last night because its going to be weigh in day today. When I got up this morning, I checked my weight atleast 10 times to make sure what I am seeing is not a fluke number.

My current weight is 142.2 .
My last week's weight on Tuesday was 146 ( I knew it was all water retention)

I am in training session today and tomorrow all day. Hopefully I should manage to keep my food intake to 1200-1300 calories.

Eklektos I hope everything goes well with your daughter's Dr appointment. Just pray. You will feel better and stronger with every prayer.
Also, remember we both will hit 139s very soon :-))I was thinking to treat myself with ethnic food. But now I changed my mind. I would probably make a trip to Spa and walk some extra miles on the day I reach 139.

All you guys are doing good.

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Jasmi! That's awesome.
Betty, you're doing fine.
Eklektos, I'm hoping for the best for your dd.

I'm glad some of you enjoyed my scribblings at the top of the thread. Thanks for the compliments.

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Very tired. Very long day, and I'm going to turn in early, after a few minutes of Pilates. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you. Little Jane did great, even though she had to be stuck 3 different times to get a good vein. She's a very brave little girl. It will be 2 weeks or so until results come back.

Jasmi--you rock! I knew it would happen for you!

I'll be more articulate tomorrow.

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Thanks guys . I was so waiting to hit 142, my pre-pregnancy weight. Looking at the mirror this morning, I thought I still have so much fat to lose. Another 20 pounds would be great to lose.

Today we had food catered from Rubios for lunch.( I am in a training session for 2 days). I tried my best not to get tempted. Had a 1/2 veggie burrito , and a chicken taco. Thats still lot of calories. I had half bagel with lite cheeese and some orange juice for breakfast. Came back home in the evening and didnt have much energy to exercise today. Dragged myself on the road for 1.5 miles.:-)))
I went back to gym again and worked on Elliptical for 20 minutes . ( a total of 300 calories). Hoping it would compensate what I overate today , I am going to bed. There is one more training day to go.

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Posting current weight: 170

Wish me luck all you LOSERS!

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I'm going to stick with my 134. One pound since last week. Hopefully it will stay off.

My big happy point was that yesterday I went to the doctor. I weighed myself in the am at home at 134, then fully dressed at 137. Then the dr. weighed me... at 138!!!!

WAHOO!!! This may not sound good to some, but I had just eaten lunch... and it was just one pound over what I weighed myself at fully dressed that morning.

I hate scales. But at least mine is right on par with the doctors. Weighed this morning at 134 again... so...I'm claiming it.

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Welcome, trekaren!

SS, yes, you own 134. Good for you.

I'm still at 142. AAAaarrgh!
We're going camping at the beach on th 19th, for 4 days. I have to plan carefully not to get off plan with convenient food, and I desperately want to be below 140 before I put on the first swimsuit of the season. I simply MUST break this stall!

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Ek, whatever you eat while camping you should be able to work off... swimming, walking the beach looking for shells, gathering firewood...

Sounds like fun!!

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Good luck, loser. And welcome to the weigh-in.

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