Smell = Mold?

artnjJuly 18, 2013

We did have some water in the finished basement 12 months ago, but were advised that the walls were probably not wet enough for long enough to require remediation. The carpet we replaced.

Now, the next summer is here, and its the hottest its been in the last twelve months.

I am getting a smell when I walk from the upper level of my home to the main level. It doesnt appear any stronger in the basement, so hopefully its unrelated.

Its sort of a bleachy, amonia-y type smell. Pretty powerful, and unrelated to household cleaning. We have had it to a lesser extent on other hot days.

The wife gets the carpets professionally cleaned every few months.

We have cats, but once in a while use a black light, and havent had any peeing problems in a long time.

My tentative guess is that the wife used something harsh on the chairs and couches (2 sets) and its sufficiently soaked in that only highest heat can release it.


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If you are describing the odor properly, the cats are likely your problem. Cat urine is ammonia based and the smell is the foulest on the planet and very difficult to eradicate. If itâÂÂs a new odor problem, one of your cats may have a health issue thatâÂÂs making the cats urine even worse.

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ammonia smell is most likely urine and its coming out when it gets hot or humid. No product on earth will get the smell out totally.

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Yeap, urine of some sort. Mold smells like wet dirt.

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