Can records be made into CD's ?

toomuchglassMay 6, 2007

I have a bunch of old records that I would love to have recorded onto CD's. Is this possible ? Any advice you can give me would be REALLY Appreciated - these are my deceased father's records and just listening to some of them would bring back beautiful memories. Thanks !


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Yes, and there are companies out there which will do it for you.

You also can do it yourself, but you will need a CD writer (or "burner") and, of course, a turntable and amplifier. You can either buy a standalone CD-writer, connect it to your stereo system, and record onto it almost as if you were making a tape copy.

Many people, though (me included) prefer to route the amplified turntable signal into their computer (most recent computers will have acceptable -- not great -- sound circuitry for this) and use software which can eliminate pops and clicks, delete unwanted tracks, make sound levels equal, etc. Bear in mind, though, that this "perfection" has a price in your time.

But yes, it definitely can be done!

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Thank you SOOOOOO Much ! Since I Don't have alot of computer knowledge (or time for that matter ) what kind of company would I contact to do that ? I can't even begin to imagine how to start looking or even what to look under in the phone book! It might pay for itself just to have them done for me. Now I'm excited !

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Look in the yellow pages under "Audio Production" and start calling.

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Hi Kathy,

I'm a musician and producer. I have my own (albeit small) operation out of Seattle. I write, record, etc. I have all of the necessary equipment to do this for you and would love to work out a deal. I would work out a price with you that was very fair - since I am not a huge production house.

If you're interested, PM me or reply to this post.

Best wishes

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I sent you an e mail , Tyler. Hope you get it & thank you :)

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