HELP! Washing machine screw up

cearabJuly 9, 2007

I know this should be posted on the appliance forum, but it doesn't look too active. So I am hoping someone here will let me know if I have a disaster on my hands.

I just put a set of sheets in the washing machine. Kitchenaid, Super heavy duty capacity machine, about 6 years old. I wasn't paying attention, and before you know it, I put the detergent in the place where you put fabric softener. I am using the All super concentrated formula (HE). I didn't want to let it sit in there, so I topped it off with water (as you are supposed to do when you put the fabric softener in), and am now running the machine. I did not put more detergent in. My intention is to run it through another cycle again with just plain water, and then wash the sheets as normal, with fabric softener and detergent.

What a boneheaded move!!!

Am I in trouble here? Any suggestions?

TIA from the bonehead.

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Call Kitchen Aid (Google) and ask them to get a definitive and true answer. You may be ok, but I'd want to know for sure.

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Try the Laundry Room Forum, it's very active. I think the machine will be fine though, may just take a few cycles to get all the detergent out of the softener dispenser. I'd pour hot water in there & run a couple more cycles.

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I highly doubt you've damaged your machine, or your laundry. Just run plenty of hot water thru the dispenser to dissolve any remaining detergent.

The only difference between the detergent dispenser and the fabric softener dispenser is the timing when the contents are released. Detergent at the beginning, fabric softener during the rinse. Most likely, both dispensers have the same sized resevoir cups and the same sized delivery tube. Nothing is going to be damaged. Relax.

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Thanks all. I did run through another 2 cycles, and have another one running right now. I called Kitchenaid and they told me just to run a few cycles through and the machine should not be damaged.
I was remembering the time my neighbors son put the laundry detergent into the dryer, thinking it was the washing machine. That was a nice repair bill!

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