TV loses caption display infrequently. Will this get worse?

albert_135May 6, 2009

My 2006 [bleep] brand TV loses the caption display infrequently, perhaps twice a year.

The programs are from Dish. My other TV, $77, WalMart TV, always has the captions.

It happens on both live and DVR programs.

It still shows subtitles of movies played on DVD player.

Unplugging it for a few minutes don't effect return of captions.

Turning it off overnight does effect return of captions.

As noted this only happens about twice a year. If it doesn't get worse I can live with it for decades. If this is the sort of thing that gets worse with time then it could become a problem as I need captions.

Would you conjecture this might get worse?

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Please stop with the (bleep).

It is OK to tell us what brand of TV you are asking about.

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When I used [bleep] I was being sardonic.

So many persons have had problems with this brand of TV the name has become an expletive.

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Are you activating the CC with your TV or the Dish receiver?
If it's the TV, turn the CC off, and try the Dish receiver's CC.
I don't have any experience with Dish but my Directv receivers have CC capabilities.

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