Diet Pals 18 - 24 May Getting ready to Garden!

quiltingbunnyMay 17, 2004

I am definitely in my element this month...we had a unplanned, gorgeous weather weekend in Scotland. I actually had to cover up in the garden because the sun was so strong...and I woke up - wide awake - at 6:30 am - cleaned out kitchen cupboards and worked like a she devil outside. Glad to hear everyone is picking up their moods - and moving along. Very good info on Sunday and good chuckles. I picked up 'fabby' while living here but now I think 'flabby' is hilarious...and could also be used as a motivator to get moving we don't become 'flabby' (*g*)

Okay, so today I held last weeks weight at 10 stone (aka 140 pounds). Still 15 pounds to go. Wish it would be gone by end August but if not - I will persist! I am in this for the long haul. I am learning to eat better, drink in moderation (actually ENJOY the drink rather than just getting hammered). Never too old to learn! Very happy to be sqeeeeeeezing into size 12-14 (depending on the cut) and not 16-18. Feel better about myself. Starting to 'fluff' everyday with makeup and hair...moods are lifting and much more energy.

This weeks goal - start using that step machine that arrived last Friday (didn't need it on the weekend).

This weeks challenge - team night out on Thursday.

Defense: Planning and exercise.

I have to run to a meeting - will post later with more thoughts on this week! (I know most of you are still in your half of the world!)

Ta ta for now....cheerio...have a flabby day, eh?


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Oh no! What have I started? If you really must switch from the wonderful "have a fabby day" to about a "flabby-less" day? I don't want everyone to hate me for thinking flabby thoughts.LOL

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Thanks! I needed a chuckle - our 2 hour meeting started 1 hour late and over ran by 3 hours....needless to say I am here taking 'my lunch break' for five minutes....
Absolutely love what you have started - we need a good laugh!

Did have some of the lunch items from the menu and just did all the points for them with my online WW membership (great to have for me). I like the online site because I was just able to go online and point my unplanned lunch - down to ounces of this, ounces of that and honestly captured EACH BITE (including the handful of handcooked, salted chips) I have been empowered to know where exactly I am - right now, right here. I know now what I should and should not have at dinner - have ensured my food is balanced and have my bottle of water open on my desk. Have left 3 points for tonight (hoping to recapture Sunday in the garden).

There is nothing bad about HONESTLY capturing how you have eaten - those little bites DO ADD UP - count them in whatever way you track your foods so you can stay in the driver's seat to make choices about your meals and continue to have those choices available. It is surprising to some when they have gained a half pound after a bite here, a bite there from the last seven days. This has been part of my weight stalls and weight maintenance reasons.

Tonight I add more exercise. If it is nice out I will be doing my stepping outside on the patio after work. I have to do this to meet this week's dinner challenge (italian) with the office and NEXT week the same, but family, on Wed. PLAN, BE HONEST, PLAN and do your homework. Don't disappoint yourself.


Have a 'fabby' day, eh!


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Well, tried out my new stepper last night - the hydrolics do add pressure to your step and you can feel the muscle tension in your legs - I did 45 minutes with music pumping in my ears and absolutely enjoyed it! Also gained back a few points for the day - but I don't plan on using them - just want to change my routine so my metabolism kicks into higher gear. Other benefit - I SLEPT BETTER!
So there, a little exercise and wonderful benefits. Wound down nicely after work too!
What are you doing today? I am trying to behave because of dinner out on Thursday night.

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Down 2 pounds since last week. :)

Ran out of time Monday to make my planned lunch. Someone at work was ordering in, so I got something from the same pizza/sandwich place. I got a BLT, as it looked like the best choice. (Plus it was pretty easy to figure up how many calories it would be.)

As far as exercise, I've been creeping back into it with walks and yard work. Last night I did the shortest Leslie Sansone walkaerobics tape.

Today I'll probably be having lunch with my mother. If we go out, it's usually to a non-chain type restaurant, where I can't easily look up calorie counts. And I don't think I want another BLT quite yet! Not sure how I'll do--wish me luck.


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Morning all. Well insomnia hit again so my hours are messed up again. This in turn changes the time of day when I start my food diary as I slept through a meal and a couple of snacks I would usually have.

Found out an old friend is coming from out of state in July which is just what I needed for further motivation to keep on working to lose this extra poundage. Yes, I am vain. TEE HEE

Also found out my very good gal buddie has some unexpected time off later this week and part of next. Since she hardly ever has time off and doesn't drive, I want to help her use the time to the max. We've decided to take as many day trips as possible during her extra 4 days. We will stay within a hundred or so miles from our hometown but plan to play tourist and visit some beaches, museums etc. Ever notice how when you live in an area with many attractions for out of the area peeps you never go to them yourself?

The downside is that when we "tour" we also like to eat. But at least we ladies are willing to share, unlike going places with my DH who wants huge plates of food to himself most of the time. The upside is we will walk a lot.

Have a great week everyone.

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Hi all. Well, I'm up a few lbs. from the weekend away etc etc etc--------so, I really have to get back into my exercise and no-cal drink mode!!

But, it's beauteeeful here today and did a little planting and clipped a few hedges. I walked this morning, think I'll try to get back out there and walk some more this evening.

Have a great day, everybody---a fabby day!

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Hi all! Oh my I have been one busy chickie. Doing lots of flower bed gardening - weeds (never end), and putting in new plants and dividing old ones to make the bed along the woods bigger.
Went Goodwill shopping last night and tried on a lot of shorts but bought nothing. I am at kind of a weird size between "normal" and plus" so it is hard to find stuff to wear at used shops. I saw some 24 size shorts and was never glad I was that big (although I was pushing 22).
Getting some walking in too - yesterday hubby called and had forgotten his glasses so a trip to the next state (12 miles) was my early ride. I went to the "ritzy" old area with the "small" mansions on the hills and the dogs and I had a nice walk. Only saw one flower garden better than mine and it was spectacular - a mowed path through curved beds.
Made a good recipe last night copied from a local restaurant - grilled some chicken breast and while that was grilling, mixed some ff mayo and raspberry jelly/jam (I am thinking a little yogurt would have added some tang). Spread the jelly/mayo on a wrap, put chicken and shredded less (cheap salad mix) on and rolled the wrap. It was good and hubby loved it.
He is falling away to nothing!
Me - well... I have been eating very healthy anyway. Nice to see all the posts and congrats on all the losses and toning going on.. Kathy

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Lunch yesterday turned out not to be the main problem.

I felt rushed at dinnertime, and made a quick stop at the market on the way home. I grabbed some store-baked rolls on sale that didn't have a nutrition sticker on them, rather than looking around for other ones. At home, I threw dinner on the table and ate before looking up and recording calories. Afterwards, I discovered each roll probably had around 210 calories, and I was over by 24 calories for the day. Each day, to be honest, I've been getting sloppier about looking up and recording calories right away. It's a wonder I didn't end up over, before this.

Here is the weird part. 24 calories wouldn't have been so bad. It would have been easy to make up today. But for some reason, having messed up already, it made me want to pig out. I ended up having another roll and some potato chips last night, putting me over by more than 400 calories.

I don't know - it's almost like I was starting to get bored with all this calorie counting, and had to give myself more of a challenge to keep interested? If I'd only had to make up 24 calories, it wouldn't have charged me up very much?

Anyway, I feel as though I can get back on track today. Knowing I have to be extra careful has re-energized me in a strange way. If this is the way I have to do it, I guess it doesn't matter--as long as it gets done.


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McOooooowwwwwwwhhhhhhh! Tonight is my stepper night - want to do anther 45 minutes. Skipped last night because I was soooo tired. Today I rediscovered some muscles on my but and waiste area that I have not felt in a long time. Gotta get moving tonight. Must also be PMS'ing - really, really hungry yesterday and today. Really, really struggling and over my points. Tomorrow is Italian night out. I have to get shaking it tonight and again on Friday night. Will be glad when I can do more without seizing up!
Yellowhair - totally know where you are coming from with insomnia - I am feeling unrested this week and in bed early. Reading a pretty good book, just out, by Lynda Brown - lots of new stuff for me (blood type vs sleep, seratonin and sleep, aspartame is a no no, and much, much more. Got the book from the library and have just ordered a copy for myself. The Insomniac's Best Friend: How to Get a Better Night's Sleep - Lynda Brown. If at the very least - reading the book puts me to sleep (ha ha). Also just got a special SAD alarm clock that lights up over a period of time before the alarm goes off. Still deciding if I like it or not. Hard to tell right now because it is so bright out anyway.

Erica - I tried the calorie counting and it drove me bananas - I find points easier with WW. It focuses more on saturated fat calculation but you don't have to calculate - its already done for you. If you get fed up - try doing something different with it - do you have a list of foods you normally eat with calories already added? A handy reference book (up to date one)? Are there certain things you eat everyday that you could automatically count before you start listing? A special diary/book to write in that you like?

BTW - feeling like eating more because you have already 'blown it' for the day is not unusual. I am having that problem myself this week. Don't fret, don't beat yourself up. There are days when all I want is cookies, milk and cereal for my foods. Just get back at it, forget about yesterday other than try to compensate a wee bit today / tomorrow. If you can only manage to do your day then that's great. Just don't beat yourself up. We all are human. We all go there. It may change the amount of time it takes to achieve your goal but I also like to think that when I have reached my goal I will still have to face those days when I just want to eat. They pass.

Get up, get moving. Put some tunes in your ears and get power walking. Give yourself a boost....and...


I reaching out to grab your hand. We can do this - let's do it together! C'mon, keep going!

Cheers for now,


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Well,as much as I had food today - tonight was a crunchy salad, water and my stepper - about 40 minutes. It was hard starting because I felt stiff but once I got moving I felt a WHOLE LOT BETTER. I expect to feel it again on Friday but will get going again on Friday (out tomorrow night). Alternating nights to start and will gradually increase time. Eventually would like to do 40 minutes everyday.

I hope everyone is hanging in there today - even if ya have days that set ya back - worst thing is to get down on yourself and not come back. Do come back. We know how it is. Giving up completey is the easy part but feeling bad about giving up is the hard part. I am at that 'magic' mid goal I set at xmas for myself. I really want to get things moving again but it also feels like I want to learn to deal with my food habits/issues more. Not doing bad. Have my moments.
New strategy - just ordered 100 packs of cinnamon toothpicks to chew when I want something really bad. At least they have no calories. Plan to carry a pack with me every day. Have not had these things since I was a teenager - found a supplier on the internet.

Anyone else want to share any experiences this week? Any comments? Questions? Lots of experienced gals here who love to share. Heck if ya don't want to chat about your diet, chat about anything else - just keep chatting with us and sticking with it.

It's almost Thursday, lottery night here...(yeah right she says with another ticket)...want to have at least one number!!! If I win the 'big' prize....ha hahahahhahahaha ....would love to organise a get together with our friends here, in the US, a day together with a nice meal.

If I don't win - I will still be here!
If ya get a chance, say hello to the newbie posts in the forum. Its hard to step in and step into a new challenge!


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Today was my weigh in. I gained 4.6 lbs. The first week I lost 3 lbs but I was out of control all week. I have a head and chest cold and that makes me eat. Then I felt generally lousy and somewhat down so that makes me eat. Anyway I was surprised it would be 4.6. Also, because I didn't feel well, I only went to Curves two times. But this is a new day so I am trying again. Congratulations to all who are doing well.

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Cinnamon toothpicks? I'd forgotten about them - we loved them as kids!

I'm into week 2 of Phase 1 on South Beach - down 6 lbs. from where I started, yipeeeeeee! Today I felt really in control and am eating healthy. I'm curbing the cottage cheese for a while - it's good in sugar free jello, but I wonder how my body reacts to too much of it - I like it in tuna salad too. Besides, I finished up the carton yesterday so it's outa here.

I ordered a yogurt maker from Amazon yesterday. I'm really getting into yogurt once I discovered how good it tastes with some Splenda and a dash of vanilla. I'll love being able to add fruit to the yogurt and Splenda when I ease into the fruit carbs later. My favorite is Stonyfield Farms organic whole milk yogurt - so rich, it's to die for - if you need to die for anything, why not something as good for you as yogurt? Can't wait to start making my own yogurt and yogurt cheese!

Way to work out on the stepper, McPeg! I keep telling myself that my 8000 steps per day and more at work is good for me! I even find myself seeing how fast I can walk on long stretches around the building - cardio vascular/aerobic working you know! I have more energy and less tired legs now - also, my bra cup is puckering, so I'm losing up top too!

Hang in there, Mirren - it is hard to stay focused when you don't feel well or are stressed. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet!

All the best,

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Hang in there Mirren! I turn into a chili swigging fool when I have the cold.
Wish I liked yogurt.
Rained yesterday and I was geting company so I blitzcleaned.
After company left I went to another thrift store and fund a suit (skirt and top) for a wedding I am going to in June. It is floral/pastels and looks like a Monet painting. $5.75 and I already have shoes...
Ate way too many carbs yesterday but the calorie count was not bad (about 1400) but not low enough to make yesterday a losing day. Today I'll stay at 1000.
Eat more veggies eat more veggies - that is the hardest thing for me and I like veggies. I prefer sugar and fat! Wouldn't it be nice if we craved brocolli or green beans?
Peg you are really working ot on this thread - thanks for all the encouragement.
Scarlet - the other day (tomorrow) is here! Make it a healthy one... Kathy

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McPeg - Thanks for the encouragement.

You are right, a pre-made calorie list of the things we usually eat would be a help. Actually, I'd started one already--only I'd never finished it. And it was on the computer upstairs, instead of on paper, down in the kitchen. Your nudge made me work on it again this morning. I think it might work as a master grocery list, too, which I've been wanting to have anyway. Next to gardening, I think list-making is my favorite hobby. ;)

I was a little aggravated last night, and felt like I deserved a treat. But I didn't want to overeat. So I bought myself a diet Dr. Pepper, one Cella chocolate-covered cherry (55 cals), and a set of those stretchy exercise bands. I've been thinking about those bands for years, and am glad I got them. Did an ab exercise with one last night, and really felt it.

McPeg, I commend you on using the stepping machine. I'm ok on a treadmill, but those steppers use a whole 'nother set of muscles. You must be in pretty good shape to last 40 minutes on it--I am jealous!

Kathy - I'm glad you mentioned your outfit from the thrift store. I've been wondering how to manage clothes as I lose weight. It could be awfully expensive to buy new at each size along the way--I'll have to remember to starting thrifting again.

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Well gang, I think I am in a stall this week - still holding at the 6 lbs. lost last week. At least I'm not gaining. And I have to say I have been sticking to the diet plan (South Beach) very closely, not cheating at all. So, tonight I had a bite of cornbread that I made to take to a work luncheon tomorrow. It was a mix and I wanted to be sure it was edible - it was. Just a small piece with my chicken and spinach. If that's falling off the wagon, well, I'll just get back on the wagon tomorrow.

I had already decided that I would stick to my diet at the luncheon. We're having several meats and the rest is covered dish. Surely I can find some plain green beans to have. And - I am skipping the ice cream bar.

When I don't have an overload of carbs in my system, I can say no to just about everything. There were doughnuts out today and pizza at lunch and I just passed them by - no problem. It still amazes me. I should have big signs made for my home and office "REMEMBER HOW GOOD NO CARBS FEEL?"

Yogurt maker came today! That was fast. Guess what I'll be doing on Saturday?

Stay focused!

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Hi Ya Gang! I should not have a head on my shoulders after last night's team night out....I drank (would not even begin to guess the points and ate italian.....).
Sometimes ya just have to get it out of your system and judging by my body today - I got it ALL out!
Bought a bag of prepared mixed frozen fruit on the way in today and had it during the morning - it was heaven after that heavy food last night. Funny how you can get used to lighter meals. Did have 3 slices of pizza at lunch and that is all the food I have had today. There is a GIANT GREEN SALAD in the fridge at home with my name all over it. I can't wait to get my shorts, exercise top, plug into my tunes and get shaking. Yes my waist gets sore and some other muscles on my butt....but....if I get back at the exercise

I FEEL B E T T E R !!!!!! Physically and mentally. I just love tuning out and tuning into 80s pop, rock and anything with a good beat to it. I think once I get used to this I am going to look into weighted wrist bands so I can move my arms more too. Lots of work on the leg muscles and oddly enough - as much as it's a muscular workout - waist down - my cardio is not killing me - I can breath comfortably and have a light level of persperation. I am really doing something like a power walk and nothing more at this stage. I want this to be fun. Something I look forward to - followed by a heavenly shower and nice, fresh, soft PJs and a GOOD BOOK (and lots of water of course!).

Okay, it's been a rough week with my food habits but a very good week shaking it - not bad overall. Now I just have to get the food sorted again and things should start toning. I don't care about the scales at this point - I will be watching where the inches move and how my clothes feel. Muscle weighs more than fat - I will be using the mirror as well to judge the difference and also how well I can cope with stairs (great measurement tool).

So, lets get moving! C'mon!

Don't worry about your ups and downs - you are still here posting and you will be successful so long as you don't quit. We are not in the olympics - we are taking better care of ourselves for a change. There is no clock to reach our goals - I don't use one other than a motivator and mental guide - I will persist for however long it takes and keep trying to reach smaller achievable goals - like more exercise, or adding more fruit to my daily meals.

I like the grocery list planning - great tool and helps you think ahead and keeps you focussed. Would love to hear how the yogurt turns out.

Mirren - don't despair! Keep posting.
DeeMarie - where are you???? Yoooouuuuuu Hooooooooooooo!?
Teressa - looking forward to your favourite recipes with your new toy.
Kathy - one of these days I'm coming over to do some shopping with ya! Just love hunting through those shops!
Yellowhair, Wildchild - HI YA!!!!!!

I tell ya what - let's make a deal - or this is the offer - I will tell ya once I receive those cinnamon toothpicks. I will send anyone who has been faithfully participating for a week a pack for great effort! I am serious. Look for the Cinnamon Toothpick challenge week soon....I can't chew 160 packs all by myself ya know!!!!

Cheers for now, have a fabby (not flabby) weekend! Will check in this weekend see how you are getting on!


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Hi Everyone, Took my friend to Monterey yesterday. We live only 30 minutes away from another beach town but Monterey is far more picturesque and has a lot more to see and do. We ate at Bubba Gump's since she'd never been. Very loud but they have a "shrimp net" that is awesome. About a lb. of peel and eat shrimp steamed in beer with red potatoes,corn on the cob,carrots and celery sticks. You have your choice of garlic or cajun seasoned. It's supposed to be for one person but we shared and still walked out waddling. Not too bad healthwise except for the "butter" coating that helps the fresh garlic cling to each and every bite. So messy but good.

We had planned on visiting the aquarium but the day was so nice it seemed a shame to waste it indoors. Instead we walked for what seemed like miles and miles visiting all the touristy shops. The streets are hilly so we got a good work-out.

In the evening we drove to the wharf and walked some more, stopping to sample all the chowders the restaurants give out at their entrances. After trying each one, it ended up being about 3/4 cup in all. More walking when we headed a little ways into downtown for more browsing.

On the way home we stopped at Margies Diner. Now this is NOT a place for a diet. The portions are HUGE. When someone takes someone there for the first time it is so funny to see the look on their face when the order comes. They let you substitute fruit for fries though. The side of fruit consists of 1/2 of a banana, a wedge each of watermelon,cantaloupe and honeydew,a wedge of orange,a small wedge of grapefruit and some strawberries. I had a half turkey melt and the fruit and left feeling sated but not overstuffed.

Expected a slight gain this morning but it is only 1/2 pound so I'm sure it is only temporary.

Today I am going to be very careful as we are going on another day trip on Sunday. It won't be as dangerous though since "special" places to eat aren't on the itinerary.

Mirren, Hope you are feeling better. I always gain when I'm sick too. I always crave orange juice with toast and honey at first, then want something spicey and bulky as I start to feel better.

Kathy, Hang in there. Don't stress too much over 200 extra calories. Exercise a little more to work them off and don't undereat. You CAN do this. Just don't be so hard on yourself. Reward yourself for all the things you do that are good for you and move right on past those little bumps in the road.

Teresa, Have fun with your yoghurt maker. I have a hard time getting enough calcium thru food because I don't like milk products other than cheese and ice cream. Wish I loved yoghurt like others do.

McPeg, The toothpick challenge sounds like fun. We will continue to strive to look more toothpick-like in order to be rewarded with toothpicks. Count me in.

Have a wonderful flabbyless weekend everyone.

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Hey, everybody! Well, it seems like this week just flew by and it's been a hard week for me. I was tired on Monday from the weekend out of town (family stuff-very stressful) and my friend wanted to meet and eat lunch. I got the salad, I was good. Then Tuesday I had to get some plants out. Thursday, I went to the Christian women's luncheon thingy---they served chinese---rice and sweet & sour sauce with veggies, and salad. Then after that I went to the nursing home (I volunteer every other week to help with bingo---they love bingo) since the Friday Bingo had been changed to Thursday! Whew.

And I've been working off and on in the yard---last fall I had the gall bladder surgery and didn't get that much done. I know, I know---it was supposed to be an easy surgery----------lol---so, what I'm trying to say is that I've got weeds everywhere and small bushes that look like trees now!!!!!! Yikes!

And I've gained a few lbs.-----I have a walking dilemna---I really enjoy walking down to my little corner several times-------some of my kitties used to go with me----well----one of them got hit with a car (not while we were walking) but then I got to thinking-----maybe if they see me out on the road walking-------they think it's okay. Ever since Bandit died (I'm still boohooing---I get so attached to my little animal friends), it's been hard for me to walk------and now I try to put the cats in the house or give them special food so they won't come up on the road and join me. I may just have to go in town and walk at one of the parks-----it will be unhandy for me, but I don't want them on the road with me.

We live out on a lake in a small ruralish neighborhood. We don't have a whole slew of cars, but it only takes one.

But, on the bright side---I did get into another outfit that I couldn't get in last summer!! Yayyy!

Mirren, cheer up. It'll be better next week. Honestly, it takes a while to get into the habit of eating, exercising, and staying motivated. I'm constantly giving myself little pep talks. Enjoy some soup. Soup always makes me feel better.

Ladies, I've gotten used to eating sherbet ice-cream. This week I bought the orange. Yummmm!

Take care, everybody. We all have our ups and downs----but the main thing is not to give up-----just get back in the groove!! Stay groovey!

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Today was full of temptations both at lunch and at dinner, but I did very well I think. Could have sworn that I sweated off a couple of pounds from being outside in 90 degree weather for about 5 hours with the retirement luncheon I put on at work. But no such luck!

Will make yogurt tomorrow for the first time. I plan to cut back on the cottage cheese, V-8 and tomato juice for a few weeks as I have stalled this week. Still at 6 lbs. lost from last week, but no more weight lost this week. I plan to stay on Phase 1 of South Beach for another week or two. I really want to get off the first 10 pounds before I move on to phase 2.

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Went a little over by the end of dinner today, but I'm not so upset by it this time. For one thing, I know now that I *do* have the discipline to make it up over the next day or so. Since I've had to do it once already. ;)

Also, since it's only the beginning of my 3rd week, I have to allow time for trial and error. I'm just starting to make actual recipes again, so I have to look up calories for all the ingredients, decide on my portion sizes, etc. Tonight it was meatloaf; I limited myself to 1/4 of it (a little over 5 oz), since I started with 1 pound of meat. But I can see I'd be better off keeping to 4 oz.

Also, I discovered something weird about Lipton's noodles and sauce. You know how most packages give an unreasonably low calories per serving, because what they call a serving is so tiny? Well, Lipton seems to do things the opposite way. According to their package, a serving is a full cup of noodles (prepared). A half a cup would have been plenty, and I would have saved mucho calories. Live and learn.

Tomorrow we make a day trip to the Pocono Mtns. Fast food is probably on the menu, but I have all the fast food calorie counts printed out from online. At least I'll be prepared!

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


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