Just a rant about DVDs

sushipup1May 29, 2012

Over the weekend, we put on a BluRay disc of MammaMia, and I knew I had to rant. This disc was a present, someone paid full price for it, and what do we get? Previews of a couple of movies that were flops, ads for TV shows that lasted 1/2 season 4 years ago, a PSA on smoking, a long ad for BluRay discs. And I couldn't skip any of them! "Not available". Yeah, I could fast forward thru them, thankfully.

But why do I get ads when I buy a DVD? Maybe on a rental disc, but not when I'm buying. And previews are so rapidly dated that they are really annoying on slightly older DVDs.

There, now I feel better now that I've had my rant. ;-\

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This is one of the many reasons why piracy, though illegal, is so popular.

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Yeah, it's irritating, but the FF button can be your friend ... at least until it also gets blocked! :-)

Inability to outright skip specific sections of material is coded into the control software that the player reads from the disc.

I've also run across rental Blu-Ray DVDs that have access blocked to the extra features. A message advises that access is not blocked on retail discs.

It's all about the licensing with the movie studios ... which trust me on this, they're all bad and getting worse.

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