You all have permission to hate me, but....

lee676May 6, 2006

I need to gain weight.... and have no idea what the best way to go about it is.

I've spent so much of my life trying to lose weight, limiting calories and fat, that I can't get used to having to *increase* my caloric intake, to eat larger meals, and skip the diet soft drinks. I'm a 5'8" male and my ideal weight is about 150 lbs. For years I hovered around 165 and for awhile was over 175. Stayed that way for years, despite sporadic dieting and exercise. Then I finally hit upon something that gave me the motivation to stick to a serious workout regimen and my weight dropped to 150 and stayed there.

Last week, I weighed myself and suddenly I'm only 143 lbs. Perhaps it's because of the onset of warm weather and I tend to jog and run more often - I've done a couple of 5k's in the last month - but I can't account for the suddenness. I don't feel any trimmer, and don't really look it either, although I've noticed that my pants are a bit loose.

So how do I get my weight back to normal? Go on an ice-cream binge? Spend more time vegging out on the couch watching TV? I do want to stay healthy though, so those aren't likely the best choices. What do you do if you've overshot your intended weight loss?

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Have you tried protein powders and shakes? You should visit a vitamin or health food store and speak to them. By all means don't go on any kind of a binge and don't veg out.

PS = I have never overshot my intended weight loss and I don't hate you.

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Lee I jsut popped in today for a looksee. One of the symptoms of diabetes or thyroid probs. is unexplained weight loss. I don't hate you either but get some blood work. You surely don't want ice cream!

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yeah, ice cream is a no-no. Try taking a vacation! i don't know about you but I always gain about 5 pounds when i go on vacation.

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Thanks for the replies....

Since my original post I've checked my weight about twice a week.... it went up to 147 lbs. one time but has settled down again at about 143 and stayed there for awhile. Perhaps this *is* my normal weight?

The blood tests my doctor does about 2x/year has long showed a slightly high blood sugar but short of what's considered diabetic. I'll find out soon if it's changed since then.

I can't afford to go on a vacation, but I can understand why it would make it easy to put on the extra pounds. When I was at my most overweight, it was when my job required frequent travel which resulted in my eating most of my meals in restaurants. It was difficult to find the kind of food I ate at home - for example, I normally drink nonfat (skim) milk, but restaurants often serve only 2%, and I've been at some places that only had whole milk. If I were on a cruise or such where I'm always being offered free, tasty food, I'd have a hard time turning it down.

I think - hope, anyway - that it is my more frequent exercise with the warm weather (outdoor jogging and swimming) that caused the weight loss. I've only had one ice cream bar in the last month (chocolate eclair - yum!), and except for sugared soft drinks, don't really eat much high-calorie food.

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>>>> The blood tests my doctor does about 2x/year has long showed a slightly high blood sugar but short of what's considered diabetic. I'll find out soon if it's changed since then. You should be rcognized for your proactive approach to being responsible for your own good health!!!

Once upon a time I managed to pack almost 260 pounds onto this 6' even frame. I struggled for years with up and down weight, what eventually turned out to be a real case (the endo-enc docs told me that actual cases are quite infrequently seen outside of the imaginary ones that folks seem to dream up for themselves) of hypoglycemia, which I am told is due to my pancreas having a tendancy towards being a bit on the hyper active side. Waking up with a "low" meter reading (that's below 28) is while not a daily occurance, is nothing unknown to me, the highest ever I have seen was 132 after a big bowl of Bryers Vanilla with 10 pounds of Hersheys chocolate syrup and a half bag of the worlds finest cookies, Pecan Sandies. Generally speaking though, I pretty much avoid added/processed (esp high fructose corn syrup) sugars

I wouldn't put very much authority in a twice a year "sbnapshot" of you blood sugar levels.... pretty much a big nothing unless it is a real high or real low reading...

Much better to get a glucose meter and test yourself every two hours after you eat. Soon you'll see the wisdom in eating small meals every 2 to 3 hours, and of a fast 30 minute walk before you sit down to supper.

"The pain of testing" What a big bag of drivel that is! If a little pin prick is gonna bother you that much, die now and save yourself a lot of aggravation in the future

Wanna see something interesting? Start a food/glucose diary... Every time you eat, write down what you ate and then do a test every 2 hours and record your activity level for that time period. You will soon be amazed at the different effects different foods have... watch what happens when you have a prolonged period, say two weeks or more, which would be a daily regimen for most Americans, of high (30% or more)fat intake! Yep, the Duke Univ researchers are apparently right.... it's not the sugar, it's the fat..

BUT, then again, I try to stay around 175-180,(for reasons beyond my control, the neuro's who managed kept me consciously aware and alive insist very emphatically about this) but sometimes it gets a little tough....
So, what I do , and it works really well for me, is every other day, I take a 12oz. can of condensed whole milk, a 12oz. can of condensed skim milk, an apple a banana and a kiwi, a big blob of sour cream, a carton of fruit on the bottom yogurt, a handful of frozen peach or strawberry or blueberrie or apple or some other fruit chunks, and a extra large raw egg and a spoonful of Polners and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and toss it all into a blender. Then I drink it.
It is really good too! So good, that sometimes I will have one everyday for a week or more. I have been doing this for almost 4 years now, I walk about 3 miles every day regardless of the weather, and I would put this 54 y.o. body up against any 21 y.o in America.

Sorry about the ramble, hope I didn't offend anyone!

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Don't think you offended anyone. That's my job! :-)

Aren't there some non-invasive blood testing devices out there now?

If I test my self daily for several weeks and my blood sugar is relatively constant or predictable, should I leave it alone after that?

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