mercerized cotton thread

MaryToNovember 8, 2004

Can I use this kind of thread to hand embroidery?

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Do you mean the kind you use in the sewing machine? I don't see why you couldn't embroider with it, but you'd need several strands so it would show up.

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I found a bag of thread that is packaged like dmc floss but its thick and twisted. The picture on the front is for tassels and friendship bracelets. It has a thick interesting texture.

Can you tell I'm new to this? I have cross stitched for years and am rediscovery embroidery. I know this floss won't work for cross stich because it's not 6 threads put together its just the one twisted.

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OH, that sounds like the kind of thread you would do Hardanger embroidery with. Yes, it would be great for hand embroidery. It comes in different weights.

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