Do you do yearly tune-ups?

annrnNovember 18, 2006

Do you take your embroidery or sewing machines in yearly for cleaning and tune-ups? I had a Sears Kenmore for 30 years that I was able to maintain myself and it worked beautifully. Now, I'm faced with taking my machine in for repairs and $75.00 bill just for cleaning and tune-up.

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Absolutely! It's very important, IMHO, to have an annual "clean and press". In fact, I'm taking a class today and will leave my machine at the dealer so "she" can have "her" annual check-up on Tuesday (think of it as a visit to the Gyn doctor). The price sounds in line with what I pay, although my dealer offers a $10 off coupon for the month of November. I believe in taking care of my machine, she was an expensive investment for me.

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I take mine to the Spa every summer, too. My repair shop has a 3 year service contract you can purchase. The cost of the contract was about equal to 2 "clean & adjust" services. With it I can bring it in as often as I want for only $10 per repair, and I get a 30 or 40% discount on parts. It was well worth the $!

I had a Kenmore for a long time, too. It was computerized, but I figure my emb/sewing machine is a lot more complex (and was a LOT more expensive), so it's probably a good idea to have it professionally cleaned & adjusted once a year.


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