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annrnNovember 18, 2006

I have a HV Platinum Plus that is 2.5 years old. Last night I was going to embroider some towels and I couldn't. I rarely embroider on this machine, maybe every 4-6 months I do sew a few times a month. Anyway,the embroidery part of the machine is "all messed up" I am so frustrated with expensive computerized sewing machines. This is my second emb. machine. It seems that they end up in the shop, alot. The last time I took this machine in, the techs messed something up and I had to take it back for them to fix it. I took the machine to the place I bought it from, to be fixed. Do I go there again so they know the history of this machine, or find someone else to fix it. Thanks.

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Can you find an "Authorized repair service" in your area? Look in the phone book. I wouldn't give the people you originally took it to a chance to mess up again. Colleen

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Don't blame computerised machines - where would we be without them? Sounds like the tech people are not great. It's no longer under guarantee so try somewhere else.

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I found out that because my machine is still under warranty I have to return to the place I bought it from to be serviced to ensure coverage of the warranty. (According to the rules of the warranty if the the store is within a 50 mile radius) After talking to a tech at a different store, I realized that the sensors of the machine are very sensitive and it IS important to have it cleaned and tuned on a regular basis. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the repair job will be done correctly.

Islay Corbel - I'm not blaming computerized machines. I'm speaking from my experiences with the two computerized sewing machines I've had compared with the mechanical machines.

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