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quiltingbunnyMay 4, 2004

What a fabby weekend away. Okay, so I gained back a couple of pounds which will be REMOVED this week. Sould be uploading some cool photos of Melrose Abbey later as well. The weekend dining was exquisite to say the least. We both needed to stop everything and get away. No gardening, no computer work. Just R&R. It hit the spot. I feel refreshed.

How was your weekend?



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Good morning! So glad your weekend was nice. Mine was good, a little cool here, but finished up one project and had steaks on the grill to celebrate. Actually, the steak was Dh's treat, I bought 2 hostas and a new African Violet for "my" treat. lol

I haven't weighed in a few days----exercised last night and walked this morning. I've been slacking off a little since I ate that humongous t-bone!!!! Back on track now with diet dr. pepper and all.

Have a great day, ladies! It's supposed to warm up some today. Bring it on!

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Don't know if anyone has given this any thought but if you have not done so and notice your PC crashing continuously - you need to get a security patch update or got to and get the critical patch up date for your microsoft operating system. It's a pain but more so if you get the virus and your pc keeps crashing. The IT gang has been in our office ALL day updating our machines and as soon as I get home tonight I will be getting my XP patch from microsoft and my antivirus update - installing, rebooting - before doing anything else! Especially EMAIL of any kind.

Struggling today to stick with it but I am managing - WRITING EVERY MORSEL DOWN and have a huge pot of home made soup to warm up tonight - lots of water/broth in it to fill me up and I will double check my points before eating.

Have a great evening!


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Did good yesterday - stuck with it. Enjoyed my soup last night. Did a platter with watermellon, cucumber, tomato and drizzled a light dressing on the veggies.
Today brought fruit, yogurts, low fat chips and have my water in my glass.
It's sunny this morning, folks moods in the office are cheery and it's mid-week.
How is everyone today? Hope it's good in your neck of the woods too!
Let's have a great day today!

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Can anyone join here? I really need some support and am so embrassed about my yo-yo weight loses and gains over the years that I don't want to ask for help around here.

I have gained so much that I cannot keep going this way, and really need to join some group for the moral support.


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Hello and WELCOME Dody!
We have all (and still are in some cases) following in your footsteps. The more the merrier and your participation in any form that is comfortable for you is welcome. I find the posting of messages, writing down of the days events has been most helpful on a personal level. Having new friends to share with has been a tremendous boost for sticking with it this time round.
There is healthy eating, diet plans and self made healthier eating options being shared. You don't have to post any weight information if you choose not to. Just pop in any time and let us know how you are feeling/doing.
I am very happy to see that you are also a gardener from NY - my hometown is Ottawa, Ontario - same gardening zone. The last 5 years I have been in Scotland and hope to move back to Canada in the next 2 years. If ya don't feel about chatting about weight - you can always yack about your garden. Yellowhair does winter sowing (me too).

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Hi Dody!
Hey join the club! I am a grand champion yoyo'er and a better gardener. So what is growing in your garden these days? I am just now taking a chance (don't anyone even say "frost") on putting out annuals even though the old rules said wait until May 30th. I don't even want to think about dragging the planters is the living room.
Hi all - this has been a hectic week. Promised the dogs a walk today and of course it is raining. Went to the AYCE spaghetti dinner and sat there with a litle spaghetti, lots of salad, no dessert and a corner of hubby's second roll. I was sitting with a table of big eaters too.
Sunday was worse - stopped at a fire company's chicken barbeque and bought 2 whole meals and ate a potato and roll! Nono! Was rewarded with a 3 pound gain (weighed in yesterday) and a major case of the munchies. Still fighting but today I will stick with it since I see you are McPeg and Sue. Take my hand and hold it and we'll do this together (wait take both and I can't eat!) Have 3 lbs of salad and turkey in the refrigerator so no excuses for me today. Bye all and make today a great one! Kathy

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Welcome Dody! Come on in and join us!
Today was my weigh-in day....and what a shock! I won't even tell you how much I gained! But I looked in the mirror and thought, "Hmmm you look pretty good." Haha! Must be what I'm wearing today. LOL
I do know that I've been so bad lately! Snacking on Oreos and eating more fried foods than I should. So I'm getting serious again starting today. I guess that I was lucky for awhile and didn't gain, just stayed the same, but now the pounds are creeping back up. I won't let that happen!

McPeg, I'm glad you had such a good weekend!

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Hi Dody, Never fear. Up until January I was a champion yoyo'er for over 3 years. I new on this forum too. I've posted a bit about me on the Howdy Doodie thread.

Hoping to do well this week...but it will be a challenge since I just had some major dental work done and have to give up any crunchies (raw veggies) for the next 2 weeks. I don't do well on soft foods. Need to CHEW to stay satisfied.SIGH

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Hope I can join in too. I joined Weight Watchers this morning. Must be my 16th or 17th time joining and I have never reached my goal. I joined Curves in February and am hoping between the two programs I can lose some weight this year. I have never done any exercise before except for walking. I seem to be feeling "down" this afternoon since joining. Hope tomorrow will be a cheerier day.

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Hi Mirren!
Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Don't despair - don't measure yourself against your past. This is a new day. Just for today, make a small goal for yourself. Something you can do, something you are in control of. I have spent the last ten years gaining weight, taking life out on myself. My straw broke 3 years ago but I fell off my stride halfway to my goal. I am back with a vengence. Spent a long, long time stalled with my weight, have enjoyed a few food nights but returned to plan. My saving grace has been my friends here and journalling my foods. Maybe you need to set smaller goals for now. I did. I gave myself 5 pound, 10 pound and 15 pound goals. I am halfway. I am not on any time target other than one day at a time. If I enjoy a meal out every now and again, then I enjoy it. I have small rewards for myself along the way that are not food related. I do not use food as a reward - earrings, shirts, cds, dvds and gardening stuff.
I am glad you are joining our merry gang. Just put one foot in front of the other. If ya have a bad day, be honest with yourself, write it down and LET IT GO. Don't dwell on it. This is a fresh new day!
C'mon, you can do this!
Talk to us and let us know how you are doing!
Today I have a team meeting with lunch - I will be bringing a huge fruit salad to enjoy and will have half a sandwich from the sandwich platter - all to be jotted down in my diary. Also bringing my favourite raspberry flavoured water to drink and enjoy as well.
Let's make today count!

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Hi everybody and Welcome Dody and Mirren!!!!

I'm very happy to announce that I'm nearing another 5-lb. increment------yesssssss----I'm nearing that 20-lb weight loss mark. Only 30 more flabby fat pounds to go!!!

Goodbye, fat!!

Ladies, I have done this by not joining any groups, by not starving myself to death, by not adhering to a diet so strict that I have to spend hundreds of dollars a month on certain foods--------but by changing my regular pepsi to diet Dr. pepper (I still have a Pepsi occasionally) eating smaller portions, eating more fruits and veggies, drinking more water, and exercising more.

I know myself----I would not do well joining a group---it's fine if that's what motivates you and I surely don't want to offend anyone-----but, I know what I'm supposed to be eating and drinking-------and I've reached the point that I know what I have to do to lose this flab, get in my clothes, and feel better.

Please, please, don't give up!!! And if you break over and eat something sweet, or super fattening----that's okay---just exercise more and eat less the next day.

This is a long process---I started out with 50 lbs. to lose----I now have 30 more to go. I just recently got into a jacket that I couldn't wear last year. THAT FEELS GREAT!!

We are lucky, though, that we have so many food choices at the grocery----just check out the products. There's some great-tasting diet ice-cream out there. And many other foods. I've been fixing the diet jello---it's great!

Pardon this longgggggggggggggg post, but I get irritated when I see people on TV talking about diets that require you to buy their foods-------and they act like this is the ONLY way to go. Well, it isn't.

In 2004, we all know what makes us fat! It's not brain surgery. By all means, if you don't have the time and have plenty of money and want to join these groups-----go for it!! People have had great successes, I'm sure.

As I said, I know myself, I know what I can do---believe it or not, I'm an introvert!!LOL LOL I'd rather stay at home, do my exercise at home, and prepare my own foods.

Okay. Rant's over. We're all taking it one day at a time, one pound at a time. And it takes a while for our bodies to adjust. I finally got used to drinking diet soda. It takes a while. So, don't give up!! That would be a crying shame. But, don't get pushed into something that really isn't what you want. Am I making any sense here?

I have a lovely yellow 2-toned yellow/gold Iris blooming!

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Well I am one who needs to join a group to lose weight. I need the support, guidance and structure of the group. I have really been out of control all day today but I know as soon as I settle down I will begin to lose.

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Hi Mirren! I wish I could afford to join groups - would go every day. I think facing that scale helps a lot. Hang in there and just get started.
Well Yellowhair!!! WOW!!!
Thanks McPeg - you really encourage us.
Uck! I fell big time last night. Got into a bag of cookies hubby brought home from his teen class and they were not even good cookies. Was in a bad mood because hubby is going turkey hunting (he has only shot one in 20 years) tonight and tomorrow and wasting half a tank of gas and cleaning the food cupboard to do it (2 of them going). On top of that his paycheck was not in the mail yesterday and I wrote checks and mailed them (something I never do but his check is always regular). I did get a $114 electric bill yesterday because the electric co. did not read the meter all winter so that is the make-up money. I thought it was funny the electric bill was $50 every month.
So today I am broke with no yard sale money - wahhhh! Did those cookies solve anything - no they made me feel worse!!
MaryAnn it's so hard to come back after enjoying the good life isn't it? I am not hitting the scales this morning for sure - I bet 5 lbs are back. So the next couple of days I'll try to detox and hopefully be back full strength again. Same thing over and over.... Kathy

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Yeah, but Kathy - YOU'RE STILL HERE! That's what counts!
I'mmmma pulling your arm, stealing those cookies and dragging you along with me.
Listen, yesterday I nibbled ALL DAY - one of those days. My saving grace? I LOGGED it all down in my food journal and accounted for every bite. Yes I was over my daily limit but....and the great thing about journals...I reviewed my week so far (it has been up and down)...I am still on target for this weeks points (calories/fat content). Like Yellowhair says - we have the technology, tools, resources. I use them. My food journal, even on bad days, has been a saviour. I don't bang myself on the head, I don't feel bad about yesterday - it passed. My good days have compensated for it.
Mirren, you do what works for you. I too would attend a group but I have a wonderful group here, friends at work have seen my success so far and are joining me. WE are here and sharing our ups and downs. You will find what works for you.

Just a wee thought...I have a yahoo email account. Yahoo has a customized page available (ALL FREE) - one of the items in the selection list is a diet tracker - you log your starting weight and set a goal and weekly update it - you can have it display a weight graph on the side of your 'myyahoo' page and keep track of your progress. I have a similiar chart/weigh in on my online weight watchers. I use everything I can get my hands on to keep reminding myself where I am at, where I am heading. Some progress was very fast, some painfully slow but stick with it. Don't beat yourself up, I don't use dates other than goals - if they pass - I reset my date and CARRY ON. One step at a time.

My other fun thing - I am an ebayer (buyer) - just got a stepping machine to walk while watching tv - DIRT CHEAP - instead of about $120 US, with shipping, paid about $40. See link below.

The weather is so mucky here at times and I can't afford the time/travel to/from a fitness center I have decided to bring something home that I can tuck in the corner, adjust to suit me, and use when watching TV. I sit on my butt all day at work and I hate spending my evening sitting as well.

Today found a new flavoured water in the store - apple & cinnamon - YUM!!! Water really, really helps. The more you drink - the more your body RELEASES water and you detox yourself.

I hope you are finding something good in your day today!

Cheers for now,

Here is a link that might be useful: Stepping Machine

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Hi all! Sorry ----did not mean to offend anyone by my post---especially you, Mirren----best thoughts and prayers coming your way---and your group sounds like a lot of fun and I hope those pounds just come rolling off!!!!

Very hectic weekend coming up with Mother's Day and our church is having a gathering----too many fattening foods!! And I just want to stay at home and do my thing! See, told ya, I'm an introvert!! Poor me, poor me.

Anyhoo----I have housecleaning to do, some rose cuttings to plant-----so----hang in there, ladies, and have a great weekend!

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Whaaaa? Mother's Day? Oooops - definitely gotta get my card in the mail to Mom. Mother's day in the UK is earlier and I buy the card then and hang onto it until this month!
Yellowhair, I don't think anyone would take offense to any comments. That's what the forum is for - sharing ideas and comments. We'd all love great solutions to our weight loss goals.
Today it's housework, tidy up and catch up. Going to download those photos from the abbey to share. I didn't want to do much at home until I had caught up on my security updates for my laptop and antivirus updates - which have now been done. Making more soup. So far back down to 141 after gaining a few pounds from my wonderful weekend away. I know if I were an angel and really did my diet religiously I should be further ahead - by a good 5 pounds - but I don't want to make this a 'diet' - I am really working on healthier 'life'style. I want this to last which means I have to learn to live with weekends away, dinner's out and occasional treats - so my progress had been very slow indeed. But my spirits are high.
I can't stress enough my own view of don't beat yourself up if you take longer than others. Just keep at it.
Every ounce, every half pound, every pound is that much further than you were before. If you have at least one healthier meal a day than you are further ahead than your last meal, last day.
Let's make today count! Get moving!

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Good morning! Beautiful day here and yesterday DH bought me some gorgeous red roses for MD. This could be in part because he single-handedly killed most of the plants in one of my flower beds. He bought some poison ivy killer stuff and it hooks up to the water hose (bad idea, if you ask me) and when he turned it on apparently it sprayed my flower bed with my tall garden phlox, ajuga, and ferns, and sedum!!!! And----------he didn't even tell me until the next day when I was watering them----dummy me-----I thought the sun had wilted it over.

When I said something about the plants-------he said he "may" have been the cause of them drooping over and curling up. May!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. On with the diet. Have any of you tried grilling packages of hamburgers------all at once!! I bought a pkg. of those 100% beef burgers (12)-----grilled them all at once and then flash froze them. Microwave or broil them, after thawing them--------they taste like they just came off the grill. Yummmm. And very little grease!

And there was still enough hot coals to cook MORE FOOD. Next time I'll cook some chicken or fish, or both, and freeze them. Awfully nice to have these already fixed ahead. And charcoal is so expensive! Savings! Savings!
Kathy, are you listening? Hope those checks don't bounce on you!!!!!! Been there, done that. And I used to work in accounting!!!LOL

Mirren, how is your Shapes doing? I used to work with a lady who's daughter went----said she had lost several inches.

Actually, I have joined a club-----this one HERE---what was I thinking!!!! And it's been such a help. Thanks everybody.

Dody, come in and join us!

Well, I've got to get moving---having a luncheon thingy today for MD---also DH's birthday. Have a great day!

PS Something else that I'm drinking now---an occasional small can of pineapple juice----on the rocks. yummm---I can't drink orange juice---it doesn't like me, gives me heartburn. not good----pineapple good

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Thanks for the great welcome. I need all the friends I can get. Yesterday was the first day I tried to watch my points. I sure ate every one I could and then some. I think I get into a panic mode and feel like I am starving. But so far I feel better today. I am still going to Curves, trying to get there three times a week at least. I have been going two months and so far I haven't seen much change in pounds or inches but I feel tighter and more agile. Now that I am watching my points I think I will start to see some progress. I have been at this off and on for so long I dont have that crave for the scale anymore. One day at a time for me (I hope). But this is the first time for any type of exercise except walking. I am going to try that on the days I don't get to Curves.

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Hi everyone! It sounds like everyone is doing good with their weight loss. At least we are all still coming here, so that means we haven't given up yet! I plan to get back to actually counting every point tomorrow. I need to lose these extra pounds I gained the past couple of weeks.

Last night Jammer and I went to a "country store". Actually it's really a bar, but it's in the country and most of the customers are local farmers and ranchers. The bar owner is a cool guy with long hair and he is a biker. Last night I had to laugh because the owner and a customer who is known as "mad dog" (he's a biker too) were discussing their Atkins diet and how much they have lost. So then Jammer gets in the conversation wanting more information. It seems that half the world is doing Atkins! LOL I have to say that Mad Dog looked much better and he said he felt fantastic with no more heart burn!
Well, it's good to see that people are finding eating plans that are working for them.

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Well, this coming week I'll have to watch my food intake! Pigged out too much yesterday. Oh well...

Mirren, sorry, I called it Shapes----and it's Curves. Is it about the same, using the machines to lose inches? And I agree that walking is one of the best exercises.

MaryAnnTX, sounds like you had a good evening, and dieting tips to boot! Way to go.

McPeg, that soup sounds good, may put on a pot this week myself.

Have a great week, everybody. One day, one pound at a time. We all can do it!

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