Question on lace!

hoerlelNovember 7, 2005

I am a novice with embroidery and I have a question about free standing lace and non-free standing lace. Can someone tell me what the difference is. Thanks. Lucy

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I assume you mean free standing is the actual lace which can then be sewn, attached to something or used alone vs no free standing extends from a solid piece of fabric.

ethods for making each are the same, using two layers of water soluble stabilizer. Or am thinking I in the wrong direction?

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I am not sure what I mean. When I look on an embroidery site a lot of their designs say either standing or free standing lace. I thought that the free standing just got embroidered alone and then put on something, whereas the standing lace get embroidered right on the fabric of choice. Does that make sense?

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if you embroidered the lace right on the fabric it wouldn't look like lace so I think it means edging along a piece of fabric vs trying to make lace which can be added later or appliqued. Am I making sense?

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I think free standing is sections where you hand sew each finished section together to form an object, like a bowl/basket. Not free standing would be regular lace. I saw the instructions for free standing in the text file of a freebie I downloaded. I've not tried it because I don't need any dust collectors sitting around. I cannot remember if you used a stiffner on each section or not but I would think you would have to. Some was embroidered on water soluble stabilizers & some netting/tulle or organza. Most I've seen were bowls for trinkets, soaps & tiny items.

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Thanks all! I think I am gaining a little ground here. There is just so much to learn about embroidery that I never realized.

I also quilt and I would love to make embroidery blocks for my next quilt project. Has anyone on this forum done that? I bet that would be gorgeous! Lucy

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Check out Martha Pullen's website. She did a few PBS programs on lace shaping and lace quilts.

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Also, Martha Pullen's machine embroidery forum (the link is on her website) has lots and lots of information on freestanding lace. You can do a search and find the posts on it.


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Lucy - I'm new to this too and we know each other from quilting!
I made some free standing lace light shades this w/e. I sewed them onto avalon and rinsed for only a short time. This leaves the lace stiff enough to stand up on it's own.

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