Weekly Weigh-in 5/17/10

harold14370May 18, 2010

Hello, hello. Well, it's actually 5/18 and I didn't see a weigh-in thread yet, so I'll pick up the slack.

Now let's tally up the votes.

Harold: 180/0/175

Ivamae: 154/+1.5/145

Wodka: 159.8/+.8/150

Marita: 140?/?/125 Â didnÂt weigh in last week


Silver: 142/+4/125 Whoops. Must be some water weight.

This week I'm weighing in at 179, which is a loss of 1. I'm staying pretty much the same, but every day I can just keep the weight off that I've lost, is a victory.

I thought I'd pass along a great idea I heard somewhere else. Take your cell phone camera and take a picture of everything you eat during the day, before you eat it. Now, that would really make you aware of how much you eat, wouldn't it?

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What an idea!!! I'm sure we would all get a big shock.

I'll wiegh in to-morrow morning but don't expect to have lost the pound and a half I gained, as I must have pinched a nerve and have had to be vey quiet since last Thursday but still ate my 1200 calories, or close to it.

It was very disappointing as I had birthday parties which I couldn't attend.

Oh well, maybe it is just as well that I couldn't go as far as the waistline is concerned.

Glad you sarted this thread harold. Something must have happened that kept Silversword from doing it this week.

Will post again to-morrow after my weigh in

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I'd like to join in too, if I may. I like accountability!

I was a normal weight for most of my life before starting on the dreaded prednisone(steroid) for asthma control. I was allergic to most inhalers and this was the only option at the time. I gained a LOT of weight, became sluggish and sedentary. The only thing under control was my asthma.

My family doc saw how miserable I was (and how FAT!!) and took pity on me. We decided to get my allergies under control and see if my asthma was helped. I weaned off the prednisone last fall and the weight started coming off.(about 50 lbs!)The next 20 Lbs did NOT melt off; they were hard work! I have 11 more to reach my original goal of 138, but have decided to reach for 135 to give myself some "wiggle room".

The last few weeks, I have continued to write down every morsel using Fitday.com. I eat on the low calorie side of a weight watcher's type plan, very balanced, lots of fruits and veggies, lean meat etc.for a week or so, then back to "maintenance mode". My metabolism is in great shape now and the rest of me is getting there little by little. I don't weigh every week, and am allowing myself till late August to reach my original goal. That's less than a Lb a week. I don't feel deprived at all, as I plan my little splurges to fit right into my program.

Exercise was the bane of my existence for awhile : ) I HATE the gym! And, for a long time, I had NO ENERGY at all. I was a real slug. But I bought a treadmill, a stand to turn a second hand bike into a stationery machine, some free weights and some dance DVDs, turning my garage into a gym-at-home. Now I use it most every day. Also, as I have gotten healthier, I have gotten MUCH MORE physically active, took up kayaking, walking, biking, park at the far end of all parking lots and always take the stairs.

I have enjoyed luking and reading what works for everybody.(Hi Harold, Iva Mae, Wodka!) I thought it was time to join in. While everyone is different, I don't like fad diets and this is what is working for ME.

Tikanis 149/0/138 (or 135)

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Thanks Harold!!

That was a -4 :) I was at 138 last week.

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Boy, Harold, you know how to get silversword's attention - ha! There's a lot of difference between -4 and 4 pounds!

Tikanis, glad you are here! You will add a lot of fun to the group.

I weigh in tomorrow, with Ivamae. I'm not expecting anything drastic, but would like to see a little weight loss.

Just got in from working in the yard and I think I've picked up some poison ivy along the way. Need to go find the Ivarest.

See y'all tomorrow.

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Whew!!! I know, that was a close one Wodka!!!

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Wow, where did I get that from? I must be suffering from attention deficit disorder or something. Sorry, Silver.

Welcome, Tikanis, and congrats to you for starting the exercise program. That will do your health a world of good, even without the weight loss.

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Well, I weighed this morning and was so pleased to see that I am down 1 pound.

My weight went way up with prednisone as well. I'm still on 5 mg. Below that I seem to have flare ups of the polymyalgia. I'm to keep this level for 1 more year and then we will see. I also am on warfarin and have to track the vitamin K I consumne and keep it level. That is really hard to balance both the calories and that.

Apparently there is another drug out, for thinning the blood, that vitamin K has no effect on. It has been recently approved to be used in Canada but not available yet. I'm really hoping my cardiologist will put me on quckly when he can.

My shoulder and neck are improving and I was able to walk a Km this morning. That shuld help, too. I've been inactive almost a week now.

All the best to everyone.

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Today's weigh in - 158.8, so down exactly a pound. I weighed actually less yesterday, but that was after walking and working out in the yard, so must have been loss of fluid or dehydrated! Instead of taking advantage of that, I ended up eating more than I should have last night (got nervous during a thunderstorm/lots of serious lightning.) I still reign as the Queen of Emotional Eating, but am working on it.

Ivamae, glad you are feeling better and got to walk today.

I hope everyone has a good day today.

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Hi Tikanis, and welcome!! Isn't it so true, the more you exercise the more you feel like exercising?! I think we're all on pretty much the same eating plan as you are here. Eat fewer calories, exercise more, maintain maintain maintain!!! Definitely not a fad-diet crowd :)

This must be the 1-LB week. That's what I'm down too. Ate like mad on Sunday, Monday, and although not so bad yesterday.... not so good either. I think the only thing saving me was a 5.5 mile hike in 1.5 hours on Sunday (as well as my usual 2 hours at the gym) and a 4.2 mile hike in 1.5 hours on Monday. I didn't do anything yesterday except walk through the mall to get my haircut :)

Iva, you're amazing. I can't imagine trying to balance all the health things you manage.

I'll tip my scepter to you Wodka. I'm the queen of eating out of boredom!!

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Thanks silversword, but believe me the end result is worth it.

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