To those of you who have had WLS

josigirl_wiMay 15, 2004

When you have this done can you still drink alcohol? An example would be that we would go out and have 4-5 beers? Or a couple of margaritas. You're honest answer is appreciated.

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Hi Josigirl,

Technically, no, you are not supposed to drink alcohol after WLS. I had to sign a paper saying I would not drink alcohol. A couple of reasons.....1) alcholol is empty calories with no real nutrients. When you have WLS pretty much everything you eat should have some nutrients because you can't eat that much. 2) For some, they feel the effects of alcohol much faster after surgery. 3) Some cannot tolerate the carbonation after surgery. The bubbles from the beer isn't well tolerated.

Having said all that, I had surgery January 13th. I have had a few beers since surgery without any problems. I drank them slow. I've had a few sips of a margarita. It will greatly depend on the person. Some will be able to tolerate alcohol, some won't. Hope I answered your questions.

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Forgot to add......feel free to ask any questions about WLS. I'd be glad to answer or direct you to someone who can if I can't. :o)

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