Will I kick myself later?

catmom50November 24, 2004

I am getting a Janome 300E, and at the shop where I will buy it, they have a special Thread deal going.

It is $298.00, ($1044.00 value), it includes 194 spools of assorted types of Madeira thread, one embroidery design Cd, a chest to keep it in, color cards and conversion chart, thread snips and seam ripper. And along with it comes a machine trolley ($20.00 value). What do you think???

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Is the thread rayon or polyester? The rayons fade & bleed. You can bleach polyester.

On down where the post is about thread bargains, you can get 288 1000 meter spools...the entire color range for $299 +11 s/h. You get a CD of 3700 designs & a color chart.

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I believe the 288 is ARC and that's what I get, the polyester and just love it! Since I do alot of towels that I know will get washed, I use poly.

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If you can get the Madiera is poly, great deal. I bought a trolley case and love it for classes.

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Picked up my machine and have been playing with, LOVE IT!!! The machine trolley was an 80$ value (not the 20$ I eroniously wrote before) , very nice. I am glad I did get the thread chest. It is great, even though I understand I will buying lots more thread, this is a nice storage place.
Thanks for your input everyone.

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Congrats! You will love it! I think embroidery about 24 hours a day! Always new ideas. I guess that is considered being addicted. LOL

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