Diet Pals--April 11---18--Step away from the Candy

yellowhairApril 12, 2004

Where is everybody? I need help!!! lol Ate too much Easter candy, I'm up by a few pounds!!

We have a relative staying over, leaving tomorrow. Went shopping today, didn't really eat that much. Will have to do extra everything this week, exercise, walking, etc. etc.

Take care, think about all of the new clothes we're going to get into when we shed a few more pounds!!!

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I am here - sleepy but here.
Vacation was not good for dieting but I did a lot of yard work and walking on the rainy beach and downtown. The ice cream monster got me but not the Easter basket - hubby bought me a plant and I bought him a movie.
I would not go to the docs now if my finger would fall off! So back to the old grind (er greens) tomorrow. Exercise will be a problem because more rain is coming (if it has stopped yet - it rained all day). Saw some good news in the paper - a new wonder drug is supposed to raise good cholesterol. It is still in the testing phase though. My good is 36 and under 40 is at higher risk for heart disease. Hopefully this med will not have the side effects that current meds have (statins) that lower the bad stuff.My plants have really grown and my coleus have color now (rainbow). I planted zinnias and cosmos there but it is too cold here to plant. Maybe in a month or so..... Kathy

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Hi everyone!
Yellowhair, Thinking about those clothes is what keeps me going lol. I was good on Easter, I keep plugging along.

Kathy, that is good news about the new wonder drug, I just found out a couple of weeks ago that my good cholesterol is 33, my bad cholesterol is fine. Dr. told me it was hereditary, and there really wasn't anything at this point that I can do to raise the good cholesterol. My mom confirmed that she has the same problem. I haven't really had the chance to do any research on it, it just doesn't seem right that there isn't anything that can be done about it.
DD and I joined the gym last week, it is really nice to have a work out partner.

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Happy After Easter!
ItÂs my weight day and I am honestly relieved I have only gained a pound after last week and the weekend combined. Had fun, enjoyed myself (too much) and now itÂs back on track. Hoping everyone had a fab weekend holiday.
Did manage to get 3 turns in the garden  lots of outdoor activity, fresh air. Have some photos to post later of my garden for those who love anything green.
Promise me you will not beat yourself up for the holiday activities  everyone needs a break.
LetÂs pull together this week  one foot in front of the other and get on with striding forward to our goals. No regrets. Focus on what you want to achieve this week and think.

This week I want to drink more water, cut back on my breads and replace the carbs with more fruit. Weather permitting, half hour walk at lunch.

What do you want to achieve this week?

I am late posting and thanks Yellowhair for getting this thread moving! Don't worry about a couple of pounds - I gained too! Let's focus on a fresh start!
Kathy - I can relate to the ice cream dilema - we have a diary truck that does the rounds on stops RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE!!!! Yikes! I usually make sure I have had dinner and a cuppa coffee before it hits.
Alice - I hope you are enjoying the gym. I am seriously thinking of joining one here and going after work but the travel home is a challenge. My other option is to join the club near home and I am seriously thinking about it. Great move and having a partner to come with you is bonus points!

Gotta get some work done! Glad to read your posts!


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Hi everyone! I need help too!! I have not been able to get myself in control ever since Spring Break, which was in the middle of March. This weekend I noticed that my new pants are fitting too snug. So, I am determined to make myself get in line for the next few days (whether I want to or not!) If I can make myself eat right for a couple of days, then I will be okay until the next big change in my schedule messes me up again! I am still weighing weekly and have gained one pound a week the past 2 weeks. Tomorrow is my weigh-in and I'm sure it will be a 2-3 lbs. gain this week!!! But I'm not giving up!

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MaryAnn - don't give up. Promise yourself not too! Holidays are a tough time at any time of the year. It sounds like many of us have gained a bit so don't despair we are here to pull each other along! C'mon and keep on with your goals. You have lost weight and you can do it again.
Myself...looking at my chart - still struggling with the same 3 pounds since end Feb. I'm still trying. Also realised have not had water first couple of months other than coffee/tea. Now have large bottles of flavoured water at my desk and get down about 2/3 of one a day (plus my coffee and tea). Tight clothes are a good indicator at any time to check your habits.
For anyone lurking and following this merry gang, thinking of quitting after the holiday....don't! Now is the time to pull up your socks and get back at it! Don't be sitting there in the hot summer wishing you had of stuck with things (I did this the last TWO YEARS).
Hang in there, pull up your socks, get moving and put some spring in your step!

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Hanging in there....

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Hi everybody and thanks for the encouragement and other good words!!!! Yes, those pesky holidays can be trying. Tomorrow is grocery-shopping day and I'm going to make a good fat-free low-carb low-cholestrol low-sugar list. lol

I'm finishing up taxes today---yuckkkkkkkk! We spent the morning out antique/junk shoppping at an old school that's been converted into a mall-like place. Bought some cute things for $1 each and found a super nice metal thingy that used to hold cigarettes in the 70s. Very nice purchase!! DH just rolled his eyes. I want to use it in the bathroom for towels and washcloths (it has many many slots in it) and possibly some of my bottles that I've been collecting.

So, now it's back to the taxes and my grocery list. I'm also soaking my white washcloths, they've been looking a little drab, so I'll wash them.

I had the veggie plate at Cracker Barrel, so that's probably my supper, too. Maybe a few crackers later.

Take care, ladies, and let's not give up----just get back on the right track. We can do it!!!

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We sure can do it!
Sitting here, at my desk, in my larger slacks...really need to take them in now - they balloon at the waist (like I said, lost inches)...inspiring for today.
Yellowhair - smart move to make a list before you go. Much of what I now buy is habit - more fresh fruits, fresh veg and my low fats yogurts/rice puddings (staples in my day). Tonight is pasta night - I found a lovely garlic/lemon cheese ravioli that is heaven on its own. Funny, but these days I enjoy its taste more than I did before and I eat it S L O W L Y.
I am sooooo glad to be here - still here - and not quitting on myself. I could not stand it this morning - I jumped on the scale just to see how permanent that damage was from last week...back down to 141...and drinking water again today. I think my plateaus are due in part to NO exercise other than walking and not enough water.
Did leave every meal a little on the hungry side yesterday and managed to just make my required points (some times I think the hunger is habit and not true hunger so I wait 20 minutes to see if I am still hungry)
Hoping everyone has a fabby day...its lotto day today and I will be buying a ticket for sure. Rollover in the UK so who knows....hahahahaha.....yeah right. I support charities.
Have a great day - get out, get moving!

Let's make today count!


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McPeg did you see any mating toads? (Gee I bet that was the first time that question hit the forums). I saw on tv some graphic footage of toads in Edinburgh that cause a road to be closed in the evening. Ugh! Thanks for all your advice as usual and you are right about the "habit' of eating.
Yellowhair/Sue did you buy your celery? I was going to say carrots but remembered they have carbs. I am reading a good fat bad fat book so will post some recipes later. I love the yard sales/flea markets! Money just jumps out of my wallet though. I furnished the trailer near the beach with yard sale and junkin finds. The best find for there was a queen metal canopy bed frame. It is green and has a fancy metal molded plate with birds and fruit on the headboard. Someone put it out for the trash! I hung yard sale lace panels on the top railings.
Alice the doctor told me he will put me on cholesterol meds to lower the "bad" if my numbers do not go down. It's the ratio that's important and, since I am 50, there are doctors following me down the street with pills.
I find I cannot cheat a little bit. If I fall, I fall flat (er fat). I walk around all day saying - nope you can't have that. Hunger is a good thing. It is our friend. Now to tell myself that when away.....
Meanwhile I made it through yesterday by grazing (eating something small when I am REALLY hungry).
MaryAnn jump back on that skinny train! Woowoo....chugchug.
DeeMarie glad to see you checking in too.
Mailed my tax check today - double yuk!
I had a walk between the raindrops yesterday and it was a fast hilly one. Today is rainy AGAIN. I am expecting to see anacondas any day.
Well I could talk all day but better go walk instead.

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Thanks for all the encouragement! Yesterday I stayed under my 20 points for the first time in several weeks! This morning I braced myself to weigh, just knowing that my weight would be up a few pounds. Surprise! It was the same as last week. Why is it that my pants feel tight and my stomach feels like it's pooched out???

I'm starting back with my walking this afternoon and , like McPeg, I need to start drinking my water again. All I've had to drink for weeks has been coffee and diet coke!

Thanks to all of you for the friendship and motivation. It keeps me going!!

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Happy Thursday...we can't be doing all that bad. We are still reporting in and putting one step forward.
What do you use that helps you with your motivation?
I track my food, report in to our group (Fantastic motivator) and read my online WW site. Was contemplating cancelling it and just using my books and charts but having access to it online and the quick search for foods etc has really helped me during the day.
Drinking my water today. We have a team meeting this afternoon, complete with lunch before it starts - I am going to set up the food and then LEAVE with my apple and planned lunch - head out side for a walk. There is opportunity every month with my job for lunches, dinners and I really have to put my foot down and skip many. I graciously decline or if I do attend, try to plan a day ahead and a day after to compensate. Things are a real crawl but I have promised myself not to quit this time. Hoping to be at goal by my holiday back home end August but even if I am not there, I will continue until I do achieve my goal - no matter how long. It took me ten years to pack on the pounds, even if it takes 10 months or more I will persist. I WANT THIS WEIGHT OFF!!!!
Besided, warmer weather is easier because I honestly do enjoy more of the available fresh veggies and fruit, salads.
Today's challenge is to get out for my walk and eat MY FOOD for lunch.
What is your challenge today?


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Hi! Got my taxes done and in the mail!

One of my motivations is that we're going to my hometown for the Memorial Day holiday and I'd like to be a lot slimmer before I see some of my family!!

It really warmed up today, feel so much better now. I've been sorta dragging with DH's hospital stay, then Easter, then the taxes. Wheww! But, it's always something, isn't it. I keep telling myself----go with the flow, be flexible.

Foodwise, I've been pretty good today. Tomorrow, I'll get back on my water. Cheer up, everybody-----it's spring, the tulips are beautiful (they have some huge pink ones at our courthouse in town) and we're still on the dieting track. Give yourself a litte reward. You deserve it!

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Yep, we sure do deserve a reward. I am saving my 'reward' for something special...probably new slacks in the next month or so (***G***). Already pointed today's food and planned right through to lunch. Will be packing that shortly to take to work. Went to bed early last night and woke up early...lovely to have a few moments to catch the news, report in and do a little web surfing before work. It's Friday, looking forward to the weekend. Going to a motorsport show with friends, the garden centre to order another shipment of dirt (already dumped 9 large bags of compost as top dressing on the garden...have the lawn to do still and reseed). Also need a new blade for my mower. Other than that - housework, groceries and anything to get my butt shaking and moving this weekend.
Tonight - relax.
Lots to do at work today and looking forward to being busy.
Happy, happy day!
What are you doing today?

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Good morning, TGIF!!!
I'm feeling so much better. I always feel good, but when I eat right I feel too good! LOL I think it's sometimes as much mental as physical. Just knowing you are eating the right foods and not stuffing your body with empty calories.
I've started walking again and that always gives me a boost. Our club has a beautiful ride planned for tomorrow, around 350 miles (which would be around 450 miles for us, because we have to ride 45 miles to get to where the riders begin), but Jammer got delayed in Florida and won't be in this weekend. (sniff) So I will be mowing the yard and working on my Ebay sales this weekend.

I think my reward will be new clothes. Not sure what, just something Spring-ish.

Hope everyone has a great day today!

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Good morning!
I have still been eating healthfully, and going to the gym. Monday I meet with a personal trainor, that should be fun! I am now half way to my goal, yippy!!
My reward will probably be a new pair of pants too. I am running out of clothes. I did save alot of clothes from back in my thin days,I had always planned to get back in them. I guess I waited too long, they are so out of style lol. I think I will take them to the good will.
I hope everyone has a great day!

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I am not wild about Fridays because I clean an office on Friday night. But I do love those yard sales!
I am doing fine dietwise and have been a total bear - always happens when I am hungry. Growlllll. I have lots more pep though.
The sun is shining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes everyone here smile except maybe the ducks. I mowed yesterday and went to Wal-Mart and then to the mountains to take pictures. Today we went yard saling and then out to eat at the Chinese buffet - typical Friday.
Well time is a wasting. Have a good weekend all! Stay strong and don't look at pizza.... Kathy

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I saw those mating toads and I think the bees are "gettin' it on" around here.

I haven't weighed in a few days, but did exercise last night, walked this morning. Things are getting a little easier with DH on a diet, too. Everything in our fridge is lowfat, or lite. lol Kinda sad, isn't it?

Anyhoo, been working outside, got some nice rocks yesterday from the couple who lives up above us. She didn't want them anymore (old boyfriend put them in the yard, now he's gone) so I was very fortunate to get them.

Back to food---I have GOT GOT GOT to organize my freezer!! I've got little baggies here, aluminum foil thingys there, and when I open the door----I step back. lol I can't function like this!! So, that's on my list for tomorrow.

My goal (don't laugh, too much) is to do a whole month's meals and freeze them. My DH got a little upset with me today because I told him I could fix jello a lot cheaper than those 6-packs that he buys for about 2 bucks. I won, though, Glad has some round mini containers----perfect for jello. Now, if I could just make good jello.

I usually boil my jello water, but I used to work in a nursing home and we had really HOT water----so, we just used it and then the cold----the jello turned out fine.

It was so nice here today. But, we went to Wal-mart to pick up a few things, stopped at our local dump on the way to drop off a few things------well---the day was 'bout gone when we got home. I did purchase 2 loverlee African Violets---one pink and one a nice shade of blue with a white edge. On sale for a mere 75 cents. Take care, Ladies!

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Hi everyone! It's been raining in Scotland this weekend. Yesterday went to a motor show and froze my tail off with high winds...I was starving (think it's getting on to that TOM...I am always hungry before it starts. Doubt I have lost any weight but I am comfortable in my current reduced clothes. I know I ate too much yesterday - too much. Another week of good eating and yesterday - oh oh! Struggling but not giving up. Today going for a walk to the garden centre - ran out of compost and have a ton of seed packets so needless to say will be placing another delivery order. Might drag my wheely bag with me and get some smaller bags of compost that I can drag home...and of course if there are any plants that need to be rescued!
Today is a new day and I have to get outdoors, get moving and get planning some soup for the next few days, get some lighter meats out and have some yogurt.
Really did not want to post yesterday after everything...I felt so bad about myself afterwards but this morning I thought - get yourself back on the board, be honest, get it off my chest and get moving today. I have lost 14 - 17 pounds which puts me at the halfway point of my overall goal and struggling to get things moving.
Here we go - glad to read everyone is still sticking with it and making progress. No matter how small the steps are they still put us one step ahead of where we were.
Looking forward to the garden centre, going to get moving and scrubbing things today. Biggest challenge next week - staying active mentally at work - some days are boring and I could munch all day - so I drink lots of water and go to the loo a lot.

Have a fabby day today!


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Hi Quiltingbunny! Now, don't you get down on yourself too much, we all do a slipping, a little tripping (food, that is--lol) and we just have to hop back on the right path. You're gonna make it!

I haven't weighed in a few days, BUT BUT BUT------I did get into a jacket this morning that was too tight a month ago!! That felt sooooooooooooo good!

One of my goals this week is to get my fridge organized for maximum efficiency---hahahahaha! Okay, I mean it, I have to do better. I'm wasting food, money, and time. So, one of my I-gotta-do-better things is to cut up and freeze my fresh veggies as soon as I get them home-----I won't even bother putting them in the fridge-----------did this with cauliflower yesterday, it's sittin' in the freezer. No more limp, sad-looking veggies in the bottom drawer.

Another goal, foodwise, is to make out a new menu plan. The third goal is to work on a cooking area outside----it's way to hot in my kitchen in summer to do too much cooking. I have a smoker grill, an electric skillet, and the George Foreman thingy (using this more and more). I need a better storage place for them so they'll be readily available.

What's some of your summer cooking methods? Hang in there, dearie, and wave goodbye to any ole blues that come around-------we're here cheering you on----yayyyyyy, you go, girl--------rock on!

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[[[[[[[[[[McPeg]]]]]]]]]]]]]]. Hang in there; you will win this battle!!!!

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