Converter box/VCR programming problem

dlg421May 14, 2008

I purchased a converter box and hooked it up to my VCR and TV per the schematic provided with the unit. Everything works fine EXCEPT when I try to program the VCR to tape programs. When doing this, the VCR menu only gives me a few of the many available channels to program in and when I program one of those, the taped output is of very poor quality. I tried having the converter box set to the channel that I want to record, but the same problems still exist. Is this because my VCR is old or is this an inherent problem with using the converter box with a VCR?

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You need to put the converter box on the desired channel and your vcr on the converter's output channel, IE either channel 3 or 4.

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I have that down. Its trying to program multiple programs on different channels at different times that seems to be no longer possible.

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The converter box only has (1) output, you can only watch OR record (1) channel.

If you want to watch AND record (2) different channels, you'll need (2) converters.

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The VCR must be set to channel (3) OR (4) and remain there...

The VCR can still be programmed to record at a certain TIME, but the VCR can't be programmed to change channels on the converter box.

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Ok I got everything so far about the tuner and all, but how do I set my vcr to the converters output channel, channel 3 or 4? Humor me please, I go into my Vcr's program and choose the date and time to tape and when it comes to channel I put 3 or 4? Or is this something that is already set up? Confused here, Please help!

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