Philips magnavox t.v. problem

toni322May 1, 2010

I have a 27" Magnavox TV model RS1966 B421 packed in

August 1993. The problem is that the menus (for adjusting

color, closed caption, input, etc.) are not being displayed.

One day they were there. The next day (after my daughter used

the television) they weren't.

I cannot use the menu button on the remote, but I can push arrow keys to select and change the volume. Also, if I push the volume keys, the closed captions come up. I can't see the setting names or change any other settings. Plus there are a bunch of numbers and letters at the bottom of the screen.

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I have a Phillips model #PTV375-A001 that was given to me. I do not have the remote. I keep getting a message to set channel memory. Is there a way to reset the TV?

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Tony....The remote may have to be synch'ed with the tv. If that is the case your manual would explain how to do that. Also check the batteries in the remote and make sure the front is clean so the ir signal is not being blocked. If all else fails, unplug the unit, let it sit for about 15 minutes and plug it back in. Sometimes this "reboot" process clears problems and puts things back to factory default settings.

sunny1...You can buy universal remotes very cheaply, Walmart has a good selection and a few guarantee their product will operate anything out there. Many of them, you need only press "TV" and then the up or down arrow until the unit shuts off. Then the remote is in general, matched to your tv. Of course the instructions that come with the remote, will give full instructions. As explained above, turn the unit off and unplug it. Wait 10-15 minutes and plug it back in and you might be good to go. Some TV's have a "reset to default" button, others must be reset through a menu selection.

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First off thank you for all the help you give,you are a
God send! Now for the problem, I have a Philips Model Number Ms3652S427 Chassis Number Lo1.1uac-7638.
When I turn it on the green power light comes on, picture is good, yet there is no sound accept for a high pitched whine when the treble is all the way up but when it is not no sound at all. any help would be greatly appreciated. Sean

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I have a Phillips magnovax the tv keeps shutting off every 20 seconds or so what do I do how do I fix that

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