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rivkadrMay 11, 2011

My husband and I live in a not-so-great neighborhood; my husband's car was broken into last night, and while what they stole wasn't particularly major (some binoculars, loose change, etc), it certainly doesn't make us very comfortable. My car was broken into last year as well, but the alarm scared them off.

We're thinking of putting a security camera in our bedroom window that overlooks the driveway. We fully recognize that even if we caught someone on tape, the likelihood of anything coming from it is slim, but we're hoping that the presence of the camera itself may be a deterrent (and maybe we'll put up a sign that says something like "Smile, you're on camera" or something). And who knows, we may actually recognize someone if they come sniffing around our car.

So...here's the question: what do we look for when it comes to getting a security camera? I know we'd like something wireless, but beyond that, I have no idea what to look for. Motion detection, maybe? And are there services that you can automatically upload the content of the video to, in case your laptop is stolen?

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Even if the room youâÂÂre viewing is completely dark, youâÂÂll see a clear picture via the infrared night

vision. And to make sure you donâÂÂt miss any action, you can choose to receive e-mail alerts when NetCam

detects movement.

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