embroidery help bernina 340 downloads

cottonpatchOctober 29, 2008

Hi. I am fairly novice at the computer AND at my new Bernina Deco 340 machine, although I have been sewing nonstop for years. I just bought a Bernina usb stick and was able to download a design and stitch it- worked great (although I'm not sure how I did it!) I have tried again to download a design I purchased, and am having trouble. The design shows up on my USB stick when it is in my computer, but when I insert the stick in my embroidery machine, the design isn't listed. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone walk me through the proper way to download a design? I asked for the design in EXP format, as I was told in the store where I purchased the stick. Any help would REALLY be appreciated!!

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