Easy step by step for new smart phone.

charleneyMay 30, 2014

Have never had one before, but self-taught here. Is there a very easy Manual for setting it all up? I have the company's manual, and have been able to get a few of the perks on it, but getting frustrated. It is not the Tracfones fault, it is mine. Love the phone. But sometimes want to throw myself out the window. The old phone was just one to send and receive Phone Calls. I need a book for dummies!. Is there such a thing?

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Did you check out You tube? I believe there are some tutorials there that may be helpful? I have an iPhone and I rarely go to the "official" Apple forum. I typically type my question on google and find plenty of users sharing info. You may be successful doing that? Good luck and enjoy your new phone!

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Most smartphones - iphone, windows phones, android phones have tons of little videos on how to do stuff on Youtube and you can get free or for a couple of dollars online user's manuals on the internet - Amazon, GooglePlay, etc... You can also do trial and error too. You can always reset it back to factory settings. It the fun of having a smartphone! Android smartphones are customed by the manufacturer for the most part and may be difficult to learn since each manufacturer does it just a little bit differently. There are hundreds of forums and specific websites that specialized on each smartphone operating system as well as podcast like Twit.tv. Check them out!

If you are lost and cannot find the answer and need some live help; Apple, Microsoft and Google (if you purchase a Google brand phone like the Nexus will be happen to help you online. if you have an iPhone; you can make an appointment and visit a genius at the nearest Apple Store. If you purchase a Nokia Lumia phone you can take it to your nears Microsoft Retail Store and they will help you too! Amazon takes it a step further and offers a direct live two way video chat help; so you can ask away with their new Fire phone and the help can setup the phone too if you cannot do it yourself while you are talking. Also, their is Sirus for iPhone and Cortana for Windows Phone - a built-in voice activated personal assistant to help you with questions too! I forgot what they call Google's personal assistant however!

In other words; you can get help everywhere. Just do a Google or Yahoo search on what you want to do or have problems doing! 95% of it will be answer by dozens of sites on the links!

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