Mouse Traps...Above or Below Insulation??

tom_p_paJuly 27, 2008

Above my bed, I hear mice (I think). Luckily I have a walk up attic. Today, I took my circular saw and cut a plywood strip about 2 feet wide and about 8 feet long to expose the joist cavity. I did see rice sized dropping on top and below the insulation, so from internet research, it appears I have some mice. Question, do the mice traps go on top or below the insulation? Not knowing better, I pulled back some insulation and tucked it under the plywood exposing the top of the sheetrock ceiling and put the traps there. Is this OK? Should I lay the insulation back down? By the way, these snap traps are a royal PITA to set. Everytime I placed it on the ceiling, they would activate. I actually had to take a salad tong and use that to carefully place into the joist area. Did not tell my wife though.

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I would just put them in the area where you see droppings - the areas you know they are already accessing. Have you considered that what you're seeing might be baby squirrel droppings or something else? Have you asked the local humane society if there are humane ways to get them out? Have you had a contractor tell you where and how to block any new access?

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go pick up a few boxes of mothballs. put them out all over the attic, i usually use a box every couple hundred sq ft or so. just dump them out eveyrwhere. the mice will leave. seal all holes big anough to get a pencil in. seriously, if they can the head thru, the body will follow.

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I had an old shoe box that I put the trap in, nestled in the insulation. Works fine, haven't had a mouse up there in a couple years...

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