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alvin13May 20, 2006

Does anyone know of a company that offers both satellite internet and TV from the same dish? My only option for high speed internet is from satellite and I would prefer not to have 2 different dish setups and providers.



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Just found this post because I have the same issue. I'm building a new house in a rural area with no DSL or cable. In researching this problem, I found that DirectTV offers satellite internet in partnership with WildBlue and it uses only one dish for both. Hope that helps.

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I have Dish & Wild Blue - live in a remote area. Unless something has changed recently, the Wild Blue sat dish is separate from the Dishnest dish(s).

For my service there are 2 satv dishes - one for regular definition channels and one for high def. The high def dish points eastward, the regular def dish points southward. The Wildblue dish is larger than the Dishnet dishes, and it points southward too but not in the same direcion as the Dishnet dish.

I do know that the Wildblue service is on a different satellite than the Echostar (Dishnet) satellites - but they might be close enough in orbit that one large dish could do both. That would be nice - would reduce the dish count from 3 to 2.

Dishnet has been bundling it's SATV service with Wildblue for at least a year now to provide an integrated satv/internet solution. The only issue I see is the amount of roof space you need and hiding them if possible. I was able to tuck mine behind a garage so they are not visible from the front of the house.

Once you get used to the approximately 2 second delay with satellite internet service, the Wildblue service is OK during non peak hours. It does get a little slow during peak (after 5pm and weekends). I expect over time the bandwidths for satellite internet services will continue to grow making the service better than it is right now.

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