In search of a sewing + embroidery machine

jwalls39October 8, 2006

Very new to all of this and am looking for input as to what to buy. I hear the Husqvarna Viking is the best (of course that was from a dealer) but they are SO expensive (i also hear they are worth the money!)! then I see the Singers at just under $500. Would love any input and pros and cons!

Thanks so much!


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Very new to sewing or just machine embroidery? Are you upgrading your present machine to a better machine? What are your intents and purposes once you get a machine?

I'm trying to gauge your request further to give accurate information and find out what your sewing skills are.

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I just bought a new Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 300. It's a pretty basic machine that will do a variety of sewing stitches + embroidery. It was very easy to learn to use and does a beautiful job. You do need to switch needles, thread and presser foot when switching between sewing & embroidery. Since buying it, I've seen several similar machines sold on Ebay for a fraction of the cost--wish I'd known that at the time. There's a huge variety of accessories available as add-ons such as specialty feet, needles, hoops, etc.; however they all come at quite a cost. It only came with one embroidery card. Each additional embroidery card retails for $119-$149. I've just ordered one off Ebay but have been told to be wary of buying used cards. As I understand it, the software to create your own designs or download designs off the internet and the reader writer card is another $4-500. I do love the machine. Very user friendly. It's just the cost vs. benefit I might not recoup. I could have/should have done more homework before buying, but didn't have the time & I was going with a store that was closer proximity & could provide assistance as needed.

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Fortunately I did TONS of homework!!! I eneded up with a Huskylock 936 serger and a 2004 Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 w/o the USB unfortunately (was a trade in so the price was right seeing that only 2 years ago it was the top of the line). I'm so excited to get started with it...I have signed up for classes for both machines!

I too looked at Ebay and decided against it, even tho there were some really great deals. Main warranty. I know that with these machines i can bother the heck out of the viking people at Joanns for life! : )

This machine didn't come with the 3D software so fir the first go ' Viking lady is going to transfer the goodie CD's she's giving me onto floppies. I do want to be able to grab patterns, etc from the internet so i'm guessing i'll need to purchase the software. Any recommendations? Is there 1 bundle or separate modules?

thanks for any input!


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I have the Babylock Ellageo and would highly recommend anything from the Babylock/Brother line of machines. I have friends with both Bernina and Viking, and after observing both brands I find the babylock/brother machines to be much more user friendly. I've been trying to help the friend with the Bernina 165 and what I've found is that Bernina is very difficult to download designs to, you HAVE to buy their software. I have the ultimate box and Embird which I paid about 150.00 for and it does everything I need. I bought my machine used through a Bernina dealer who had taken it in on trade. It has a HUGE color screeen and the whole set-up is so easy to use. I can tell you this, if I get another machine, it will either be the Babylock Ellegante or the Brother Innovis 4000D. By the way, both of those machines clip the jump threads for you - a really nice feature!

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Jill, wait until you have finished your classes to see what you need. The most important thing right now is to learn how the machine operates, what the feet included are for, how to attach the embroidery arm, hoop, and all the other steps to get to embroidery. If you have the instruction manuals, read them several times (first time around reads like mud), take notes and write down questions about anything you don't understand while reading before you get to class to ask in class, and keep those notes in a notebook should you have to refer to them later.

The only reason I stayed away from Husqvarna is that Viking is propietarily expensive. I would prefer to spend $65 on quality fabric than $65 for one stinking after-market foot will not fit a Viking.

I have a Singer CE-200 and a Brother PE-150 that both do wonderful embroidery and didn't cost an arm and a leg.

I think you might have to do some more research as to what is involved cost and feature wise for machine embroidery....the expense does not stop at the machine because of the additional supplies needed. Research all the manufacturer sites, pick ones that appeal to you, print their specs out, and go visit dealers to try the machines out...and set a budgeted amount to include all the additional supplies you will need.

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I have the ce-100 and it does both embroidery and sewing great. Plus the added feature of connecting directly to the computer via the usb allows you to use virtually any design out there.

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I bought the Brother Innov-is 4000D in August. I absolutely LOVE it. It's extremely user friendly. I also bought PE Design 7 and did have a bit of difficulty learning that and am sure I do not begin to know it all. But then, you must understand that I am NOT a computer guru.

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I decided on a used D1 (incidentally, don't feel the USB thing is a great idea...unlike the one in the SE, it is VERY slow to load as it must load the entire stick before showing you the design you want...I would go nuts, so I will keep my floppy drive, thankyou very much!).

I felt I could learn about the machine embroidery world on the D1, which has a fab reputation and lots of online support groups. Then, if I want to move up into the TOL machine stratosphere in a few years, I will be much more savvy as I demo competing machines.

Note that Embird software has a new release that does .shv for d1's, meaning you do not need to buy the very expensive HQV software.

The HQV feet are pricey but beautifully made.

It is also good to check out


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HI Jill,
I had the same delema, but, I searched the web and the literature I came up with the Simplicity SE3. $499 on Sale, came with RA embroidery thread (24 reels)and free Embird fr 30 days plus 3700 other patterns and what is already on the machine memory.
I thought a good deal, came a few days ago and waited for the vikant box and blank card and now I can work with it all.
I love to embroider by hand this will be even easier on my eyes and hands.
I don't thik I will be sorry, but I have very little income, and had to think inside the box for costs and other requirements one needs also

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OK, I have the Designer 1 and wouldn't trade it for anything. It is such a workhorse and the embroidery is beautiful. It does everything I could want and more!! You will not regret your purchase. I have had it for 8 months and don't know what I ever did with out it!! Feel free to email me with any questions. I have worked through many embroidery situations and feel very comfortable with the machine. Embird is what I am looking at for digitizing and picture embroidery. Good luck and have fun.

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HI Susan,
I am setting it up inthe mmorning as the persons at work have asked could I do work outside my normal work as a little business and do their insignias, which iwll pay for the expense, but so much it can do, I am so thrilled. You made me feel I had made the right choice. I searched the info and came up with the SE3, which will do anything one requires.
I will definately ask yo many things I am sure, I will note your email address, thankyou again.
I hope Jill find a machine she is comfortable with.
I am having funsetting it all up and arranging my office so I can if necessary have both machines in use at the same time, it was a juggle but I have it right.
the other thing lighting in the room is poor, did you change any lighting in your sewing room as I have it for my computers too (completing a PhD)fitting it all in with difficulty, but the sewing relaxes me so much and makes me work harder when not working 6 evening a week outside the home.
Fond regards,

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I hope someone can help me:
I am very new to sewing. Bought my 1st machine (huskystar207) a few months ago.
I want an embroidery (&sewing) machine. My boyfriend will buy for x-mas gift.
Anyway...I plan to embroider about 6-10 shirt chests a week on average. I want to do designs & names. I want the best machine I can get for

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I have been using a brother se270, it is a very usable machine lovely stitches, and embroidery not usb but uses a cardreader. I use it with pe design 5 and it is almost simple.(only requires 2 functioning brain cells, but hates windows xp) The machine sews beautifully as well. My other sewing machine is the NX-600 also brother and i am in love with this machine. my custom stitch makes it simple to do light embelishments/ embroidery by "hand" . I am giving the 270 to my oldest as i just bought a nv 1000. cant tell you much about that one yet but it was a steal from the same ebay complany i bought my nx from. (appliance mart) they offer brand new in the box will ALL Warranties on most of what they sell. (at least most of what i have looed at.) I have so far never had a problem using aftermarket feet with the brother machines and do a lot of quilting and embellisment machines. i do not like brother software support. any machine problems they are all over helping with . when it comes to soft ware they are just lame. but that is another forum.

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