Please Help Double Trouble (Squirrels and Woodpecker)

Tom39July 29, 2002

Please help. Squirrels and woodpeckers are ruining my contemporary (cedar wood) home. My house has a triangle shape, and woodpeckers have created a big hole on the apex of the siding, which is about 24 feet from the ground. Anyway, some squirrels decided to take over the hole and reside in it. I know because I saw one of them one day, and they make annoying noise (chewing something) during the night.

Later, I saw a woodpecker (maybe the same one) trying to peck another hole below the previous hole. The bird has not yet made a hole, but I know it would not be too long.

My main problem with this is that it is pretty high, and it is hard for me to get up there to use either moth balls or soaked amonia rag. Any suggestions! Thanks.

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Woodpeckers peck for three reasons: To build a home, to attract a mate, and to eat. At this time of year it is not likely they are building a new place; it is a bit late for a brood. They are also not likely trying to attract a mate for the same reason. I will suggest then that perhaps there is something under your siding that is attracting them . . .. some kind of bug etc. Cure that problem and they will go away, at least until another mating season. The squirrels are likely just being opportunists; suggest you get them elsewhere as they can cause ALL kinds of havoc; especially the smaller, red ones if you have them. Try the ammonia; the mothballs are nasty stuff for ALL living things . . . . and if it does work; you'll be living with the smell lots longer than they will .. . I've also heard of pepper spray to repel them . . .. Good luck . . ..


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My neighbor had a problem with woodpeckers. He washed his house with a strong solution of Lysol cleaner and hasn't had a problem since.

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Here in Indiana I had a woodpecker going after an area of my wood trim (right outside the bedroom, of course). After I few mornings running out there with a broom, only to scare him off long enough to fall back to sleep, I checked the area and found that The woodpeckers holes revealed where insects had made a burrow slightly below the visible surface. Since it was trim the bugs (I think they may have been carpenter bees) had made a hole behind the board and dug somr burrows. I used a chisel to expose as much of the void as I could and luckily the wood did not seem otherwise rotten. I never did see the bugs themselves and I just filled in with wood dough and repainted. Unfortunately for my neighbor the woodpecker later started bothering him. The end of the story is a mystery as I have since moved. Good luck with your feathered friends.

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I understand that woodpeckers will sometimes peck at a spot near where the electric wire enters. Seems the wire buzzes slightly and they think it's bugs beneath the surface.
Linda C

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pellet gun with a scope works wonders

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While I appreciate Iggie's suggestion--and agree as far as the "tree rats" go--it is illeagal (sp? it looks wrong no matter HOW I spell it!) to harm woodpeckers. What kind of woodpecker is it? I seem to recall that there is some type of wooopecker that drills holes in trees and telephone poles and then stores acorns in them... which would attract squirrels as well. If you have a local store that specialiazes in birds they might have some suggestions. Good luck!

Iggie--I have a friend who swears by a sack of marbles and a good slingshot---


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The woodpecker can be deterred with a rubber snake (make it large!) or a owl perched near the hole until you can get it repaired.

As far as the squirrels are concerned, I don't have an answer. I was reading this thread hoping for some help of my own. I have replaced the molding on my house 3 times only to have them chew through and nest again. I have the annoying chewing sound over my head all night - 2-3a.m. is the usually chew fest!


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A .22 is fairly quiet and even more effective than the pellet gun.

Why isn't it illegal for the woodpecker to destroy your house?

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It isn't illegal for woodpeckers to destroy your house because they are bird brains! It is against the "songbird act" to kill woodpeckers--or any "songbird" for that matter. It is even illegal(sp? that word NEVER looks right!) to possess the feathers they've dropped on hte ground. The law was put into effect early in the 20thC (I think)--because so many songbirds were being killed for their feathers. It's (I believe) a federal law which would make killing a wood pecker a federal offense.


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It's actually the "Migratory Songbird Act" and google didn't have much on it. Guess I should hit Alta Vista! M

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