Recommendations for a desktop PC. Hope

tobr24uMay 26, 2009

you can deal with my vacillation on this matter, and it seems that Mac does it for laptops and I was wondering if the same holds true for desktops...

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Yes, definitely IMO. My post in response to your laptop question was really referring to all Macs. I've had an iMac desktop for almost a year now, and highly recommend it. To address the cost issue, my view is that you will pay with money, or you will pay with your time and frustration. I'm not exactly a computer dummy: I do a lot of system administration at work. The issues that I had with my Windows home computer (viruses and other threats, etc.) were just taking up so much time, it wasn't worth it anymore. After owning the iMac for this long, I can honestly say it's night and day. As I said before, the Mac isn't perfect, but the issues I've had have been minor and relatively easy to fix, especially if you buy the AppleCare support. Yes, that's an extra expense, but as I said, your time or your money, your choice. Good luck.

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Also, you might get more responses if you post this in Computer Help.

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I would have to second what steve said, pay more now for a mac and have an enjoyable experience, or pay a bit less now and be prepared to take a pc into the shop or spend endless hours on the phone to tech support.

Macs rule.

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