GM hu query

stoveguyyMay 2, 2014

99 grand prix. Bose hu. I took it out 4 yrs ago and put in aftermarket. Last week I put stock hu back in. The hu has 2 large rear wire plugs. 1 has 8pins and only has 1 wire used. It is the pink "remote" lead for turning on external Bose amp. I had cut off black plug so I could tap into lead for my aftermarket hu and tossed black plug. Had to go to junkyard to find a rare 99 car with Bose. But that car had 3 more wires in black plug which actually are in my main harness. 99-00-01 cars must use slightly diff wire layout. Anyway, it works. I did find many junk cars with hu that had the 2 sockets on rear but none used the 2nd black plug socket. My hu does not say Bose. Only the speakers do. Could I use a nonbose hu in place of my Bose unit?

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