severe eye strain with new led/lcd tv...

dondelduxMay 5, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm jumping over from one of the gardening forums..I hope someone can help!

A few days ago we purchased a Sony LED/LCD Mod # EX720.. 3D capable 55" TV. It's a beauty and it is in a 15' square room. This is a bright room with many windows but this TV has a matte screen and this helps considerably with the glare issue. We are sitting about 11 to 12 feet from it and both my husband and myself are experiencing eye strain..especially me! It feels like my eyes are being pulled out of my head! We have set the brightness and color settings down as far as we can without compromising the quality of the picture.

At night with no outside light from the windows, I am still experiencing extreme eye strain...

The refresh rate on this TV is 120 and would a highter refresh rate as Plasma TVs have be easier on the eyes? So..would a Plasma TV have been a better choice?

We were also looking at a Samsung Mod # D8000 51" Plasma and at the time we thought the picture wasn't as bright and sharp as the LEDs. Of course I know if you don't have another TV to compare it too, it would have been just fine.

We still have a few weeks to make a decision even though there will be a whopping restocking fee, but I can't worry about that now..I just want to enjoy an HD TV with out a headache! This is our first (if you can believe it) HD TV!!

Also, we are just running off of our local cable company, and have yet to buy a Blueray player or rent a movie...

Thanks, and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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If you have that much eye strain, I'd guess that are watching WAY too much TV. How many hours a day do you sit and watch?

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We do NOT watch TV for extended periods of time..the eye strain occurs within the first 15 minutes or so.....!!

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While it's a little difficult to understand exactly what you mean by eye strain, here's a few tips.

Is the display on a wall mount or on it's pedestal? The ideal is for screen to be at eye level when seated.

A 55" display in a 15x15 foot might be a little "over-powering" to some people just due to it being the main light source. You may try placing a small lamp near the back or side of the display to see if that helps. There are light kits actually available for this very purpose. It helps with depth of field issues between the display and wall that supposedly cause eye strain.

Last the television itself can over-process the video and create problems. You can select several program settings for the video and you may want to click through them to see if one is more pleasing to you.

The other thing they do is to dynamically control the display back-lighting based on video content. I highly recommend turning off this feature and reducing the back-light level to a more pleasing level. That's similar to what you were doing by lowering brightness and color levels.

Of course there a numerous other adjustments and settings available in the menu as well and may require a little trial and error or outside help from somebody familiar with calibrating video displays.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Gee, that's not reassuring to hear. I was just reading that the higher 120Hz refresh rate is better than the 60Hz for eye strain. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems.

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I think the problem lies with distance of watching.Maintain the required distance so that it will keep your eyes rest free.Is there any headache occurs with strain, if occurs than you should contact your nearest eye doctor and consult about the specs because it happens due to the weak eye sight so you need to check your eyes . And than if the eye sight comes to be weak than check it out by wearing specs and note that whether the strain is remained or not.

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Try turning off all the fancy named functions,120hz,and all other garbage ,does it still bother you?The 120hz will make some inputs seem like they are "jerking" this i cannot stand makes me feel sick.

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I want to thank you all for your thoughts..the strain seems to be occurring less frequently as we have turned down some of the back lighting on the set. We've also turned off the automatic brightening feature..and maybe we're just getting used to it as this is our first LCD TV! I have found that during the day, what glare there is in the room seems to reflect off my glasses and makes matters worse than at night. Seems better at night for both of us..

Thanks for you help...


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