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taxlady52aOctober 22, 2004

My mother gave me her PE design version 5 but her reader-writer box was damaged when she had a flood along with her machine. Does anyone know if I can use this without the box before I go through the hassle of installing it?

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You will need the box to save designs to the card that fits in the machine. If you have the registration number, Brother may give you a discount, or if it is under warranty, they should replace it. Otherwise, you can check Ebay under embroidery software - there were a couple for sale there. You do need the Brother box though...PE Design only talks to that one.

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It's my understanding that the program will not even start without the box attached. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try though. If you don't need the card reader (ie, your machine will take floppy disks) and you only want to use it to create / edit designs. Maybe try connecting the box anyway. Even if it won't write to a card, it may be enough to use the program. Let us know what happens, this might be good information for other posters. Good luck!

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As fare as the card Reader go,s Yes U must have one plug in your USB Port or it wont even start.

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Brother states that I must have the reader box to use PE design. Even though I have the serial # they won't sell me the box. They said that you have to buy the whole thing again. Doesn't seem right to me.

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The only good news I can give is that the prices on going down on the Box. They are cheaper online at Wal-mart I think. You can also just pick one at Wal-Mart now. It can't use the program without the card plugged in. It's an impressive program and would be worth replacing the box.

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How badly did the water damage the box? You may want to see if the "security" feature still is enabled - even if writing or using the cards are out of the question. If the USB still is detected as being there (ie the software works), you can simply use floppy disks. I have PE Design 4.0 and have never used the box or cards - only floppys on my ULT2002. (You could also see if an "authorized Brother dealer" locally could look at the box or exchange it for you? good-luck

- good luck

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Do you have the product ID for you PE Design 5.0? If so meybe there is help for you. E-mail me.

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