what makes a good video camera?

sailor86May 29, 2008

I'm looking to buy a video camcorder/camera and I'd like to know what dictates how much record time a camcorder is capable of. Does it depend what kind of memory card you buy with it? What are the potential specs on these things? Can I get 1 hour record time? 2 hours? 3 hours?

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Are you talking about a regular camcorder, or a still camera that will do video ?

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I'd like to buy a digital camcorder that can take stills.

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Some still use tape, some use mini-DVD, some new ones use mini-hard drives.

Depending on if you need the new HD (HiDefinition) or standard TV...

And depending on if you're going to use it outdoors or indoors (low light)

some are better than others with low-light.

Most camcorders don't want to mention their Lux (light) rating.

I have a JVC 30gb Hard Drive GZ-MG series model that will do 7.5 hrs in the near DVD mode (not Hi Def)

and up to 37 (thirty-seven) hours in the VCR quality mode.

It's about the size of 3 packs of cigarettes (I don't smoke)

The standard battery is 1 hour. 3hr & 5 hr batteries avail on ebay.

Not very good in low-light (about 15 lux)

Some other camcorders can do 1 lux

Amazon link

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If you're still around Regus_patoff, what is the "Lux" rating and how does the rating work?

I'm looking for either a camcorder that does stills or just a digital camera...


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lux is the amount of light, something like the ISO light ratings of still cameras.

They're both confusing...
check the internet... and maybe Wikipedia

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