Viking Platinum Plus

craftygirl5October 3, 2004

Can anyone PLEASE explain to me how to start digitizing on a platinum plus machine? I tried the tutorials but they don't help me. I can't go for classes as they conflict with my work schedule. Any help is appreciated!


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I own a Platinum Plus. Digitizing is done on the computer using software that you purchase. After you digitize your design, you download it on the D-card and put it into the sewing machine. The design is then embroidered like any other design. I do not Digitize, yet. I use purchased D-cards and floppies with designs and use my Customizing program. I bought my Platinum about 1 1/2 years ago and love it. Ann

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Thanks Ann. I do have the software, but I don't know how to use the program.....this is where I am running into a problem. I spent all this money and now I still can't do anything on it. It's a good embroidery machine, but for the money that I paid, I have had nothing but headaches! But thanks for your reply.....appreciate it!

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Any chance you could take an on line class, or get a tutorial CD? The beauty of an on line class is that you can "go to class" whenever you want.

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I don't own the Viking software. I have Brother machines and use PE Design, but I can tell you that digitizing is NOT easy. There's a very steep learning curve, and even with a good tutorial, it may take months before you can really create good designs with appropriate shading, few jump stitches, and compensation for pushing/pulling of different fabrics. Unfortunately, at least in my case, the people at the dealer's aren't a good source of information either.

You might want to look into taking a class. I went to a 2 day retreat and learned more in those 2 days than several weeks at home with my tutotial. I'm fairly computer literate, but I found (actually still find, 3 years later) it very frustrating. I have ideas in my brain, but I can't translate them the way the software wants me to. Good luck!

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Laura - where was the retreat you went to? Is it something offered in different locations periodically? I have PE Design 2.5 and have not learned to do much beyond combining and editing designs. I think I want to upgrade to 5.0, but I am afraid of spending a lot of money and then not utilizing the software.

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It was in Joliet, IL. I know there are several really big ones every year in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and maybe Tampa? If you do a google search for embroidery conference I'm sure you'll find several. This one was a fairly small one, but I only live a couple hours from Joliet, so it was prefect for me. Just SEEING someone else use the software made a huge difference in my brain. At least for me, it was definitely worth the money for the retreat. I'm not sure I would ever have gotten it if I hadn't gone.

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I want to start embroidering on Plat Plus (bought it from an estate) so I need a lot of help. Been using it for quilting for 5 years but really would like to start embroidering. Don't know if it's wise to invest in " boxes?" or adapters etc or upgrade to a different machine.

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