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roeweOctober 12, 2004

I was uploading some Christmas designs on my programmable card on my husqvarna reader/writer (which I successfully did about a month ago) This time however, it goes through erasing memory and all, but comes on and says "cannot write to card" Then when I go to download or read what is on the card, it says, " Data on card is corrupt; redo. I have redo=ed it 3 times and same thing over and over. Is my card worthlessly broken?

Thanks for all this knowledge you all share. Susan

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The design could be corrupt and why it's not downloading correctly. Your card and software apparently is protecting itself from being corrupted.

I usually virus scan the free designs I download on CD after a downloading session (small hard drive) to make sure the designs aren't corrupt even though my anti-virus software is on when I download.

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Is the design you're uploading in the correct format for your machine? You may have to contact your dealer or the manufacturer.

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I am not that computer savvy and had a similar problem a few years ago. I took the programmable card to my dealer and they did what was necessary to clean it up.
If you have bought machines and software from your dealer there should be no charge for that sort of service.


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Try easing the card and put another design on it. Maybe it is just that one design.

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I had a corrupted card too. I do not have the same brad of machine - mine is a Pfaff. When I called the dealer, he had me reformat the programmable card (the same procedure you follow for a new programmable card). Check your manual for this procedure.

Good luck

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I have the same machine as you do and have had the same problem. Try shutting the computer down, then plug into the USB port. Then try downloading the design. This is what I had to do. Right now, my dongle is missing so I can't help any further. Hope this works for you

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