How to clean Broccoli??

christy2828January 16, 2008

I usually buy a big bag of perfectly frozen Broccoli florets from Costco, but my membership ran out, and I haven't renewed it yet. So I bought some fresh today, and steamed some for dinner tonight. I rinsed it and sprayed it with Fit, but it didn't turn out well. Perfectly cooked beautiful green florets, full of dirt. Not the first time, either. How do you get the dirt out of fresh Broccoli??? Thanks :) Christy

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I never have bought "grocery store" broccoli what needed more than a good rinse...
But I sure have grown some dirty stuff!
I submerge it in a sink of lightly sslted water....then cut it up and rinse again in a colonder.
Linda C

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Try soaking it..I just rinse..but maybe that particular batch was extra yeah..soaking it, swishing it around..scooping it out of the bowl or sink into a colander? Maybe you'll have to cut the florets off too..not just the heads into the soak...

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I did cut off the florets first, and the rest is now currently soaking. Thanks for the advice, it seems to always be dirty at the Commissary. As long as I can get it clean I don't care, but a gritty bite of broccoli is as bad as a gritty bite of steamed clam. Ruined!!! Out of curiosity Linda, why do you salt the water before submerging the broccoli? Christy :)

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LOL Linda and I were posting at the same time.

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Salted water helps to draw out any 'critters' you might have hiding in there....


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Because of those little broccoli green worms I had in the broccoli in my garden....impossible to see....but in salted water they crawl out.
OK...Now..all together..."EWWWW!" LOL!
Linda C

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Ewwww! I had broccoli yesterday, I might rinse it more thoroughly next time I make it. If it looks gritty I cut off the flowerets and rinse them really well in the colander. Otherwise I just give each bunch a good rinse then cut it up.

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I have had those worms from my garden broccoli, too! Only problem is I discovered them after boiling them one day - that was after eating them raw with dip all summer!

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Ewwwwwww - I've been swishing broccoli quickly in plain water for 59 years, but I think I'll be looking at it and cleaning it a little more closely now :) Especially ewwwwww for Maggie, yuck.

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I've only ever seen those worms on fresh garden broccoli. And while the grocery store variety doesn't have any, that means I wash it double... to get off whatever they might have put on it to ensure it doesn't have worms.

One of my dogs does a happy dance and sits obediently by the sink when she sees me bringing cauliflower or broccoli in from my garden. She knows if she's good, she'll get to eat all the worms that swim to the surface during a soak. No one likes "surprise protein," but worms aren't always bad news! ;o)

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I'm glad to know that salt water tip. I made homemade mac and cheese with some of the broccoli from my garden a while back. I stuck the washed, chopped broccoli into the boiling pasta when it had about 4 minutes to go. Several caterpillars floated to the top - I was glad I have a strainer!

The mac and cheese was tasty despite the surprise. And you're right Jazmynsmom - garden broccoli is still safer than the chemically treated kind, even with caterpillars!

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christy2828, all the above advise is great, BUT, there is no way you have to be going through this in the first place! Take the crap back and COMPLAIN, after a few people take back perishables like this they will straighten out the supplier REAL FAST! Trust me!

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I always snake my fingers into the branches beneath the florets and spread them to separate the florets when I wash my broccoli. Then I cut off the florets and rinse them in the steamer dish of my microwave steamer.

If I'm not doing anything fancy with them I steam them over chix broth with a sprinkle of celery salt. I love 'em that way and I'm no veggie fan. Add a squirt of butter gook and the promise of farting on your brother later and I can get my boys to eat 'em too!

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Hey regarding those worms, think of it as just a bit of extra protein. LOL!

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I didn't read through this whole thread, but this is what I do for all my fruits and vegetables that need cleaning.

I use one of those bigger 99cent plastic bowls and add tepid water and about a tablespoon or so of plain salt.

Then, add the produce you're using and let it sit and swish with your hands being like the agitator in a washer.

Rinse the produce using a plastic colander/strainer, and use as you want.

You can use the salad spinner for greens, but you can also use it for grapes and some berries and things too. Centrifugal force will wreck tender produce, but most will be fine.

Then, eat it!

I only steam or use a little water to microwave most fresh produce when I cook it. I hate boiled vegetables unless they are in the broth or soup. Then, I only simmer.

Boiled food tastes boiled to me.

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