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jimracJuly 12, 2006

is there a site to post contractor complaints on???

Just curious,,, I have had a roofing nightmare since day one, going to small claims,,,but I want to make it known publicly if possible about this guy.


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There's AngiesList, but it's not free. Not sure what they charge, and it goes by State, but I did hear about it in one of these forums at GW.

Also, many individual states offer complaint options (such as Attorney General). If you go to the Federal Trade Commission's site, at the bottom of this page, see the sections "Where to Complain" and "More Information", you'll see instructions on whom to file a complaint with and links to other options.

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Just thought I would add that angieslist has been running promotions, and at least in my area- central Jersey, it is free.

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I went to angieslist and asked if they had contractors in my area which is about an hour from Seattle. Got a response, saying they had lots of contractors in the Seattle area but wouldn't tell me if any were in MY area. When I replied that I needed to know if there were any in my area, I never received a reply. I didn't want to waste my time and money if there weren't any or many in my particular area even tho' there is a money-back guarantee and it is about $67 per year. So - I'd be wary.

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Just a follow up note,

Finally got the roofer to come around to my side and see my point of view. We threatened with small claims court, and he finally replaced the area in question to my satisfaction. we worked together on the price to each's benefit; he's happy, and we are overjoyed just having a leak-free roof.

I tend to think the list's mentioned above probably arent worth it. My 2 cents.

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There is and better than the BBB,

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True story folks!

Rogelio M. Figueroa aka Rogelio Figueroa of Miami-Dade County, Florida has ripped off countless unsuspecting residents of South Florida. Rogelio Figueroa operates under the following business names:


This can be verified here: simply type the name of the company. As of 03-2007, Rogelio Figueroa is located at the Miami-Dade County Jail. Charged with 10 counts of Grand theft, and 9 counts of contracting without a license. For more details, on these cases, visit: and enter Figueroa Rogelio and M for male. You will get a returned hit with a DOB of 1958. That is this individual, please note that he has also been sued in Miami-Dade County and Broward County and has current open judgments in excess of $20,000.00. We believe that there are many more victims which have yet to come forward, and may never come forward. However, we need to spread the word that this contractor is less than ethical!

His name and company names come up on a list published by Miami-Dade County as having obtain his contractor license using unlawful means:

We have reason to believe that this contractor walked away with an excess of $100,000.00 worth of deposits given to him and his company to repair roofs in South Florida, he simply ran off with the money and never started the work! BewareÂ..

Here is a similar story; it appears that this is all too common!

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Angie's List is reputable. I have used them to find decent contractors and found a great computer repair guy as well. I"m in Tucson, so the membership is free for a year and I will gladly pay for it when my free subscription is up.

The beauty of AL is that it is reviews of actual customers and it's nearly impossible for contractors to post phoney positive reviews.

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How about a BAD CUSTOMER website...know of any? Sure would make the work of a contractor much easy...i.e., to avoid unreasonable clients.

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Sure no problem glennsfc. Do it...

Does that make what I have had to experience ok?

As a "percentage", I would venture a guess and say, there are a higher percentage of cookie cutter, unscrupulous, half ass contractors than there are customers.

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Don't be so sure jimrac, there are flakes and liars out there everywhere, as consumers and as business people.

People need to check references and make the extra effort to make sure a contractor has a good contract, guarantees their price at least within 10%, has a change order policy, is licensed as required by their locality/state and pulls permits as necessary.

I wish all consumers would at least to that very basic due dilligence, then possibly the shady and incompetent contractors would starve.

But, since there are millions of homeowners who believe they'll get something for next to nothing, who want to hire an idiot so they can cheat them for more than they paid for, hire young kids who they know have no insurance or business know-how so they can take advantage of them, or who are just too lazy to do their due dilligence, shady and/or incompetent contractors thrive.

Might I also mention that I cannot for the life of me understand why consumers don't organize to push for basic oversight of contractors in their states and better enforcement of fraud and regulatory violations.

As long as people are willing to accept the contractor as a lazy, drunken, ignorant bum, then that is as far as the bar will rise. Although contractors can attempt to unite to rid their trade of the garbage, as long as people are willing to hire them, they will persist.

Just my rant, no desire to offend, but I find the stereotype and the lopsided responsibility quite offensive.

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no problem builder..

Unfortunately, here in CT, there is the State of CT Consumer Protection which has oversight of all home improvement contractors and other trades. they require licensing, etc. The standards here are more strict than most states. Hasnt helped all that much.

As I mentioned previously, i stated, "as percentages". Do you know what has been the number one complaint to the departmnet the past 2 years, and also nationally involving consumers?

Home improvemnet has surpasses car dealers as number 1; and rising and at great rates.

True there are consumers that are penny wise and pound foolish, dont do their homework, and then may suffer the consquences. Its unfortunate that some bad apples do spoil it for the bunch.

And I might add, I would venture another guess, with tax time upon us, I would so most contractors, who usually deal in cash,,,,,,avoid paying their fair share of income taxes,,,,,,how about that! Do you fit that category, or declare every penny?

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Posted by sobe( on Wed, Mar 7, 07 at 0:55

True story folks!
Rogelio M. Figueroa aka Rogelio Figueroa of Miami-Dade County, Florida has ripped off countless unsuspecting residents of South Florida. Rogelio Figueroa operates under the following business names:


What happened to this guy??

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I've experienced a lot a horrible contractors, from small business to large corporations and so far, I've never seen a reliable consumer reporting agency for the contractor and home remodeling business. I got fed up with the BBB because they continued to post high ratings on a very unethical mold removal contractor that damaged my home and lawn. Consequently I wrote a blog specifically to rank about bad contractors and how to avoid them- I am convinced that homeowners need a grass roots campaign to get our elected representative to take notice of the problems encountered when the State fails to provide us with stronger laws and protections for bad contractors.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mphollins, re: your request, "I am convinced that homeowners need a grass roots campaign to get our elected representative to take notice of the problems encountered when the State fails to provide us with stronger laws and protections for bad contractors."

I agree, and there have been many consumer efforts to do exactly this. And every time, they are opposed by the money and power of the homebuilding industry. But the good news is that if there is no specific law concerning bad builders/contractors, you often actually have more legal rights because you can use existing general consumer protection and tort laws. Once you have specific builder related laws they often do more harm than good because the builders can write how the law will work, and their industry is often allowed to be in charge of it. It becomes a good old boy club. Many states that have licensing fail to protect consumers any more than states that do not have it. In theory the laws should work but in practice they often are toothless.

Two of the most active groups working on this problem have been around for years. One is Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings and the other is Home Owners for Better Building, Hobb's mainly TX based but but both have good info and both are run by volunteers. To my knowlege neither group is run by anyone BUT former victims of bad builders so they are very dedicated and understanding of the problem, and also know how the legislatures work. I credit these types of groups for giving me the kind of REAL consumer info it took to be able to resolve a construction dispute years ago. Had I found them BEFORE I got ripped off, I could've prevented the whole thing. I think the problem with consumer groups is most people don't even know to look for them before they buy. And far too many people don't give them the credibility they should have. HADD, particularly, is run by really down to earth professional-behaving people; they do not do crazy things or suggest consumers do risky things in their complaints, etc. I was really impressed by the things they do, most of which remain unknown to the public unfortunately, as these groups never seem to have anyone to promote them, whereas the building industry can afford lobbyists, public relations firms, legal defense groups, and so on.

So fighting for legislation to hold bad contractors accountable is going on, and more people to do it (and go about it in a professional way) are sorely needed. Real consumer protection legisltion is needed but I'd never be in favor of the watered down or even dangerous bills pushed by builders. I've never seen them work for consumers, only for builders.

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I would like a reputable website that I can search for contractors on. Home Star and Angies won't allow negative feedback posted on contractors nearly will kijiji or craigslist, which are a breeding ground for bad contractors.

My experience is never hire Fr for Reno's located in St. Catherines and Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. The operation is runned by two brothers names Frank and Randy Zschogner or Zschoger. They are unlicensed and promised excellent professional renovations for a fraction of the price. Let me tell you first hand, they almost set my house on fire by using the wrong electrical wire. Everything they did in my home has to be redone completely. The contractors will not return my calls or emails to fix which was supposed to be guaranteed work for life.

Do not hire them because they can potentially harm the largest investment of your lifetime - your home and family and everything in your home.
Randy Zschogner - 905-380-1729 Frank Zschogner - 289-214-7218

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NEVER HIRE DAVE MATTOX!!! He took $15,000 from us never finished the remodeling of our kitchen in our home. He left everything half done, he left our cabinets and etc. Pulled out never finished anything! He is the worst contractor ever. He is not trustworthy at all. We gave him the money we agreed on and he still kept asking for more when he wasn't even finished with anything he started the half a** work that he did do was AWFUL! Not only that he has a child malestor working for him and he knew it!!! Just be smart NEVER hire this guy he is from West Columbia,SC. He walked off the job with our $15,000, he changed his number and never came back. We still have unfinished work and wires hanging from our ceiling because he never finished what he started. WOW if this is what $15,000 is worth now then I would sure hate to be any of his clients that spent way more and god only knows what has and hasn't gotten finished!!! NEVER HIRE DAVE MATTOX (COLUMBIA,S BEST RENOVATIONS) MY A**!

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It is an absolute mystery to me why anyone would pay the total up front for a job. MAJOR red flag when a so called contractor requires the total up front.

A number of years ago we had all 34 windows replaced in our home. Company had been in the same location with a large show room since 1967. We Paid 10% of the total as a down payment. Three weeks later when the job was done, the owner of the company came out and went over the job with me to make sure I was satisfied. It was only then that I paid the remainder for the job. BTW, the total for job for Ply-Jem double hung windows was under $10K.

IMO, the biggest fool is some one who pays the total for a job up front and then wonders why joe blow contractor is never heard from again or does a half ass job!

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