Skunk eviction, how to

Kathy_sw_va_mtsJuly 29, 2002

If a skunk moved in under an open porch at your house what would you do. I read all the information I could find but the only thing I could find was not to feed your pet skunk chocolate. Think if a few bars were tossed under they might eat it and go to the great skunk place in the sky?

Thanks for any and all help.

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I'd call animal control.

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Try putting a radio under there with it and turned up loud. I had a skunk move into my garage an nothing worked until I turned on the heavy metal music. It only took a day or so of that and it was gone. Lot less smelly than a dead animal under your porch.

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We had a pest service set up a cage trap. He removed the critter and then they terminate it. Whatever way you do it, be sure to add lattice or chicken wire around the underside of the porch after, burying the bottom a few inches into the soil. Otherwise, he or others will come back. They love decks, porches, and crawlspaces!

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moth balls work--we put several boxes under our pourch and have never had another problem

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If you still have a skunk, try placing a flood light near the nest. Skunks don't like bright lights. I think the music would work also.

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Speaking of skunk eviction: how do you deal with a skunk accidently caught in a have a heart trap which was set for a destructive raccoon?????

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i have often wondered about those traps catching something that you didnt want - my friend uses those to catch her niehbors cats - ... i would call a local animal control officer...

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My sister has been catching skunks in my hav a heart trap.There was a family of them living under her porch and the animal trapper person wanted too much $ (in her opinion)
They have trapped about 6 without a problem (not something I would want to do.) They cover the trap with a large piece of burlap, and keep it covered while they transport the skunks to their new home. Once there they open the door and stand back, and the skunks waddle out and make their way to the woods. Maybe my sister is just lucky (or we have unusually calm skunks here) but this trapping is working for her and they think they have relocated the entire family.


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