Sticky Spot on Bedroom Ceiling!

amybellJuly 29, 2008

Last year we moved into a house that is over 100 years old. Its had a lot of renovations done to it and we've had no problems.....last night, we discovered what looked to be a water spot in the bedroom. When we touched it, we realized its some sort of "sticky" substance! My husband thought it smelled like some sort of glue.....any idea what it could be?

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how long has it been there?

we had a central air unit at work develop a leak and got oil all over the ceiling tiles. that was sticky like glue as well.

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If the spot is directly above the bed that might be a clue. Or maybe honeybees in attic. Just a guess.

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On the ceiling? I'm impressed! :)

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Good one, sunny. I actually did LOL.

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A coworker once told me about a similar problem, and in her case the sticky stuff was honey from a large honey bee nest in the attic above.


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