Philips TV problem Mod #32PT6441/37

ryan_mMay 23, 2006

I have a Philips TV Model number 32PT6441/37. When I turn the TV on it has a breif time 1-2 sec of audio then shuts off with the green led light blinking much like some of the others on here it blinks 2 times then 3 times then 1 long extended blink and repeats itself. I got this TV in April of 04 so its only a ittle over 2 years old please help me if you can thanks!


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The philips 32pt6441/37 has the power off problem. With information from this site first the resistor on the crt circuit board was replaced with no change.
Then I ordered the Horizontal Driver Transistor Repair Kit from Tritronics. When I received their shipment, the transistor was missing from the kit. The kit consists of a transformer, several resistor and in a static-resistant bag showing philips part number 934054713215, identified in the included installation note as the SMD Field Effect Transistor. But instead of the transistor, only a small piece of spring like metal with an even smaller piece of plastic attached to it is found. I called Tritronics and was told that the missing part would be shipped right away. After waiting for a week I received another complete Kit, but the transistor was not there just the same thing as before.
I found on the web who carries the same kit, and for a lower price and also lower shipping charge. I placed the order and wanted to explain to them the problem with this particular kit, but there was not an area for comments or a way to add a message. So then I called them on the phone an explained that I just placed an order for the kit and my concerns with the missing transistor, the person person said that there would be no problem with the kit. I received the shipment today and as you guessed it; the transistor is not present. Immediately called PartStore and was told that other than authorizing the return of the shipment there was nothing they could do.
I find this hard to believe being that they most likely buy a quantity of parts from philips and should be able to get the missing part. I guess this is the kind of service that is available now.
Needless to say, at this time I am extremely dissapointed, an unable to repair my daughter's tv set which has been down for over a month now.
Does anyone knows the transistor part number? Not the useless philips number, (the PartStore person stated that they did not know it) or a substitute that would work ok on this set?
Any assistance in the solution of this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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ryan,,i have the same tv and problem that you posted.could you advise me as to your results on repairing and if you ever got the parts problem resolved? my email is a bunch,,ray beasley

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Ryan and Ray,
I have the exact same problem! Same exact tv. Have you made any progress yet? Please let me know if you do. Thank you =0)

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