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deemarie5500April 9, 2006

Make this week count.

HAPPY (Un)BIRTHDAY, Donna South Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Do NOT make me come and look for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi I am here!!

We got hit with a hail storm last Friday afternoon, so work is swamped again.

I wanted to check in!


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#%*&$ I gained a half a pound over the weekend. I have a craving for microwaved popcorn. I am getting the low fat but I ate two bags over the weekend. I am struggling with this the weight just does not want to come off. I know I am not active but I have cut my calories way down. It is getting discouraging!!!!!!!!!To say the least.
Well I hope everyone is fine, it is hard now that nice weather is coming. I miscalculated I start all the medical stuff next week.
Let's hear from ya'll

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QOD: What are your plans to take care of yourself this week?

I'm drinking more water, measuring foods which go into my briefcase for work, trying to stay away from the salt too (as this puts the scale into overdrive!)

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Just finished week 1 of calorie counting (Well, except for Sunday . . . I know I went WAY over! But, I did order a turkey burger instead fo beef) I lost 2 pounds.

I ate a banana before leaving work today and so far haven't binged on anything!
My goal for the week is to only eat the snacks that I bring to work. No eating desserts from the break room!!! Also, avoid after work bingeing!

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Thank you Dee!!!

Jen - hugs.

A quick post and I will answer QOD: I am working on my water, using the stairs instead of the elevators at work and packing my lunch and snacks for work each day. I am counting every single bite that goes in this big mouth.

Debi - hang in there!

Mscindy - congratulations on your loss! It all balances out somehow doesn't it?

Zig - I FINALLY got my new shoes tonight! I was also eyeing some sneaker type clogs that are totally non functional but absolutely adorable.

Zig and Tikanas - are you still fasting until Easter?

Will check in later...where the heck is everyone???


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Donna - Is it your birthday? When I click on your "my page" it says 4/21. If it is your birthday - I hope it's a great one and you should've bought those non-functional cloggy sneakers LOL.

I picked up an adorable pair of red shoes this afternoon and was so tempted, but I resisted.

mscindy - wtg on your loss - you are doing great.

deb - don't be so hard on yourself - you are dealing with a lot right now and we all know how hard it is to eat legally when things aren't going well.

jen - thanks for checking in, you have been getting slammed lately. Are the girls excited about Easter?

Dee - I was waiting for you to come and look for me LOL.

QOD - I have been drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and exercising and I plan on continuing that.

Looking for everyone else to check in...

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Hello, hello, I'm here! Although I would have loved it if you showed up at my front door Dee!!!!

QOD: I have just been following South Beach. I'm not over thinking it or under thinking it, or obsessing about it like I usually do, I'm just doing it!!! :-) (and it feels good!)

Hello to everyone. One of these times I will have time to address each one of you, but know that I am always thinking about all of you!

Have a great night and a great day!

Love, Besh

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Actually ladies, I was about to send an E:mail to a bunch of you requesting your addresses!! I've been known to do some pretty crazy things in my life....would that have been a hoot? Show up at Besh's house and demand that she post? lol!!!

Raeanne, I was afraid that I would forget Donna's birthday (I have her as my swap partner this year) so I decided to make early April as her unbirthday....with more surprises to come throughout 2006!

Well, the scale has moved a bit to the left...about 2 pounds, so we won't hold our breath...but I'm also holding the belly in this week. Think it may help with ab muscles!

Marci???? you there (do I see Easter M&Ms in your hand?) Suzanne? Tikanas? the rest of you??? BJ, put the PEEPS down, please.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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I'm here too!

DeeMarie, congrats on movin' that scale on down! You can show up at my house anytime! Maybe I should stop posting and make you come lookin' for me lol!

Miscindy, way to go!

Deb, don't give up! You are under an incredible amount of stress. Give yourself a break!

Hi Jen, We had hail here too last week. The whole yard was covered in white. It didn't last long, but it sure looked pretty! I know that a hail storm has a whole different maening to you in your line of work!

Hi Besh! Good for you with South Beach!I follow it too, but measure my portions (I don't trust myself...)

Raeanne, what's up? Maybe you should make shoes a weight goal reward! I think you like shoes more than snacks anyway! : )

Donna, didn't you say that WW at work had ended? What are you doing now? I am still planning to fast from Wednesday Midnight till Easter morning.

BUSY week here. I am truly swamped! I am measuring everything, packing my lunch and doing my walking tape early in the mornings. I am drinking my water too. I have to run!


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Hi Everyone! I am here and want to check in to say HELLO...............!!!

I cannot believe where the time goes. I can't rembember if I told you all that we were adopting another donkey? Well, we did and he's so cute. He's brown with great markings including the cross on his back. His name is Prince William and he thinks he is a horse. He has attached himself immediately to Sweet Pea and he has the most beautiful trot and cantor for a donkey that I have ever seen! Usually, donkeys pace. I have to be very careful not to give him more attention than Domonick but it's hard. Domonick needs the attention poor little guy but he's showing lots of improvement albiet slowly.

So, that's me absorbed in the animal world and working!

Also trying to stay on track with eating and exercise. I am walking 40 minutes each day at lunch and doing walk/rides with the horses as much as I can. Still, the scale hardly budges...........grrrrrrrrrrr

I have been having some magnificent spring rides and it's a joy to be out and about again with the girls. I am even able to ride after work again which will help them back into shape.

Work is going well.

Donna, is it your birthday? Do tell. If so, I must send you birthday wishes...........let us know.

Debi, hang in there! I know how hard it is to get the weight off at 50 it seems impossible but then I remind myself that it took awhile to put it on so I need to be patient and stick with it.

Mscindy, congratulations on your loss.

Besh, it's good to hear from you. Good luck on SB. No obsessing!

All this shoe talk reminds me that I need to get new walking shoes. I have walked in Merrills (anyone ever used them?) for years and these are just worn out.

Raeanne, put the red shoes down and step away! No one will get hurt. LOL I can't wait to wear my flip flops!

Dee, I would love it if you showed up at my house.............want my address???

Tikanas, how is your knee doing? Shoes would be a great weight loss reward!

Jen, glad that you haven't been directly affected with that awful weather. I hope it calms down soon.

If more people don't check in soon we are going to have to make a serious shout out there!!!! Has anyone heard from Gretchen since FOREVER? BJ??????? JOHN?????????????? Who else? PATTI??????????????? AMY?????????????? SPeak up!

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NH Suzanne - so good to "see" you here. We have missed you. I am glad that Prince William has made himself comfortable so quickly.

Shoe update: I caved and bought orange slides today LOL. I ended up at a store with a friend and they had these adorable and CHEAP shoes that I couldn't say no - because they will go with so much in my wardrobe and they were CHEAP LOL. I also bought 3 tops, 2 of which were on sale and will go perfectly with my new shoes LOL. Heck, I gave up eating and drinking - I need some vice.

Donna - Happy "UN"birthday LOL

Tikanis - I don't think I could wait that long for new shoes.

I am still working out with the trainer 2 times a week and doing cardio every day. I feel great and I can do manual labor without feeling sore. My body is changing but very slowly. But I will hang in there and not give up.

Besh - we know you are busy, but don't you have next week off??? If so, you better check in with a more detailed report. Did you ever find a dress for the wedding?

Marci - I am also expecting a full report from you too.

Dee - If you want to go to WA and knock on BJ's door, I will go with you LOL, maybe we can swing by Amy's afterwards.

See you tomorrow.

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No, it's not my birthday yet - the actual day is April 21st. I even took the day off from work - why not? Dee sent me an early "un-birthday" gift.

Besh and Suzanne - glad to see ya!

Tikanas - WW did end at work. Last week I went to the meeting close to my house but it was huge, the leader brandy new and none of the usual suspects who have been going to that meeting for years. I think I will try a new meeting a little further from home (maybe 20 mins - big deal) on Saturday morning. This leader is supposed to be really great and really motivating. Of course, we will see what Saturday morning brings :-) I am still counting my points.

I have some work I brought home to finish up (yuck) and will catch up on reading and maybe post more later on tonight.


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Morning everyone

Donna ~ a very merry unbirthday to you. I love my sneaker clogs and they aren't as impractical as you think. After all they are shoes, cute and you like them it's a practical purchase IMHO....LOL

Raeanne ~ shoes that are cute, cheap and go with something...just can't pass on something like that.

Miscindy and Dee ~ congrats on you weight loss.

milkdud ~ hope you are doing okay.

Jen and Tikanas ~ fasting began after dinner last night for me.

have a great day everyone

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Hey I love the shoe post. I actually went to look for shoes yesterday (well 1 store) could not find a thing. I paid for the trip later!!! Well I dropped the half and dropped another pound!
Besh I agree SB is not really hard and not a whole lot of thinking. There is a Zatarans chicken rice that is low carbs, high fiber and protein, had it last night it was good
Milkdud how's the knee doing? I go in the 26 nervous and can't wait. I finally have given up and am walking with a cane.
Tikanas good work on WW !!
We had hail last week covered the deck it weird we had the size of dimes. This week it is nice and suppose to be for a while I live in Suffolk Va. the Hampton Roads are (Norfolk)
Take care all!

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Morning everyone

Only have a few minutes before I leave but wanted to check in and say HI

Tikanas and Jen ~ good luck with fasting. Yesterday went well although there was lots of temptations.

Will try to get back later after I catch up on all the posts


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QOD: Where does everyone shop for shoes? I need some and could use ideas; because I normally wear a 6 1/2 WW or 7 W.

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Ah.............first day of Easter vacation and it is beautiful outside! I really needed this break from the preschool kids, but I wish my own kids were coming home. DD may still be able to get a ride home, but I am not counting on it. They don't get any time off for Easter and they are getting close to finals week, so everyone is busy. I am going to have to fly to FL to see DS.

Work has been hectic. Lots of kids getting sick in school. There is a weird virus going around. High fever, vomiting and lethargy. Three kids have fallen asleep in school and one has thrown up. Kids that have been sick and come back to school, look worn out and pale. They have no energy. I am just hoping it bypasses me.

On the home front, I have been learning a little bit about scrap booking from a friend. We made a mini paper bag scrap book for a wedding shower. It turned out so great. I posted pics of it on the phototrail site if anyone wants to see it. Let me know if you need the URL.

Funny thing happened the other day. I was in the shoe store (Famous Footwear) and this subliminal message kept running thru my head. Buy shoes. Don't know where that came from! LOL So I bought shoes. I blame it on you guys!

Welcome to all the new faces. It will take me awhile to keep everyone straight. Maybe we need to do another getting to know you thread after Easter.

Tikanas - I will email you. I haven't gotten any emails from you, so I guess the email from here isn't working.

Congrats to all the losers and those who are staying on the straight and narrow. I, however, have been letting myself eat lots of bad things. I need to get back to posting on That really helps me make better choices. I also need to get out my walking shoes.

Now I am going to go outside and do some yard work. Lots of new growth in my flower beds. I need to clean them out.

Have a good day.


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Marci - Sounds like the timing was perfect for this break. I am sure the virus will be over with by the time you get back there and the class will have time to "air" out. Isn't it strange to not have your kids home during a holiday? Mine are coming home, but they normally miss Easter with us. The bad side is that means I will be cooking LOL. Enjoy your time - it is beautiful here too.

QOD: I am an equal opportunity shoe shopper and go everywhere LOL. My favorite place is a store in Saratoga Springs that has a huge selection (that's where I got my orange slides), but I am really lucky with TJ Maxx and we have a 9 West outlet near us.

I had a great workout with the trainer this morning. I am really noticing how much stronger I am and how much better I feel. People tell me I look better too, but I don't see it and my clothes don't say it.

Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Marci! I am glad that you are enjoying your Easter break. That yucky virus has hit the senior population as well. Rest up and relax this week! Email me when you can.

DeeMarie, I have ww feet as well and haven't bought new ones in a while. I found a nice pair of woven flats at JC Penney's last fall when I wasn't even looking.

Raeanne, patience is a virtue... : )

Alright NHSuzanne! I want to see a picture of Prince William.... The knee is just ok today... 2 steps forward and 1 step back

Zig, How are you today? 2 down, 2 to go! How about you, Jen? : )

I am going to send some serious emails to our MIAs soon! Where ARE they all???!!! You know who you are! DON'T make me come lookin' for you!

All is well here. I am extremely tired . Think I'll hit the hay early.

'Sleep tight!


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Good morning! I've been AWOL because I've had a "down" week. Too much "me time", and not enough distractions I guess.

Anyway, it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well here with your WOE and shoe-shopping! lol I need some white sandals, but don't feel up to doing that yet. But, I've really enjoyed reading y'all's adventures and acquisitions.

Marci, I hope you've escaped that virus going around your school. That's the rough part of teaching young children - catching everything they bring to school!

Deb, the knee's doing ok. I think the numbness must be wearing off because I feel more twinges now than before. I go for pool therapy today, which I love. The "land" therapy isn't fun, IMHO. I switch off using the walker and a cane. I hope your appointment isn't as bad as you're thinking.

MisCindy, congrats on the 2# weight loss!

Hi, Besh! Nice to see you posting again. I've been reading so many books while I'm home, and I'm about to run out of authors. Yikes!

NHSuzanne, way to go on all the walking.

Tikanas, how's the knee? And WTG to you for being so conscientious about weighing and measuring your food!

Dee, isn't it nice when you can see the scale actually budge???

Raeanne, I think having a personal trainer is the way to go for me. I'm really good when someone's standing over me, but on my own, not so good. :(

Hi to Jen, Zig, and Donna, too! And as always, our MIA friend Patti!

Take care and have a nice day!

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Iam a TJMaxx and Marshalls groupie and buy ashoes and purses, all kind of body lotions and stuff. I found a pair of my fav liz claiborn shoes I never wore last year. I always find purses and clothes by her in those stores.
keeping up with the eating healthy. Lost another pound yeah!!!!!!.

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Marci ~ Hope you are enjoying your break.

Debi ~ congrats on eating healthy and losing another pound

Milkdud ~ I think what you are experiencing is normal. Free time is wonderful but sometimes a little goes a long ways especially when you are limited in what you can do.

Tikanas and Jen ~ how is the fasting going? Day 3 for me and so far so good. This is my choice and knowing the end is in sight is a challenge but doable. I just can't imagine how people live like this day in and day out.

QOD ~ My car won't let me drive by a Payless Shoe Source without checking it out especially when there is a buy one get one half off sign in the window but any place that sells shoes works for me.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter everyone

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Hey there Milkdud! Good to see you! I am sorry to hear about the twinges, but glad to hear that you are making progress!!

Deb, I am so happy to hear you sound so happy!!! Way to go on the pound lost too! Keep it up!

Zig, I see.... it's your CAR'S fault that you buy so many shoes! : )
Day 2, all is well.

I went shopping for all of the Easter dinner stuff today after finalizing the menu last night. NOT a dietetic menu by any means!

Well, it is not quite a pair of shoes but....
I treated myself to a Spring cleaning of my entire house! I hired DS to clean it from top to bottom. Yes, he has regular daily chores, but I wanted someone to tear the house apart and do a detailed cleaning, hands and knees scrubbing, walls and windows washed, patio and garage cleaned and summer ready. He is doing a WONDERFUL job. Cooking Easter dinner in my newly scrubbed/reorganized kitchen will be a real treat!

See you tomorrow!


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Tikanas, Jen & Zig - fasting..way to go!!!

Milkdud - twinges are expected. My dad had a total knee replacement a few years ago - we call him the bionic man because if it can be operated on it has been :-)

Tikanas - your son cleaning your house, very, very good.
Not quite shoes but very, very close.

I have had 3 glasses of wine, don't know why but feel very tired (shocking!).

Zig, Jen and Tikanas - fasting - WTG (but not for me!)

Zig - I think I will go back and get those clog sneakers.

Believe it or not I am listening to a Jimi Hendrix CD that I got - where this comes from who only knows - but some stuff I actually like, go figure.

My wine and Jimi are kicking in- must sign off now. Will check in tomorrow and post.

Hugs to all who need them (and all who don't hugging you anyway!)


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I just saw I posted twice about fasting - must be the wine!

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A client just dropped some keys off on my desk and I looked over and the tag reads "we all need shoes", so of course after I stopped chuckling, I had to check in here LOL.

donna - sounds like you needed a little wine and some Jimi. I was a huge Jimi Hendrix fan and I still think he was the greatest guitar player.

tikanis - that is better than a pair of shoes LOL. I wish we were closer I would hire your son when you are done with him LOL.

milkdud - you sound like things are progressing for you.

deb - wtg with the lost pound.

I'm at work, so I better keep this short.

Have a wonderful Easter and BJ if you are out there stay away from those PEEPS.

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Happy Easter!!!!

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Well when I do things I do them right. I blew it this week end. Tried two new wines. I really did not eat wrong except I had a chocolate martini I swear is was better than some of the sex I've had in my life time. Plus I had an Italian icecream drink with several liquors in it, it was good but not like the martini, I actually put my finger in the bottom of the glass to get every drop!!!!!!!!!! Have to be extra good this week

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debi - You are a riot! I also love chocolate martini's. But, at least with sex you are burning calories (unless it's really really really bad) LOL.

I did okay in the eating department, but could've been better, tasted a few things I shouldn't have, but overall didn't do too much damage. I had a gin & tonic last night, but didn't even finish it.

Both DD's came home this weekend and we had a great time together. I even made up baskets for them with all sorts of treats, I even threw in some bubbles for old times sake - which they played with LOL.

Make today a good one!

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