New Singer CE200 embroidery machine

Carole545October 31, 2004

I just purchased the Singer CE 200 and have not been able to embroidery anything in the last 5 weeks, returned and received another on. Still problems with the software?? It will embroidery the sample, but not anything else. I have upgraded to the XP service pack, downloaded the drivers from Singer and still trouble. I am at my witts end.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? I sure would appreciate any help. Have not gotten much from the singer people. I am ready to return/


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Hi Carole,
I am so sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. Now I have some information for you I hope helps. My sons is a Computer whizard of sorts, he helps design FireWalls and he has warned us (my husband and myself)not to install any XPservice pack updates from Microsoft. Its all over the enternet where people are complaining nothing works with their software since the update. I called him and he suggests you uninstall this update 1 or 2 and then try to reinstall your embroidery machine software. I hope this helps, if this proves not to correct your problem my son highly suggest you go to Singers Customer Website and explain your problems to them.
Good Luck

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Have you thoroughly read your manual and followed the step-by-step directions to transfer designs from computer to machine and visa versa?

One of the most common error is switching devices for the same USB port where you get a device conflict, which means until you solve the device conflict, the machine is not going to do much of anything. The other is downloading the wrong format for any designs you want to use or not giving the computer enough time to transmit the design to the machine, depending upon the computer memory you have available. The last one is not registering the software so that you get a key or passcode to activate the software your received.

Service Pack 1 is okay, it's service pack 2 that is giving people fits.

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My suggestion is take the machine back to the dealer and get your money back. Then take the money and buy a VIking, or a Brother machine.

Singer has a very bad reputation as the quality is not what it used to be years ago.

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I also purchased a Singer CE200. I could not use it. I thought it was my fault since I am new to embroidery. I finally decided if a machine is that difficult to use, I did not want to pursue this hobby. I returned it. The Sales Rep for Janome was there, and my husband, who is a computing engineer and can make anything work (except the Singer) was sold on the Janome, so I bought it. I have never had one problem with it and am very pleased with everything I have embroidered.

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I'm very interested in the Singer CE-200. I went to the dealer and I almost bought it on the spot. I was very attracted to the fact that you can connect to your PC and also the fact that you can scan and create your own. I'm not getting the feeling that it's a very well-liked machine.Is it so different from other machines?

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I was looking at this machine also I have windows XP and I hate it it gives me all kinds of problems with other software always being not being compatible! Carole545, were did you buy your machine? Did you get this it is supppose to Come with its own Futura software editing, lettering and digitizing package from Compucon.I own a singer sewing machine and I have NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT! I would try to take the upgrade out but I thought the problem with the upgrade is that YOU CAN'T TAKE IT OUT! Do you have any family or friends that may have another computer you could try to use it on without XP! I have heard a lot of good reviews on this product!

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Monamoore: I too liked the idea of connecting the Singer to my computer and the fact that the Singer used several formats, however it is limiting in that you can only use it when it's connected to the PC and only sew on it when you are through embroidering. I like the ATA card feature better. I can connect the card through an inexpensive ($20 or so)Reader/Writer and download all the nice free designs from the internet. I use Embird software to convert any format to the one my machine uses, copy them to the ATA card, then place the card in the embroidery machine slot and I am ready. I like to sew on my other machine while I am embroidering since some of my designs take more than an hour.

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I just purchased a Singer CE100 and am pleased with it so far. The only thing I have a problem with and would appreciate some help on this. In the autopunch feature where you can supposedly use bitmap images I cannot get them to show in the preview box or transfer to the machine if they are in color. The black and white, simple ones will show. What am I doing wrong?

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I have searched the web for opinions on various machines for the past year and one thing everyone agrees on is that Singer is a poorly built machine. The one I had 20 years ago is now a collectors item and highly searched for, but the new ones have a reputation for being trouble.

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ok, I need some help.. how do I get my singer ce-100 to be recignized to use the embroidery. any one could answer to this at

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You don't say what version of Windows you are running. Generally, it's like adding any new piece of hardware, ie., printer, scanner, camera. You install the software, reboot, and then shut the computer system down. With the sewing machine on (if you had taken the time to read the manual, the manual is very specific about having the machine on), plug the USB cord in an unused USB port, start the computer up, and hardware discovery will recognize the new piece of equipment.

I ordered the same machine last week with delivery today. I researched the machine and also read the on-line manual available before ordering so I would know what I was getting into before I ordered.

There is an update to download at the Singer site that you will need to install.

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Carole, do you still own the machine? Since the first message posted was a bit long ago.
I would suggest you to print out the manual from the software that came with the machine. The hard copy manual is a piece of junk.
Also, remember, you can not do the sewing stitich when you attach the embroidery unit. Regular sewing does not require computer, but you need to turn on computer when you attach the emroidery unit. If your design does not transmit to the machine, save the desin,turn the machine off, and start over again.

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I think i have the same problem as Carole, my machine keeps saying " possible hardware error" or cable not connected" after a couple of stiches although the wire is connected. it used to work perfectly before. i tried everything from reinstalling the program , restarting the pc which used to work before but no use. the singer customer service was no help. all they told me was to reinstall the new version which i already had but i did what they said anyway and when it didnt work they told me to purchase a new USB cable. the cable will take weeks to get here and it might not even solve the problem.

any suggestions?

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Do you have everything connected including the hoop in the slots and then turn the machine on? Are you inserting the usb end in the same port every don't and you will have device conficts.

As far as USB cables, you can use any one that you presently have.

Are you getting a code 88?

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I have a CE 200 Singer Embrodiery machine. Cannot get the top thread to show up on the design with embrodering, only can see the bobbin thread.

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