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sue102July 12, 2006

I'm just curious if anyone has used or had trouble with American Traditions paints found at Lowe's? We just recently painted our family room. The color turned out to be perfect. However, during the painting process, we noticed little pieces of 'paint skin' that rolled onto the wall, as we got towards the bottom of the paint can. The paint was supposedly mixed well at the store and we restirred it before use. If it had only been in one of the two cans we purchased we wouldn't have thought much of it but it was in both. (And what a mess to get them all off the walls and resmoothed!) So, I took the receipt and a sample of the paint skin back to Lowe's, thinking they would at least acknowledge their problem with the paint. The clerk's response? "Oh we've had several problems with this kind of paint in the last few weeks." Nothing else so I told her I was going to contact the paint company and she said that was a stupid idea. I did send an e-mail to them but have not received a reply to this point. So, please think twice before you use this brand of paint and I would like to hear if anyone else has had this type of problem. Thanks.


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I used AT to paint my entire house last year. No problems. I'd go back to the store and get a refund. Unfortunately, you have scrap all the skins off the wall.

The only time I get those skins is when using something (like the roller pan) without cleaning it well, so there's dried paint stuck on something.

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You might want to post this question over in the Home Decorating forum, where there's a lot of painting going on all the time. We have a couple professional painters that frequent Home Dec, and they can offer insight, they've pretty much seen it all. Sometimes it's something in the paint, other times it's something on the wall.

Sounds like this was something in the can itself, and Lowe's should have offered a refund, without question. The clerk you got sounds like a ditz, especially since she admitted already that they had been experiencing problems. I'd go right back to the store, asap, and get a different person to help, preferably a customer service mgr. Explain this is your second trip in, and relay what the first clerk said, so they know you've already made one attempt at resolution, and have not been letting these cans sit around and skim over after using up all the paint.

I tend toward Ben Moore paint, but used AT paint for the first time a few years ago for an exterior shed on a farm. Very impressed, no issues, great paint, applied well and has displayed durability. The sun beats down on it all day, it's white, it looks as fresh and new today as it did several years ago when I applied it.

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Just on this forum looking for help with an invasion of fruit flies (drain flies?) and saw your post. We just finished painting two rooms with American Tradition and were very pleased with the way it went on and how it looks. I had them match the color from a swatch of Benjamin Moore and was also pleased with the results. I would think there was something wrong with your particular batch and Lowe's should compensate. Of course, you still have the job of getting it off the walls and repainting...sorry.

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Sorry you had trouble. Here's a little tip; when painting with more than 1 gallon of paint, its smart to box(mix) them together in a 5 gallon bucket. When pouring them make sure you do it through a strainer, this will remove all impurities or defects in the paint. And next time you want results in a superstore get the manager !

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I just bought a home, I used A.T. paint in all of the rooms. The "Skins" that you are referring to are lint particles from the roller. Before using a new roller to paint walls, take blue painters tape and wrap the roller with it, this will pull off the extra lint that causes the skins. I didnt de-lint the roller and had that exact same problem you are talking about.

Between coats of paint, wrap the roller and roller holder in a plastic bag, such as a newspaper bag or small bathroom trash bag to keep the roller moist, this way you dont waste water or paint by washing these things out.

Roll a section 3 feet floor to ceiling starting in a "w" and work the paint in, once you have one wall completed, take the roller to the end of the wall, start at the top and with very light pressure, go floor to ceiling and up & down the entire length of the wall, DONT take the roller off of the wall, this will blend all roller marks into one nice uninterrupted finish. It will make the house look like it was painted by a Pro.

Clean up is easy, toss the old roller in the trash, Latex paint is environmentally safe.

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