atomic clock display gone

czechchick2May 31, 2009

Our clock display is invisible. Only when I have it in my hands and tilt it away/towards me, we can see all the numbers. If you look at it from normal distance it appears gray/hazy and nothing is visible. Batteries are changed, location change makes no difference. It still keeps correct time but it is pain to look at it. What could be wrong? Time to buy new one? This one is about 10 years old. Thanks.

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Time for a new battery?

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nope, batteries are changed

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I have some large honeywell digital humidity/temp displays and some smaller radio remotes too that you see as described with NiMH rechargables - AA 1.2v isnt enough for those screens.

The battery voltage drops with regular alkaline AA's also when its cold outside and then they do that same ..gotta look those things from an angle routine to read the displays. Yet the radio still sends the signals just fine.

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