dvd/tv speaker problem

happsMay 27, 2008

I have a Sony DVD Player connected to a Sharp 27" CRT TV via composite audio cables (red and white) and an S Video cable. When I play DVD's, I right side speaker on my television either makes a hissing sound or doesn't have any sound coming out of it. I fiddle with the cables thinking there is a loose connection and when I do so, I intermittently get a hissing sound or no audio, so I just removed the red audio cable. I tried two different sets of a composite cables and still got the same result.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

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Borrow someone's working stereo amp and speakers. Plug the white and red wires audio cables from the DVD player into the stereao's AUX inputs. Leave the S-Video plugged into DVD player and TV. Play the DVD. If the audio is now fine, you have a CRT TV problem. If the audio is still crappy you either have a bad DVD player or still have bad audio cables.
Good Luck.

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